My Husband Warm the Bed-1089

Jayden said coldly, “There will be no one else in my life. I only want you.

Silvia was a little mad. “Why me? Was it because you have spent so much

money on me? Or do you think it’s fun to bully me?”

She was not him. She could not read his mind. She only knew that if she had a choice, she would never marry a man who she did not love.

Of course, that would only happen if she had the power to make her own choices. Ever since the beginning, she had never had a say about her marriage with Jayden, otherwise, they would not have ended up like this.

Jayden said, “I want you, do I need any reasons for that? B

Silvia was speechless.

Forget it, she didn’t want to argue with him anymore. It would only be a waste of time if she continued to persuade him

Since she couldn’t change anything for the time being,

but to accept it. This way, her life would be much better.

Because of the unhappy conversation which happened at the dining table, Jayden, who was driving her to school, had been keeping a straight face throughout the entire journey and did not talk to Silvia at all.

Silvia glanced at him covertly and thought to herself. He was such a petty man. A woman like her had already decided not to argue with him anymore, and yet he was still being so petty

Hmph… Since he wanted to ignore her, Silvia was happy to leave him alone. Silvia took a glance at him and then turned her head away. She looked ahead

and started to hum. “You are power, you are light, you are the only myth…

Her voice was gradually getting louder, and the more she sang, the more excited she became. She was immersed in her own world and had completely ignored the man who was in the driver’s seat next to her. She acted as if the car was her own private karaoke room.

It was not until Jayden had slammed on the brake and she was almost thrown out of the car, that Silvia shut her mouth obediently. She glared at him plaintively and said, “Can’t I even sing?”

Jayden looked at her dejectedly but still did not say a word. Then, he stepped on the accelerator and resumed their journey to University A. She was only singing and he wanted to control that too. Silvia sat in the

passenger seat and stared at him fiercely, “Young Master Kyle, what the hell is

on your mind?”

She really couldn’t understand him. He obviously found her annoying, but he still wanted to keep her by his side, and he even wanted to send her to school?

How much free time did Jayden have?

He looked like he was close to 30 but Silvia had never seen him doing anything all day. Did he not feel ashamed at all? Had he never thought of helping his father out at the company?

If something were to happen to Jayden’s father in the future, there would be no one to take care of the company. And since Jayden knew nothing about the business, no one would pay attention to him even if he begged them for help.

This was what had happened to Silvia after her father had passed away. She knew nothing about the company, and that was how Wateria Corporation ended up in Norman and the others hands. Silvia cried for help but no one answered her call. Just thinking of the desperate fear back then could make Silvia shudder in fright

Jayden still did not look at her and ignored her, as if she was not in the car at all.

How could there be such a petty man in this world? Silvia wondered. She shook her head and sighed, “Young Master Kyle, if you are so upset with me, then why are you sending me to school? You can just drop me off at the intersection in front. I’ll walk to school by myself.”

Jayden still did not utter a word. Silvia knew that he would disagree with her suggestion so she added, “Young Master Kyle, I have already garnered countless jealous and hateful enemies when the driver dropped me off at school yesterday. If you were to drop me off at the entrance again today, I will definitely become the public enemy of all girls in the entire university,

“Again?” Jayden caught on the key word and finally uttered a word.

I mean. Anyway, you can’t send me to school.” D*mn it, this man was handsome. Those girls would probably rush to him like a pack of hungry wolves preying on a little sheep.

Also, she did not want him to hear about Felix at school, not at all.

Jayden did not speak again. He completely ignored Silvia’s request and drove to the main entrance of the university.

Tragically, it was lunchtime, so there was a huge crowd at the entrance, and the

silver luxury car that Jayden was driving was particularly eye-catching,

At that moment, Silvia did not want to get off the car, but she did not want to face Jayden’s livid face, too. After struggling for some time, she chose to get off the car.

Just as she opened the car door and got out of the car, she had coincidentally bumped into the prettiest girl in University A, Alina Bell, who disliked her very much.

A group of girls would follow her wherever she went, and just when they saw Silvia, one of the girls stood forward and said, “Yo, who is this? She comes in different cars everyday. Seems like she had really hooked up with a rich guy.”

Silvia did not want to embarrass herself in front of Jayden, so she chose to remain silent and leave this troubled place as soon as possible. However, her concession did not shut their mouths, instead, it made them even more arrogant. “Hey Turner, can your skinny body handle changing different men every day?”

F*ck! Since when did she change different men everyday? She had only liked one man, and slept with another in her entire life.

Silvia really wanted to tear that woman who had spoken such nonsense apart,

but she didn’t want to cause any trouble in front of Jayden. Therefore, she

chose not to argue with these women and continued to walk into the campus However, those women thought that they had found her weak spot and were unwilling to give up. They blocked her path and said, “Why didn’t you fight back today? Are you turning into a coward now?”

*Get out of my face!” Silvia shouted in a low voice.

“We won’t. Come beat us up if you can.” The two girls who were blocking Silvia’s path received a knowing look from Alina and shouted arrogantly

I’ll grant your wish then.” Since they had asked her to beat them up, Silvia had no reason not to help them. She punched the girl, who was talking to her in a condescending tone, on the face and said, “I’ll make you blind, butch.”

Alina’s purpose was to force Silvia to beat someone up. Once Silvia had done that, they could lodge a complaint at the school office so that Silvia, who had a lot of past offenses, would be expelled by the school.

Silvia is beating someone up! Silvia has assaulted someone again!” The group of girls behind Alina shouted loudly, attracting everyone’s attention in an instant

Dmn it!” Silvia cursed in her heart. She did not have the urge to hit them at all even when they had provoked her like that the day before. What got into her that day?

Was it because that b*stard Jayden hadn’t left yet? Was because she did not

want him to see the cowardly side of her?

After beating up the girl, Silvia feit a little regretful. However, she had already done it, and regretting would not help with the situation. Therefore, she said confidently. So what if I did? I would only beat up people like you who like to talk about pointless nonsense!”

The girl who was standing next to Alina then shouted “This woman thinks that it’s reasonable to beat someone up. We can’t just let this matter slide so easily. Let’s go to the school affairs office and report this matter to the school so that the school can bring us justice.”

Although those girls were shouting in anger, Silvia did not take them seriously at all. However, Silvia instinctively glanced at Jayden’s car and saw that he was out of the car. His face was solemn, and she could tell that he was very upset.

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