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The Principal smiled and said, “Yes, that’s right. Silvia is a well-rounded student, and I also believe that she will never want to cause trouble. Even if she was the one who caused trouble, it must be because the other students have done something bad in the first place.”

Silvia could not hear what the headmaster was saying at all. Her mind was full of what Jayden had just said. “My dear Silvia

My dear Silvia?!

Such simple words… but they inadvertently tugged at Silvia’s heartstrings.

In the past, when her father was still alive, no matter how busy he was or how late he arrived home, he would always go to Silvia’s room. He would check if she was asleep or if she had kicked the quilt off the bed.

Her father would on Silvia’s bedside caress head, “My dear Silvia has grown a lot. You will soon grow up and become a lovely young lady.”

She would then hug her father and say, “I don’t want to grow up, I want to be your little sweetheart for the rest of my life.”

Her father would be amused but also let out a sigh. “But my little Silvia will grow up eventually, and you will meet the man you love. By that time, you will no longer stay with Daddy and Mommy.

At that time, Silvia did not understand her father’s love and his reluctance to let her go. Therefore, she said excitedly, “Daddy, don’t worry. When I grow up, I will marry Felix. Then, we will take care of you and Mommy, and also Felix’s parents!”

However, whenever she mentioned this, her father would shake his head, “My silly daughter!”

As long as Silvia could remember, her father had done that bedside routine up until the night before he passed away from the car accident. He had given Silvia all the love and care he could and provided her the best things in life,

However, before Silvia had even graduated from university, began her career, or

repay her father’s love for her, he had been murdered!

At the thought of her deceased father, Silvia’s eyes turned red. She lowered her head and quietly wiped away her tears.

But at this time, Jayden’s voice sounded in her ears. “Even I cannot bring myself

to bully Silvia, but your students dared to gang up on her! I hope that you can give me a reasonable explanation for this matter, Mr. Donald.”

“He can’t bring himself to bully me?” Silvia thought.

This was incredulous! Didn’t he know that he had been bullying her all this


Although she was refuting him in her heart, when she heard Jayden defending her, Silvia’s heart felt like it was immersed in a bucket full of honey. She was over the moon, so much that she hooked her arm over his, leaning against him.

She felt as if all problems could be solved as long as Jayden was around. She did not have to worry about being punished for beating someone up, nor did she have to worry about Alina’s scheming. Silvia didn’t even have to worry about not having someone to defend her!

The Principal said, “Mr. Kyle, those students were indeed in the wrong. On our part, we will definitely punish those students for the hurt they caused Silvia. Silvia grabbed Jayden’s arm out of a sudden and was snuggling close to him.

Did that mean that she had accepted him as her guardian? Whether she did or not, Jayden assumed that that was what she meant. At the thought of this, his heart leaped. He then continued, “May I know how would

the university deal with this matter?”

The Principal was intimidated by Jayden’s aggressiveness. He wiped off the cold sweat from his forehead and said, “Mr. Kyle, please wait a moment. The students who had caused this commotion will arrive soon. We will investigate

this matter thoroughly and give Silvia the justice that she deserves.” At this time, Alina and the other girls who caused the ruckus had arrived. One of the girls did not recognize Jayden. She only knew that the Principal was there, so she immediately threw Silvia under the bus. “Silvia actually hit someone and

we all witnessed it. You should punish her!”

The Principal’s face darkened in an instant. “What nonsense!”

Silvia wanted to refute, but before she could even do so, Jayden spoke, “I’ve heard it with my own ears that it was you who had asked her to hit you. My dear Silvia has always been a thoughtful child, so she would never refuse any of her classmate’s requests. She did such a huge favor for you and yet you’re not even grateful to her, but also slandering her

Oh God!

Jayden’s words was really an eye-opener to Silvia. She was a master at being

unreasonable, however, Jayden’s technique was far superior to hers! She was


However, Silvia enjoyed it. She loved that Jayden was being unreasonable,

arrogant, and make use of his domineering influence to bully others on her


Silvia looked at Alina with a smug on her face. “You have your uncle to back you up, I have mine too. Come at me now if you dare!”

Jayden glanced around and looked at the Principal again. “Mr. Donald, do you agree with me?”

On the surface, it sounded like Jayden was asking for his opinion, but in fact, he

was forcing the Principal to agree with him.

Silvia instantly realized that she was quite foolish. Not long ago, she was still worried about Jayden being an incapable wastrel. If something bad were to happen to his father in the future, Jayden would be stripped off of his family fortune and suffer in life. However, it seemed that her concerns were unnecessary

Even if he had no experience in business and managing companies, with Jayden’s powerful aura, he could definitely scare away people with malicious intent.

He was unlike Silvia, Silvia was always on guard. She would fight anyone who provoked her, her fists ready to swing a punch. She might look tough on the outside, but in fact, she was weak inside. Anyone could oppress Silvia easily. Ever since her father died, Silvia was unable to keep any of the assets he left for her! They had all been snatched.

As she thought of her experiences in the past few months, Silvia was a little depressed. She didn’t even have the mood to laugh at Alina embarrassing herself anymore.

The Principal nodded repeatedly. “Yes, yes, yes. Mr. Kyle, you are right. I will

definitely punish this student. If the situation is severe, we will expel her.”

Upon hearing the Principal’s words, Alina’s face was as pale as a ghost. She could not believe that the man Silvia had hooked up with was so powerful that

even the Principal had to obey him!

Alina had always thought that she was more beautiful and outstanding than

Silvia. However, the truth was that Silvia rejected being the campus belle, and hence, Alina had a chance to step up.

Alina had a crush on Felix, but in Felix’s eyes, there was only Silvia. No matter

what Alina did, Felix would not fall for her at all.

Now, even such an outstanding man had been hoodwinked by Silvia. Were all these men blind?!

Alina stared at Silvia and scrutinized every inch of her. No matter how she

looked at Silvia, Alina still could not see how Silvia could be better than her.

Alina’s eyes had turned red in jealousy, but there was nothing she could do to Silvia. Alina had worked hard for so long and finally could defeat Silvia. To her dismay, this man had not only saved Silvia, he had also brought big trouble upon Alina

“Mr. Donald..” Alina was not willing to give up, so she wanted to explain her circumstance. However, before she could even say a word, the Principal had given her a warning look. Alina was so frightened that she had to keep her mouth shut.

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