My Husband Warm the Bed- 1090

Looking at Jayden’s somber face, Silvia felt uneasy in an instant.

She was guessing that he must think it was humiliating that she had gotten into

a fight

Well, she would let him see who she truly was then. She would let him know that she was a bad student who was incorrigible. Perhaps, this way, he would not want to keep her by his side anymore.

Silvia saw Jayden getting off the car and needless to say, when the people

around her saw Jayden, the chaos immediately stopped and their eyes were all

on him.

He was wearing a blue formal suit, with a white shirt underneath. He was tall and well-built, and as he stood there, he looked exactly like an ancient Greek God

Silvia knew that Jayden’s arrival would definitely cause a stir among the crowd. but she did not expect that the reality was even more incredible than she had


Even the pretty girl Alina, who had always thought highly of herself, was also in a trance as she stared at him.

Silvia really wanted to block these people’s eyes, so that they would not stare at

him. She wanted to hide Jayden in a place where only she could see him

Silvia was frightened by this idea that popped up in her mind. She thought that her thinking had become rather overbearing after spending time with someone like Jayden.

After a moment of silence, the girl who was standing next to Alina began to whisper, “Oh my gosh, he’s so hot!”

“Yeah, I know right? He’s so much hotter than the man yesterday. This is what we consider as a rich bachelor, but there’s something that I don’t get about him. Why would he fall in love with Silvia?”

Silvia is a master in pretence so he’s probably blinded by her. But now that he had seen her beating someone up with his own eyes, I guess he would probably know what kind of woman she was.’

Damn it! Silvia really wanted to beat them up again!

What kind of woman was she? Silvia was a pure and innocent girl, so how did

she become a sl*t after their judgments?!

However, she didn’t want to argue with them, but at the same time, she wanted Jayden to see her violent and uncultured side, so she went all out. “Just come at me, Alina. Don’t hide behind these b*tches and badmouth me.”

Alina was also looking at Jayden, but she did not make it as obvious as the others. She would glance at him and then looked away shyly and timidly.

Men always enjoyed new and exciting things. To them, the harder it was to get

a woman, the more they wanted to get them.

As the campus belle at University A, Alina had a beautiful face, equipped with a couple of talents, and even had good grades. Compared to Silvia, she was definitely superior. Except for Felix, there was no man that Alina could not take away from Silvia.

At this very moment, she was being scolded by Silvia, so she immediately put on a pitiful look and said, “What are you talking about, Silvia? You’ve beaten someone up, and you didn’t even apologize to them, and yet you could still speak so confidently. What you’re doing is not right.”

As she spoke, Alina had even retreated her steps, pretending to look like she was afraid of Silvia and even putting on a pitiful look as if Silvia had always bullied her.

“Ha.” Silvia sneered. “B*tch, you’re telling me what’s not right? You were the one who led this group of people and caused all this trouble for me. Are you saying that what you’ve done is right?

“Don’t… Don’t you make unfounded attacks on me.” Alina covertly glanced at the outstanding man and was a little complacent to see that he did not defend Silvia at all.

Silvia glared at her angrily. “Don’t f*cking try to act like you’re the victim here. Do you believe me if I say that I’m going to tear you this little pretentious bitch into pieces?”

Silvia hated girls like Alina the most. Alina was the type of girl who would pretend to be pure and innocent but in fact, was manipulative and calculative. Compared to a scheming girl like Alina, a straightforward woman like Audrey was much lovelier.

Therefore, this is why Silvia could be friends with Audrey, who wanted to seduce Jayden and even insulted her for being shameless. As for Alina, she was someone Silvia could never be friends with

“Silvia, we are all classmates. It doesn’t matter if you are scolding me, but you

must apologize to the classmate who you’ve just beaten up. Otherwise, they will definitely go to the school affairs office to lodge a complaint against your

While pulling a pitiful face to seek sympathy, Alina did not forget to take a careful glimpse at the man who was standing aside. If she could take this man away from Silvia, she would be able to vent her anger and prove that she was worthy of the title of campus belle!

Silvia narrowed her eyes and glanced coldly at the girl who she had just beaten up. “You’ve asked me to beat you up, and I have fulfilled your wish. Shouldn’t you thank me instead?”

“Silvia, how can you be so unreasonable? You… You’ve gone too far.” The woman who was beaten up received Alina’s knowing look and immediately stood up to refute. However, the punch that she took a while ago really hurt. Being afraid that Silvia would punch her again, she quickly hid behind Alina as soon as she finished her words,

*That’s right. Didn’t you all already know that I’m an unreasonable woman who would actually beat someone up?” At this very moment, Alina was the one who Silvia wanted to hit the most. Alina’s coquettish look really triggered Silvia’s impulse to hit her.

It was especially when Alina’s eyes would keep glancing over to Jayden from time to time as she tried to seduce him with her eyes. Silvia was annoyed at her that she wished she could just dig out Alina’s eyeballs at that instant.

Well, that b*stard Jayden was to be blamed too. Did he not know how to walk away after seeing that he was being stared at? Or did he feel happy knowing that he had become the center of attention and even had admirers?

“You’re unreasonable! You are so shameless! Ah.” As the girl, who was being beaten up a while ago, was half way into her speech, someone had gently pushed her, making her fall onto Silvia.

The girl was very tall and tough. If someone was to bump into her, they would definitely fall onto the ground. Silvia wanted to dodge the girl, but she tripped over someone’s foot. Therefore, before the tall girl could even get to her, Silvia was already falling onto the ground.

Dmn it!” Silvia did not want to fall down onto the ground, not in front of Jayden and Alina. She did not want to embarrass herself.

Silvia stretched out her hands but could not catch on to anything at all. And just as she was about to hit the ground, a pair of strong arms caught her in time, and she had fallen into a firm and muscular chest.

Everything was like in the movies. The female protagonist was being plotted against, and the male protagonist appeared in time to save her. Silvia had only seen such a scene in novels and on TV. This was the first time she had actually experienced it in real life, and she had even experienced it in person. At that instant, she felt that the person who had caught her must be her life savior.

However, as soon as Silvia pulled herself together and saw that the person who held on to her, her mind had immediately gone into a mess. This person was definitely not her life savior. Instead, he was a misfortune in her life.

She did not want to embarrass herself in front of him, but he had ended up witnessing every single thing that had just happened… Silvia wanted to break away from him but he was holding on to her tightly and refused to let her go. Don’t move!”

She glared at him and whispered, “What are you doing?”

The man was upset and his eyes were somber as he said, “Didn’t they ask you to go to the school affairs office? I’ll go with you.”

Silvia pushed him away and said, “This is my own business. It has nothing to do with you. Don’t be such a busybody here, I will handle it myself.”

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