My Husband Warm the Bed-1094

Their eyes shifted to Silvia at once and said pitifully, “Boss, please. Please tell us who he is.”

Silvia added, “Yes, it’s impossible for him to be the legendary Mr. Kyle of Madison City. But, have you guys never thought if he has a son or something?

Upon hearing Silvia’s words, Reagan and Lemur were enlightened, “Boss, is that man Mr. Kyle’s son? Is he really the son of the most influential man in Madison City?”

Silvia thought for a moment and said, “I’m not sure, but it’s very likely

Reagan and Lemur exclaimed, “Boss, you’ve hit the jackpot. Do you realize that you’ve found a gem?”

Silvia rolled her eyes at them and said, “What do you mean by jackpot? Besides,

I don’t think he’s a gem at just nuisance that I can’t get rid Reagan and Lemur looked at Silvia with a contemptuous look in their eyes. “We are not girls. Don’t show off in front of us like this, we won’t envy you.”

Silvia did not mean to do that at all. She was just telling the truth. Since when did she show off in front of them?

Reagan said again, “Boss, when you meet such a good man, you should hold on

to him. Don’t think about other things anymore. Let me tell you, with him as your

backing, you can do whatever you want in Madison City.”

With Jayden’s backing, she could do whatever she wanted in Madison City, Just

thinking about it was enough to make Silvia excited.

However, that was what the others saw on the surface. But in front of Jayden, she had no freedom at all. She couldn’t even eat the roast chicken that she wanted to eat. How could she do whatever she wanted in Madison City?

Silvia sighed. “It’s not as simple as you think. Let’s not talk about it anymore. Don’t ever mention this guy in front of me again.”

Silvia didn’t want to talk about him, but Reagan and Lemur were so excited that

none of them were listening to what she was saying,

Lemur said, “In fact, I still have some doubts. Boss, how did you meet such an influential person? It’s true that you are pretty, but you’re not feminine at all. Normally, any man who has good taste wouldn’t like a girl like you.”

For example, Lemur and Reagan never regarded her as a woman. She was like a brother to them.

Reagan nodded vigorously, indicating that he agreed with Lemur.

Silvia immediately flung her fists at the two of them and warned, “You two better be careful of what you say. Do you need to keep reminding me that I’m not ladylike?

She was self-aware and she knew her own personality very well. They might not like it, but as long as there was someone who would appreciate her, nothing

would bother her at all. Her Felix was a great example, wasn’t he? He was the man who knew how to appreciate her strengths and beauty.

Her Felix had once told her that she only needed to be herself and no matter how she looked, she would still be the best. He would like her no matter what.

As she thought of her Felix who had disappeared for a long time, Silvia became

a little more depressed. Would he ever come back? Even if they could not be together, she would be content as long as he could come back safely. “Boss, then tell us, how did you meet Jayden? How did he fall in love with you?”

Reagan and Lemur continued to gossip

Their encounter was a thorn in Silvia’s heart. Could she tell them that Norman Turner had tricked her and Jayden ended up paying a huge sum of money and brought her home?

Of course not. She couldn’t say such an embarrassing thing, so she told them, “I told you not to ask. Why are you still asking? Do you want to get beaten up? Reagan and Lemur went all out and said, “Boss, even if you threaten us, we still

want to know. Just tell us, we promise that we won’t tell the others.

There was nothing she could do to these two people. Therefore, Silvia casually made up a story. “It was raining heavily that day and he didn’t have an umbrella with him so he came over to me and borrowed my umbrella. That was how we met.”

Reagan and Lemur rolled their eyes at her and said, “If you don’t want to share the story of how you two met each other, then just be straightforward with us. You don’t have to make up such a lousy story. Do you think that we are fools who would actually believe it?”

“Are you two not fools though?” Silvia shrugged and smiled. “Stop being nosy already. Let’s go back to the classroom.”

“It’s lunch break now, why are we going back to the classroom?” Reagan and Lemur did not manage to find out how they met, so they were dispirited and did not want to talk to Silvia.

“Let’s go out for lunch then.” Silvia looked at Reagan and Lemur. “I want to

eat roast chicken You two will pay

“It’s of course not a big deal to treat you to roast chicken, but Boss, we have one condition.” Lemur said boldly.

As expected, as soon as he said that, Silvia immediately punched him on his shoulder. “How dare you negotiate with me? It seems like you’re asking for a beating huh?”

“Boss, of course we don’t want to get beaten up. We’re just curious. They really wanted to know the story of how they met, so much so that they were willing to take the risk of getting beaten up by her

“Okay, I’ll agree to your conditions.” She really wanted the roast chicken so she

agreed to it first. As for the story of how they met, she could just make up one.

They wouldn’t know if it was true anyway.

“Hurray! Boss, you can order as much as you want” Reagan patted Lemur’s wallet and continued, “Lemur has enough money, just eat to your heart’s content.”

Lemur was so excited to find out about the story that he didn’t care that Reagan was patting his wallet. Besides, it was just a few roast chickens anyway

The three of them walked out of the campus happily. As they were on their way to the restaurant, they would occasionally laugh out loudly whenever they talked about something funny.

However, Silvia’s hearty laugh stopped in an instant when she saw a man. “Isn’t that b*stard Jayden still talking to the chancellor? Why was he at the school gate? When did he come out?”

Silvia quickly hid behind Reagan and Lemur, trying to avoid his sight. However, she did not expect that he had already seen her. “Why are you hiding? Come here!” Since Jayden had caught her, Silvia had no choice but to walk to him

obediently. She looked so timid, like a child who had done something wrong.

and did not even dare to make a sound

At this time, Silvia only hoped that Reagan and Lemur would be smart enough to not mention the roast chicken that they were going to have

“Hello, Young Master Kyle! We are Boss… Oh no, we are Silvia’s classmates. I’m Reagan, and he is Lemur Love. Nice to meet you!” They had finally met this legendary big shot, and they were starstruck. They looked even more eager to brown-nose Jayden compared to the female students who saw him earlier!

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