My Husband Warm the Bed- 1091

Jayden warned, “Your business has nothing to do with me? Silvia Turner, try and say that again!”

Silvia’s voice became softer as she spoke. “They’re trying to find fault with me, and it’s not something you can help me with. I don’t want to trouble you.”

Jayden’s face was still as dark as before and his voice was cold as he spoke, “Why would you think that this is going to trouble me? What if I just like to clean up after your mess?”

Silvia pursed her lips. She did not believe that he would be so kind, so she said, “Unless you have too much spare time to do so.”

Jayden was stunned and he replied, “That’s right. I have too much time!”

Silvia was extremely surprised. Sure enough, this man was different from any other ordinary person. She could never predict what was on his mind.

She could have just asked him for help, but she did not. This was the very reason why Jayden was so mad. If he was to make himself look at her face again, he might really strangle her to death. Therefore, he looked away from her face and looked at the crowd which was surrounding them. Eventually, his gaze fell upon Alina and he said, “You! Lead the way to the school affairs office.”

“Me?” Alina asked in surprise. Being pointed out by a handsome guy with such a strong aura who drove a luxury car, Alina was a little overwhelmed by such unexpected attention. However, when Alina saw that he was holding Silvia in his arms, a strong sense of jealousy arose in her heart. “Sir, our university does not allow just anyone to enter the campus

Silvia also nodded. “Yes, that’s right. Our university does not allow outsiders to enter

Jayden then picked Silvia up immediately and asked, “What about the student’s legal guardian?

Silvia said, “A guardian could… No, I’m an adult, I don’t need you to be my guardian.


Everyone that was present also heard this word. Since when did Silvia have such an outstanding guardian?

On top of that, what made people even more furious was that this man had

been giving a cold face to Silvia, but he constantly held her in his arms. All of them could tell that he cared about her very much The girl next to Alina was still fangirling at Jayden. “Oh my god. He’s really so

hot. Please look at me!”

Alina was enraged. She just wanted to vent her frustration so she turned back and glared at the girl. “With that ugly face of yours?!”

The girl’s face turned pale in an instant. She retorted in a low voice, “He’s so handsome, so anyone can dream it, why can’t 1?”

Alina was so angry that she stomped on the girl’s foot and glared at her, “What’s the point of dreaming? If you think you can do it, then go to snatch him from Silvia! Then you’ll be the one in his arms instead of her.”

The girl’s foot was in great pain. She was furious as she retorted, “Fine, I know I am not as good as you, Alina. You should try to snatch him then!”

This girl was normally a timid follower of Alina’s, yet she now dared to refute

Alina loudly. Rage was pierced into her core and her face had turned pale. Silvia Turner! This b*tch was really Alina’s nemesis. As long as Silvia was around, nothing good would ever happen to her.

Alina was not any inferior than Silvia at all. No, to be exact, she was much more outstanding than Silvia. Why would only great things come to Silvia and not her? Why?!

Looking at the figure of the man who was holding Silvia in his arms, Alina gnashed her teeth, and her face was twisted in rage.

After shoving Silvia into his car and fastening her seatbelt, Jayden went around

the car and got into driver’s seat.

“Young Master Kyle, what on earth are you trying to do?” Silvia was used to being surrounded by her schoolmates like a monkey in a circus. However, this time, she was with Jayden. She was really unwilling to be caught in such a situation,

Jayden still ignored her and drove off. However, he headed straight for the university campus. Silvia exclaimed, “Young Master Kyle, only people with special passes are allowed to drive into the campus. We’ll not be able to get in!

“Is that so?” As soon as Jayden said that, reality immediately gave Silvia a tight slap on the face. Just by looking at Jayden’s license plate number, the security guard instantly let him through without any questions asked.

However, after thinking it over, Silvia understood the entire situation. This bastard’s father, Mr. Kyle, was the richest man in Madison City. With such an influence, it would just a piece of cake for Jayden to drive into the campus.

As the saying went, money makes the mare go. Since Jayden’s family was so rich, driving into the campus was not a big deal at all!

Silvia was still trying to persuade him not to meddle in her business. “Young Master Kyle, I can handle it myself, you don’t have to…

Jayden took one of his hands off the steering wheel and grabbed her hand. “From now on, your business is my business. D

Although his words were very overbearing, they were not detestable and there

was even a hint of warmth penetrating into Silvia’s heart.

She wanted to withdraw her hand, but she stopped and let him continue to hold on to her hand…

The car slowly arrived at the university’s office area. What Silvia did not expect was that not only could Jayden drive into the campus, he was even personally welcomed by the chancellor and a few other executive directors of the university

The Principal came with a group of executive directors, standing in one line, welcoming Jayden. This was something that Silvia would only see when there was a huge event at the university or when there was an inspection going on.

As soon as he saw Jayden, the chancellor immediately went up and welcomed him with a smile. “Mr. Kyle, it’s a great honor to have you here to check on our university with your busy schedule!”

“Mm!” Jayden answered, dispensing all those superficial formalities.

Silvia sighed in amazement. He was behaving so arrogantly just because he had a rich and powerful father. He was obviously just here to saunter around, how did it suddenly become an inspection? He was just a trust fund baby, how could he be qualified to do an inspection on the university?

The chancellor said, “As soon as I heard that Mr. Kyle is coming over to the university, I’ve immediately summoned the executive directors here to welcome you.”

Seeing that the chancellor was fawning all over Jayden, the conversation which happened between her and the chancellor the day before instantly came into her mind.

The chancellor had asked for her to have a chat. Not only was he very polite to

her, he had even showered her with compliments. Was it because he knew about her relationship with Jayden?

The chancellor should not have known about it though!

She had never spoke about their relationship, and she guessed Jayden would not tell anyone about it too. Therfore, how did the chancellor know about it


Being confused, Silvia covertly looked at Jayden. The chancellor was talking to him, “Mr. Kyle, I’ve heard about what had happened just now. I’ll immediately send someone to find out who those students were and make them apologize to Silvia”

Silvia had never expected that Jayden would have such a huge influence. Even the university was under his control. If that was the case, then did that mean that the vegetarian menu at the school canteen was his idea too?

It must be him, it had to be him. In order to prevent her from eating meat, this

b*stard could do just anything.

Just as Silvia was gnashing her teeth in anger, Jayden suddenly reached out his hand and ruffled her hair as he said to the chancellor, “My Silvia is a little short tempered, but she’s not a bad person. If others don’t provoke her, she would never cause any trouble.”

After listening to these words, the chancellor exactly understood what Jayden was trying to say. No matter whose fault it was, his Silvia was definitely not in the wrong.

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