My Husband Warm the Bed-1096

Jayden was completely different from what they had imagined. He was very approachable and easy to get along with him. Just after the first meeting, both Reagan and Lemur were extremely impressed by Jayden.

They thought that it must be Silvia’s father in heaven who was looking over her

so that she would be so lucky to meet such an excellent man.

Jayden nodded and said, “Okay. I will.”

“You’d better not!” Silvia thought menacingly.

At that point, Silvia really wished that she could beat all three of them up. These

three bästards, have they ever considered her feelings?

“Young Master Kyle, Lemur and still have something to attend to, so we’ll get going first.” Reagan and Lemur were very sensible to excuse themselves so Jayden and Silvia could get some time together. Before leaving, they gave via a knowing look, telling her to seize the opportunity and make sure that he would not slip through her fingers,

After that, the two of them immediately left and Silvia was so angry that she almost fainted. Both of them treated Jayden like God just because he was rich. What benefit would they get out of this anyway?

Jayden said with satisfaction, “Your friends are quite sensible, aren’t they?”

Silvia immediately turned back and glared at him fiercely. “Jayden, what did I owe you in my last life that you can’t even let me eat the roast chicken that I like?!”

“Did I stop you from eating roast chicken though?” Jayden smiled and said with an innocent look on his face.

“You didn’t stop me? Well, it was true that he did not stop her from eating

it, but she knew that she would suffer the consequences if she had really eaten


Just when she was so angry that she wanted to hit him, Jayden suddenly pulled her into his arms and hugged her. “All right, all right. I’ll treat you to something nice, okay?

Silvia did not believe that he would be so kind so she said, “Jayden, let me tell you. Don’t ever try to lie to me again. I won’t believe you anymore.”

Jayden did not explain. He hugged her tightly and said, “You just have to make

sure that you go to your classes and don’t worry about anything else. Just leave them all to me.”

His voice was not particularly gentle, but it was very calm and powerful. It was like a tranquilizer, easing her uncertain heart, “Well, Alina’s uncle is a renowned professor here at our university and even the Principal has to show respect to him.”

“Didn’t I tell you this? Your priority is to go for your classes and not worry about anything else?” Jayden could even fire the Principal if he wanted to let alone to deal with an insignificant professor

However, Silvia, this silly girl, knew too little about Jayden and the legendary Mr. Kyle. What they were capable of doing was far more beyond she could ever


“I’m going to class now then.” Silvia broke away from him and took two steps back. “I’ll listen to you and I won’t eat any meat, okay? You don’t have to pick me up in the afternoon. It’s quite troublesome for you to do that anyway.

Although he had barely anything to do for the day, she didn’t want him to wait for her for a few hours and even make him her driver. She didn’t want to trouble


He ruffled her hair and said, “You’re my wife, aren’t you?”

Silvia was at a loss for words.

He just had to mention the things she had been trying hard to avoid!

Silvia really wanted to bite him!


In the Principal’s office.

Alina grabbed onto Mr. Donald’s arm and said coquettishly, “Mr. Donald, you must help me this time. We mustn’t let Silvia behave so arrogantly in school. let alone bully me.

Mr. Donald removed Alina’s hand that was wrapped around his arm and said calmly, “I can help you deal with anyone, but not Silvia Turner.

“Why not?’ Alina asked with a disgruntled look on her face.

In the past, Mr. Donald would do whatever she had asked him to do, but this time, he had refused her when she needed him the most. He wanted to protect Silvia, the sting in her eye that she had always wanted to get rid.

Mr. Donald said with a cold face, “There are so many people on the campus, but you just had to provoke Silvia, huh? Now not only can’t I help you kick her out for the university, but I’m also afraid that you can no longer stay here anymore.

“You are the Principal, and I am on your side. It’s all up to you to decide whether I can stay or not, isn’t it?” Alina had not realized the seriousness of this matter. She thought that the Principal was just trying to threaten her so that he could hook up with her. “I’ll see you at the usual place tonight.”

I am the Principal of this university, but do you know who that man is?” Speaking of Jayden, the Principal was still in a daze as he recalled his words and his terrifying eyes.

Not long ago, when Silvia was still around, Jayden was still keeping his composure. However, once Silvia left, he had completely turned into another person

Jayden went straight to the point and said, “Mr. Donald, I don’t care who is right or wrong in this matter. I don’t want to see those people appearing on this campus anymore. My dear Silvia is studying here, so I don’t want to see her being upset during her time here. Otherwise, I don’t think it’s necessary for you to continue to serve as the Principal anymore.

When Silvia was still around, Jayden said that he would let the school decide what they would do with those students who got Silvia into the fight. However, once she had left the room, Jayden immediately made himself clear on how he wanted them to punish those students in a commanding tone.

“Who is he? don’t care who he is!” Alina said arrogantly, “Mr. Donald, just because he drives a luxury car, so we have to take orders from him now? Why?

The Principal raised his hand and rubbed his forehead. There are many people

in this world who can afford to drive a luxury car. However, how many of such people are also from the Kyle family? Everyone in Madison City has heard about the legendary Mr. Kyle, especially someone like Alina who had always wanted to get into the upper class. “Mr.

Donald, are you saying that this man is related to the legendary Old Mr. Kyle?”

The principal let out a heavy sigh and nodded strongly. “He is probably Old Mr. Kyle’s son.”

Everyone in Madison City knew about Mr. Kyle, however, only a few had actually seen him. Therefore, no one knew how old he was or if he had any family


What they knew was that he was filthy rich. In just three years, he had

monopolized the entire economy of Madison City, and his businesses were growing bigger day by day. His company was so established that it had even expanded its businesses to the surrounding cities and neighboring countries,

However, Mr. Kyle who was only in his late twenties eventually became an old man in the people’s mouths. Therefore, whenever he appeared in public, no one would realize that he was actually the legendary Mr. Kyle.

Upon hearing that the man, who was so protective towards Silvia, was related to the Kyle family, Alina was finally terrified. She then said in a trembling voice, Mr. Donald… … Why didn’t you stop me from finding faults with Silvia back then?

The Principal said, “I didn’t stop you back then because I didn’t know that Silvia was together with this guy from the Kyle family.

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