My Husband Warm the Bed- 1088

Forget it! Silvia didn’t want to fight with this b*stard. If he could eat such food, then why couldn’t she?

Silvia picked up the bowl of oatmeal, grabbed a spoon, and began to gulp it down. After finishing the entire bowl of oatmeal in one breath, she actually thought of going for another bowl because it tasted much better than she had


As she was taking huge mouthfuls, Jayden on the other hand, was taking his time as he enjoyed his breakfast. His calm and graceful composure made him absolutely pleasurable to look at

However, the more graceful he was, the more uncultured Silvia seemed.

Silvia glared at him distastefully.

Jayden smiled and did not say anything.

“I’m done.” Other than the oatmeal, she had also finished a whole plate of salad and two hard-boiled eggs.

“Mm.” He nodded.

*I’m going to school now. By the way, I have to go to the hospital to see my mother in the afternoon, so I don’t need a driver today, I can just take the taxi by myself” Only if she could get rid of the driver who had been keeping an eye on her for Jayden, could she eat the meat that she had longed for.

Jayden nodded. “Okay.”

Silvia thought that he would not agree. However, he had unexpectedly agreed to it so quickly. She cheered with joy in her heart, but in the next second, Jayden said, “I will drive you to school today

“What?” Silvia exclaimed, “You… you don’t have to. How can I trouble you to be

my driver? It’s very easy to get a taxi at this hour. I can just take the taxi myself.” She did not know what this bastard had on his mind. Why did he suddenly want to send her to school?

Jayden said. “No matter how troublesome it was, it is my duty to take out some time to send my wife to school.”

His words did make sense, but Silvia did not want him to do that at all. She

thought for a moment and said, “I’m still a student. If i keep arriving at school in

luxury cars, I will definitely be the talk among the students.

The students were already pointing at and talking about her when the driver sent her to school the day before. If Jayden was to send her to the school that day, they would definitely be surrounded.

For some reason, Silvia did not want Jayden to appear in front of those people. She did not want the others to see him, and she did not want the others to comment about her in front of him.

Jayden picked up a piece of tissue and wiped his mouth. “The law says that any woman who has turned 20 can get married. On top of that, there are no laws or regulations stating that women who are attending university cannot get married.

“That’s right, but… Silvia was very surprised. She did not expect that a rich heir like Jayden, who relied on his father’s money and influence, would know about the law. As the saying goes, a rogue is nothing to fear, but an educated rogue is quite formidable.

Jayden added, “Our relationship is legal and as long as you are willing to, I’m

happy to make our relationship public.”

“No!” Silvia refused without a second thought.

She did not want to be associated with him, and she did not want to admit that she was his wife. If she must say, they were at most each other’s sexual


Jayden raised his eyebrows and repeated, “No?”

Silvia felt a little guilty. “I’m not mentally prepared yet.”

Jayden asked, “How long do you need?”

Honestly, she had never thought of spending the rest of her life with him. She

felt that such a marriage would not persist for a long time, and it might even collapse at any time.

There were some things that Silvia had been keeping to herself for a long time. Since they had touched on this topic, she thought that she should have a conversation with him about it. While there were still not many people who knew about her relationship with him, they could just get a divorce and go back to their respective lives.

She said seriously. “Jayden, have you really thought of staying in this relationship with me?’

Jayden frowned. “What do you mean?”

Silvia added, “I mean, you might meet a girl who you really like in the future. A girl who you truly want to marry, and not just because you had slept with her and needed to be responsible for her. Do you understand that?”

Looking at the serious look on her face as she desperately tried to push him away, Jayden was in a bad mood in an instant.

He emphasized in a stern voice, “You are my wife. This is a fact that no one in this world can change!”

Silvia broke into a wry smile and said. “Jayden, why are you being so persistent? Although you were the one who took my virginity, you don’t have to be responsible for me. It’s not like I was being forced into it, I enjoyed it too. We are both adults, and it’s normal for us to have s*x. We don’t have to sacrifice our own happiness just because of this, do we?”

After listening to what Silvia had said, Jayden really wished that he could just tear her into pieces

Did she think that he could just casually sleep with any woman? Did she think that he would just marry a woman after sleeping once with her?

Other than Silvia, he had never slept with anyone else!

Jayden looked at her and saw the determined look in her eyes and the unwillingness to accept him in her heart. Yes, she had never wanted to be his wife, and this made him extremely annoyed.

Under his intense gaze, Silvia took a deep breath and said, “Young Master Kyle, letting me go is also letting go of yourself, isn’t that good?”

“Let you go?’ Thinking that she was so eager to escape from him, Jayden really wanted to pinch her to death. He sneered and said, “Don’t forget how you end up being by my side.”

“I did not forget. I’ve never forgotten about it.” Silvia’s heart felt like it was being pricked by a needle. She then said in a dispirited voice, “I will try my best to pay you back the money that I owe you.”

Silvia, do you really want to leave me that badly?” His smile was cold and


Then tell me, why do you want me to stay by your side? Don’t tell me that it’s because you love me!” She knew that it was not because of love that he had wanted her to stay by his side. Therefore, it was unnecessary for them to keep the marriage going out of responsibility

In her opinion, marriage was a sacred thing. It was for two people who loved

each other to build a warm family together. A man should never marry a woman just to be accountable for her after sleeping with her.

She had once planned to lose her virginity to her beloved Felix, and now that it had already been taken away, there was no need for her to make a fuss about it. The mindset of society had changed after all. Chastity was really not that

important anymore.

She asked him why he wanted her to stay by his side, but Jayden did not know how to answer her. He only knew that he wanted to keep her with him, and that

was why he did it

As for the profound reason behind this matter, he did not think too much about it at all. Perhaps, it was really because he had to be responsible to her for taking away her virginity, or maybe there were some reasons that even he was not aware of

No matter what he did, he would not let her go, so his answer was, “Because |

want to!”

This was the answer he gave her!

Upon hearing his answer, Silvia smiled helplessly and bitterly. “What for? Just think about it. What if you meet a girl who you truly love in the future? Wouldn’t my existence become an indelible stain in your relationship?”

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