My Husband Warm the Bed- 1093

Jayden narrowed his eyes and said, “Mr. Donald, believe that you will give us a fair and just decision.”

The Principal hurriedly nodded and said, “Don’t worry, Mr. Kyle. We will deal with this matter fairly

Although the Principal said that it would be a fair judgment, everyone present knew that the Principal was on Silvia’s side. Even if the others were dissatisfied, there was nothing they could do at all. Moreover, they were the ones who had started the fight after all. What Silvia had done was deemed as ‘self-defense’.

Jayden grabbed Silvia’s hand and said, “Let’s not talk about this today. Let’s talk about my dear Silvia’s grades first.

Upon hearing that Jayden did not want to talk about that matter, the Principal quickly waved his hand and said, “Alina and the other students, please over to my office and wait for me.”

Alina was very reluctant as she tried to find a glimmer of hope. “Mr. Donald, I…!!

The Principal waved his hand impatiently and said, “Hurry up and go. Don’t make a fuss here, otherwise… no one will be able to get you out of this!” The Principal did not say the last few words loudly, but he knew that Alina was smart enough to understand

After driving away Alina and others, the Principal immediately put on a flattering smile and said, “Mr. Kyle, I’ve already learned about Silvia’s grades and was just about to report it to you.”

Jayden said, “It’s not that Silvia is not good at her studies, it’s because she has not found a suitable lecturer and the right studying technique for herself. Mr. Donald, as long as she can find the right technique, she would surely be the best student in the entire university.”

Sh*t, Jayden’s words made Silvia’s blood boil with desire. She really liked it when a man protected her unconditionally.

Silvia always assumed that Jayden regarded her as a useless delinquent

student. Little did she know, in his opinion, she was not a poor student, and was

actually a genius!

In the twenty years of her life, apart from her parents, that bastard Jayden was the only one who was confident about her when it came to her studies.

Even if this was all an act, Silvia felt that this man did not seem to be as annoying as before! And if he let her eat meat, perhaps, she would even think that he was a little cute.

The Principal leaned over and said with a smile, “Yes, yes. That’s what I’ve learned about her too. Silvia is smart and hard-working, so it must be the lecturers’ fault that her grades are not improving.”

D*mn it! Silvia was sure that she would be so proud that she could fly into the

sky if the two continued to flatter her.

“Mr. Donald, Mr. Kyle, please excuse me. I want to go back to class first” Silvia felt that she should avoid listening to their exaggerated compliments in order to avoid inflating her ego. Hence, she decided to leave the place,

“Well, okay” Jayden responded to her. However, before she left, he grabbed her again. He rubbed her head, lowered his head, and kissed her gently. “Have a great time in class. I’ll pick you up after class.”

He had just kissed her in front of the Principal!

This man was too bold and reckless.

Silvia blushed and did not dare to raise her head up. “There’s no need.”

Be a good girl and listen to me!” He said. Looking at her stunned and silly look, he could no longer hide the smile in his eyes. At that moment, he had already forgotten about the words that she said which made him furious that morning.

Silvia felt like he was making fun of her so she glared at him and turned around to get out of the room. She had never felt so embarrassed before… Until she had met him!

Walking out of the office, Silvia bumped into Reagan and Lemur. They had come over after hearing about the morning’s incident. When they met Silvia, they stared at her like she was a rare animal at a zoo. “Boss, you’re the talk of the town again!”

“This is not the first time anyway. What’s there to make a fuss about it?” Silvia did not want to talk to them about Jayden, so she tried to get away quickly

“Boss, you used to be famous for getting into fights and your grades, but it’s different this time.” Given the exceptional circumstances, Reagan and Lemur were not willing to let Silvia go that easily. They followed her closely and spoke continuously, “Boss, we never expected that you would lie to us. This man was the man who took you away when you were drunk the last time. Blotie got a

photo of him, so don’t deny it!”

Well, since they knew about it, there was nothing Silvia could hide from them anymore. She shrugged her shoulders and said, “So what? Does that mean that I’ve got a secret relationship with him?

“We can’t wait for you to have a secret relationship with him, okay? We’re worried that you actually don’t!” Reagan and Lemur said simultaneously as if they had planned this out beforehand.

Silvia really had no way to deal with the two of them. “You guys..

Reagan and Lemur trapped Silvia in the middle, and they pushed her from both sides. “Boss, we just want to know who that man is. We want to know what kind of big shot he is that even Mr. Donald had to speak so politely to him. That’s not something a normal person can do, isn’t it?”

Lemur nodded and repeated, “Yeah, Boss. We are really happy for you, but who

is he?

Sometimes, Reagan and Lemur could be even nosier than women. If they didn’t get the information they wanted to know from her, they would pester her until she tells them.

After thinking for a while, Silvia thought that the truth would come to light sooner or later, so she gave them an answer, “He’s from the Kyle family!”

“Hmm?” Reagan and Lemur nodded. Both of them stretched their necks and looked at Silvia, waiting for her to elaborate more on it, but after waiting for some time, Silvia did not speak at all. It seemed like she did not intend to tell them anything more.

Reagan was so anxious, he was on the verge of going insane, “Boss, you’re teasing us, aren’t you? How can you not know how awful it feels being left hanging like this?”

Lemur agreed and said, “Boss, Reagan is right. You should be able to understand how eager we are now to know about that man. In fact, we want to know about him not because we are curious, it’s because we care about you.”

In the past, Reagan and Lemur regarded Felix as a man who was ready to take on a challenge. Hence, he actually fancied the feisty and un-ladylike Silvial Now. there was another man who was not afraid of death! Hence, Reagan and Lemur’s curiosity was exploding

Silvia smiled and said, I’ve already told you haven’t 1?”

Reagan and Lemur wailed, “What did you say?”

Silvia repeated, “I said, he’s from the Kyle family.”

“You’ve only mentioned his surname, and there are so many Kyles in this world, how would we know who he is?” As he said this, Reagan suddenly thought of something, “He’s from the Kyle family, and he’s such a big shot… Could he be… No, no, that’s absolutely impossible. It can’t be that Mr. Kyle, it can’t be

Lemur knew who Reagan was talking about “Yes, yes, I don’t think that’s possible. I heard that Mr. Kyle is an old man. This Kyle guy definitely hasn’t even hit thirty. It’s definitely not him, no way.”

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