My Husband Warm the Bed- 1095

Silvia wanted to remind Reagan and Lemur that Jayden was an arrogant and self-centered guy, who had behaved indifferently when the Principal was speaking to him. She wanted to tell them that they should just give up trying to get close to him

If Jayden ignored them, not only would they feel ashamed, she would feel embarrassed too.

After all, Jayden was in a relationship with her, so if he was to look down on

them, that would mean that he was looking down on her too.

However, something unexpected had happened. Jayden did not show his usual arrogance at all. Instead, he nodded politely and said, “Nice to meet you guys!

Although it was just a short greeting, Reagan and Lemur were already over the moon. Silvia was confused. Jayden was being such an indifferent fellow when the Principal greeted him, but now, he actually responded to Reagan and Lemur. Sure enough, this man would only do things according to his mood, and regardless of the people that he was dealing with.

Reagan was excited that he was able to talk to his idol, so he said, “Young Master Kyle, we are going out for some roast chicken. Do you want to come with us?”

Silvia didn’t expect that Reagan would play her out by accident. She immediately reached out her hand and pinched him on the arm as she said, “What nonsense are you talking about?”

Why on earth did she befriend these idiots? Did they even realize that they had just put her in a tight spot? “Boss.” Reagan turned his head and looked at Silvia. When he saw that Silvia

was staring at him, he immediately ‘got’ the message. “Um, Young Master Kyle,

I guess you don’t eat these kinds of food, do you?”

Reagan thought that Silvia was trying to use this method to remind him that Jayden was not used to such food and that he would not be able to bring himself to reject his offer out of politeness.

Silvia rolled her eyes. At that instant, she really wished that she could turn invisible so that she could get herself out of such an embarrassing and hopeless situation.

“Of course not.” Jayden said politely. He reached out his hand and pulled Silvia into his arms. “If you guys don’t mind, I would like to go with you guys. I happened to have something to say to Silvia too anyway”

She had just left him 30 minutes ago, and she was already trying to sneak out

to get some roast chicken? Did she think that that one month ban was a joke?

Reagan and Lemur were surprised that their idol Jayden had actually agreed to join them for a meal. They exclaimed, “Young Master Kyle, it’s great that you can have lunch with us!”

Reagan and Lemur shifted their gaze towards Silvia. With their eyes, they were telling her that it was almost impossible to find such a rich and handsome man, so she should stop complaining about it. She should please him so that she could control him in her hands. She must not let him slip through her


Silvia was speechless.

At that instant, Silvia told herself that from now onwards, she must be careful while befriending anyone. She did not want anymore friends who would start forgetting about their principles whenever a rich and handsome guy appears around them.

Having no principles was not a big deal, it’s just that she did not want Jayden to think that she was unpresentable in the eyes of the world.

Because of Reagan and Lemur, the plan had changed.

Originally, Reagan and Lemur were supposed to treat Silvia to some roast

chicken, but now, Jayden was also present at the dining table. He sat next to her and responded to Reagan and Lemur’s questions politely.

There was not a hint of his usual self-righteous and arrogance at all.

Silvia pouted her lips and she was extremely dissatisfied with Jayden. Whenever she was alone with him, he would always act so high and mighty, and would always treat her indifferently. On top of that, she had never seen him being enthusiastic about her except when he was in bed. Now that he was being so friendly towards Reagan and Lemur, Silvia really could not help but feel displeased.

Jayden noticed Silvia’s dissatisfaction, so he grabbed her hand under the table and drew circles on her palm with his fingertips. “What’s wro upset? Are you

“What do you think?” He clearly knew why she was upset, but he still asked her

in such a hypocritical way. At that very moment, Silvia really wished that she

could just give him a good beating

He raised his eyebrows and said in a low voice, “What do I think?

What kind of tone was that? Was he threatening her?

Silvia really wanted to talk back at him, but when she saw the evil look in his eyes, she immediately chickened out and said, “I’m not upset!”

Jayden said, “Then why don’t you show me your smile?” B*stard! Did he really think that she was an escort who was accompanying him

for a meal? Was he stupid or something?

Therefore, Silvia showed him an expression which was uglier than when she was crying. At the same time, she wanted to pull her hand away, but Jayden

held on to it tightly

He said, “The food is here.

Silvia looked up and saw that the waiter was walking over with the roast chicken that she had been looking forward to for a long time.

The waiter served the roast chicken on the table and introduced, “This is our signature dish, roast chicken. It’s crispy outside and juicy on the inside. Please enjoy”

The chicken was roasted to a golden brown and it’s aroma was filling up the entire room. Silvia was so hungry that she was about to drool. She picked up the fork and was about to reach out for the chicken. However, Jayden grabbed onto her left hand tightly, as if he was giving her a warning,

“Boss, isn’t this your favorite roast chicken? Why aren’t you eating?” Reagan and Lemur each took a piece and stuffed it into their mouth. “I haven’t eaten this for a long time. Wow, it tastes so good. It’s crispy, delicious, and not too greasy.”

If it hadn’t been the first time that Reagan and Lemur had met Jayden, Silvia would definitely have thought that the two of them were undercover agents whom Jayden had appointed to keep an eye on her.

They could have eaten it quietly. Why did they have to comment about the taste? It was not like she had never eaten the roast chicken from this place. Did they have to be so gabby?

Silvia was so hungry that she was swallowing her saliva. She reached out her hand and tugged the hem of Jayden’s shirt under the table. Then, she blinked her beautiful big eyes and looked at him pitifully. “Young Master Kyle…”

Since Jayden had been friendly to them, Reagan and Lemur said

enthusiastically, “Young Master Kyle, aren’t you going to eat any?”

Jayden shook his head and said, “I’m not hungry yet.”

If he wasn’t hungry, why did he come? It was obviously because he didn’t want

her to eat her favorite roast chicken.

Silvia glared at him ferociously. In her mind, she had already cut him into pieces

over and over again

The weather is quite warm lately so you probably don’t feel like having roast chicken. Let’s have something light then. Jayden ignored Silvia’s plea and put a plate of salad in front of her.

“Jayden, you… Silvia was so angry that she wanted to curse at him, but she held back and finally said, “I’m not hungry either!”

Under Jayden’s supervision, Silvia watched as Reagan and Lemur devoured the crispy golden roast chicken. She was already salivating so much that she was going to drool but still couldn’t even take a bite of it.

Silvia felt that sooner or later, that b*stard Jayden Elias Kyle would definitely

torture her to death!

After coming out of the restaurant, Silvia didn’t say a word at all. However, Reagan and Lemur were both in a good mood. “Young Master Kyle, please come to our campus more often to see Silvia.”

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