My Husband Warm the Bed-1087

In the dining room on the first floor.

Auntie Cherry, who was setting up the table for breakfast, looked up as soon as she heard footsteps approaching. She was surprised at what she saw. The two people who were quarreling with each other the night before were walking over to the dining room hand in hand.

To put it more accurately, it was not that they were holding hands, but Silvia was clutching onto Jayden’s arm as if her entire body was latched onto him.

Not only did Jayden not push her away, but he also allowed her to scamper around him. “Young Master Kyle, let me tell you, I’m still in my puberty. If I don’t eat enough nutritious food, I might not be able to grow any taller anymore. If I don’t grow taller, it would probably affect you a lot, right?”

He was superficially her husband after all, so if she was to become ugly and skinny and even short, wouldn’t he be embarrassed?

“Puberty? How old are you already Jayden glanced at her. Seeing that she had

taken the initiative to hold his wrist and even behaved affectionately with him, he knew in an instant that she must have something that she wanted to get, “Who told you that you can only get enough nutrients through eating meat?”

I went through puberty later than other people, you should know that.” That morning, he had even mocked her for being flat-chested, “I don’t know about other people, but if I don’t get enough meat, I won’t be full, and if I’m not full, it will affect my growth.”

Silvia was still trying hard to persuade him. In order to get to eat meat, she really did not care anymore that she had completely given up on her bottom line. She could never live without eating meat, so much so that ever since she was young, she would not have any appetite to eat her meals if there were no meat at all.

Jayden curled his lips and looked down at her. “You’re still growing at this age?” Actually, in his eyes, she looked perfect, there was no need for her to grow anymore.

“Why can’t 1? Who said that I can’t still grow after hitting twenty?” She tried to persuade him with various reasons but none of them worked on him. Silvia was so anxious that she really would not get to eat meat so she shouted in her

heart. After venting to herself, Silvia noticed that there was another person in the dining room, so she smiled awkwardly and greeted, “Good morning, Auntie Cherry!”

“Good morning, Sir! Good morning, Miss Turner!” Auntie Cherry looked up at the clock on the wall. It was already ten o’clock in the morning.

Before Silvia had moved into the house, their Young Master would always have his breakfast at six o’clock in the morning. Regardless of the season or weather, this had never changed.

Silvia had not been here for a long time but her presence had already made a huge impact on the Young Master’s life. There were numerous changes that were made to the household because of her.

For example breakfast. The Young Master preferred a bland diet and would never eat greasy food, but he had specially ordered the kitchen to improvise the breakfast menu to cater to Silvia’s palate.

However, if the Young Master did not say anything about what he had done for her, Miss Turner would not know about it at all.

Silvia walked over to the dining table and saw that there were two bowls of

oatmeal, a plate of salad, two hard-boiled eggs and some sandwiches on the

table. “Auntie Cherry, what’s in the sandwiches?”

Auntie Cherry said, “It’s not advisable to eat greasy food in the morning, so the cook had prepared some tofu salad sandwiches.”

“Are they all vegetarian?” The moment when Silvia saw that the food on the table was all light and bland, she was a little dejected. She looked at Jayden and said, “Young Master Kyle, if it goes on like this, I will starve to death. I will really starve to death.”

Jayden rubbed her head and said, “These are all good for your health.

“Good for my health? Are you sure you’re not trying to starve me to death?” Silvia doubted his intentions.

Jayden didn’t know what to say

“Well, since you meant well, then you should let me eat whatever I want” Silvia smiled at him and then turned to Auntie Cherry and said, “Auntie Cherry, you heard it too, didn’t you? Young Master Kyle cares about my health very much and he wants me to enjoy my food, so from tomorrow onwards, you can start preparing nutritious food for breakfast. It could be either chicken, duck or fish. I don’t mind either of them. I’m not a picky eater after all”

Not a picky eater? She was indeed not a picky eater. As long as it was meat, she would eat just anything. Auntie Cherry looked at Jayden. He did not speak and indicated that he wanted

her to leave the table first. Auntie Cherry understood what Jayden meant and

said before leaving in a hurry. “Miss Turner, please enjoy your breakfast.”

Seeing that Auntie Cherry was being sent away, Silvia glared at Jayden and said, “You are so petty! You are the stingiest man I have ever seen in my life. You can’t even let me eat meat. Your wife must be blind for her to marry you.”

Just as she thought that this blind woman who had married him was herself, Silvia immediately felt distressed.

“I don’t think that my wife is blind at all. Her eyes are very sharp and bright, actually.. Jayden fired a timely sarcasm at her, making her extremely annoyed.

Silvia did not know how to respond to him.

Forget it! She would be the bigger person not to argue with him. She had depleted her energy too much the night before, and coupled up with the time when they did it again that very morning, Silvia was exhausted. Therefore, whether the food was nice or not, she should eat to regain her energy

After taking a glimpse at the food on the table, Silvia reached out her hand and took a hard-boiled egg. This was the only thing on the table that she would consider as slightly nutritious.

Silvia devoured the eggs, but egg yolk was too dry for her to swallow. Fortunately, Jayden handed her a glass of warm milk in time, otherwise she would have choked to death

“Eat slowly!” Jayden and Silvia each sat on different sides of the long table,

facing each other. He wanted to stretch out his hand and pat on her back to

help her ease her breathing, but he was too far away from her to do so.

This is none of your business!” What a nosy man! if it wasn’t for the fact that he didn’t allow her to have meat, she wouldn’t have ended up in such an embarrassing state.

Not long ago, she thought that he had succumbed to his conscience, so she had taken the opportunity to propose to him that she wanted to eat meat. However, little did she know, it was all just an illusion that he created.

Come over here. Jayden patted on the seat next to him.

*No. She refused to get too close to him

*I’ll go over then?” His tone became a little more serious and somewhat


1 want to eat roast chicken and pork knuckles. If you let me eat those, I’ll definitely listen to you.” She pouted and acted pitifully, hoping that this man would give in to her

Jayden walked over to her and sat down. “If you behave well this month, you’ll

have everything you want to eat in the future.

“What? A month? Are you serious?” Thinking that she wasn’t allowed to have

meat for a month, Silvia was so dejected that she almost cried.

She had always thought that Jayden was just joking. She had never expected that he was being serious about it

Jayden smiled and said, “If you perform well, I can reduce it by a few days.”

Silvia took his hand and placed it on her cheek. “Look at me, I’m as thin as a rake now. If you starve me for another month, I’ll only be left with bones by then. It won’t feel good when you touch them.”

Jayden pinched her face and said “I don’t mind how it will feel when I touch

them, it doesn’t feel good now anyway” “You.” Why didn’t he let go of her the night before if he was so disgusted by

her? And who was the man who had made love to her the night before?

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