My Husband Warm the Bed-1097

The moment Mr. Donald mentioned that Silvia was with Jayden now, a chill immediately went down his spine

However, he was very glad that he did not manage to get some things done. If he had actually gotten it done, he probably would have already died a terrible death

“How did that bitch get together with such an outstanding man?” Alina gnashed her teeth with hatred. How did Silvia end up with a young and handsome rich man while she was stuck with the Principal, who was fat and old?

Alina thought that she was much better than Silvia in every aspect, but she was

never as lucky as Silvia

Silvia would always get into fights and her grades were somewhat

average, but her parents had doted on her like she was their precious baby

On the other hand, Alina was an excellent student who had never failed to achieve the best grades, but her father was an abusive man. He would hit Alina frequently.

They were both at the same age and got into University A, which was the dream institution for many in Madison City. However, their fates were completely different and Alina was unwilling to accept that fact.

Alina resisted the resentment in her heart and her disgust towards the Principal. She stepped forward and held the Principal’s arm. “Mr. Donald, is that man really related to Mr. Kyle? Is there really nothing that we can do?”

If this was in the past, looking at Alina, who was young and good looking, the Principal would have already grabbed onto her and used her to vent his lust. However, he was afraid to do that now, so he told her, “Since you’ve offended that girl, there’s nothing we can do about it. Go pack up your things and hand in the withdrawal application.”

“No! I will not do that!” Alina screamed, “If I were to drop out of school, my father would definitely break my legs. I won’t go!”

The Principal frowned and shook off Alina’s hands. “Listen. That is your only option now. You have no other choices.”

Seeing that there was no turning back, Alina had no choice but to threaten the

Principal. “Do you still remember what you’ve said to me? If you can’t, then let

me remind you. You said that as long as I don’t tell anyone about you forcing me to do it with you and please you, I can do whatever I want in this university No matter what happens, you will be there to back me up. Now that something had happened, not only did you not help me, you’re chasing me away. Let me tell you, there’s no way that I’ll let you do that!”

Upon hearing that, the Principal glanced at the door and slammed his hand on the desk with a ferocious look in his eyes. “What bullsh*t!”

“You know better than anyone else whether I am bullsh*tting or not. Alina sneered, “Mr. Donald, let me tell you. The moment I’m being kicked out of University A, I will expose all the nasty things about you, and by that time you can stop thinking about staying in this university. Everyone will then discover that the most respected Mr. Donald is actually an animal who has an illicit relationship with his students.”

“How dare you!” The Principal clenched his hand on Alina’s neck and threatened her, “If you dare to say a word, I will upload those videos on the Internet. I’m already an old man, and I’m not afraid of being seen by the public. As for you… if the whole world sees your sty videos, do you think that you can still live in this world without getting ostracized?

Alina knew well that she was going to fall into a deep abyss anytime, but she was not afraid of anything anymore. “Do it! Just upload them! I have no other options in life if I get kicked out of University A anyway so I might as well bring you down with me.”

“You are courting death, b*tch! Mr. Donald was so angry that he grabbed her hair and slammed her head onto the desk.

“If you ruin my life, I won’t let you live a good life either!” Alina was struggling to

break free from him, but she was too weak to do so.

She only knew that her head was being repeatedly slammed onto the desk. As each slam got harder, Alina could feel that the skin on her forehead was punctured and bright red blood had started to stream down her face.

While in a trance, Alina felt like she had returned to two years ago. In this very office and on this desk, she was being grabbed by Mr. Donald, and no matter how hard she struggled, she could not escape from the fate of being defiled by him.

Two years had passed. Two whole years. As long as Mr. Donald summoned her she must go immediately, otherwise, he would threaten her with her nude photos.

In University A, Mr. Donald’s words were the law, so she could never escape from him. As long as she wanted to continue with her studies in University A she had no other choice but to let him do whatever he wanted to her.

Eventually, she accepted this reality. He would satisfy his desires, while she would gain some benefits from him. It was a fair transaction, a win-win situation

In fact, two years ago, the one who the Principal was looking for was not Alina, but Silvia. However, Alina did not want Silvia to get all the glory, and that was why she had asked someone to hold Silvia back and went to the Principal’s office herself.

Alina wanted to curry favor with the Principal but little did she know that the Principal was full of malicious intentions. She had just pushed herself into a lion’s den

On that day, he had even taken a video on his mobile phone and warned her that if she ever dared to say a word about it, she can be rest assured that the explicit video he had just recorded would be sent to her father.

Alina was afraid that her father would beat her up and she would be laughed at by her classmates, so she did not dare to tell anyone about it. For two years, she had endured such humiliation by herself

Her head was in so much pain that it eventually went numb. At that instant, it seemed like she had fallen into a dark world.

The afternoon class was rather boring. After the class had ended, Silvia had completely drawn a blank. Before she could even step out of the campus, she had already forgotten everything that was being taught in class a while ago.

In Reagan’s words, she was in love. All she would think about now was her Young Master Kyle. Of course, she couldn’t remember what her teacher had just taught in class.

Silvia admitted that she had been thinking about that b*stard Jayden, but they were not exactly in love though.

It’s just that she had been thinking that it was actually quite nice to be his wife.

With him as her backing, no one would ever dare to mess with her in the future,

especially that arrogant Alina.

“Boss, look, Young Master Kyle is waiting for you.” Before Silvia could even notice Jayden, Reagan and Lemur had already seen him. They nudged her and started teasing her, “He’s such an outstanding man, and so loyal even. Boss,

you’ve really hit the jackpot.

Silvia glanced at them and couldn’t wait to cover their mouths up. “He’s just a man. Do you guys really have to behave like this?”

Reagan then said in an exaggeratedly loud voice, “What do you mean by he’s

just a man? Do you think that it’s so easy find a decent man now?”

You. Silvia really wanted to hit them. The two of them were really annoying, weren’t they?

“Boss, why don’t you date Young Master Kyle properly? And it would be best if you could get pregnant as soon as possible.” Reagan and Lemur were more eager than anyone else that Silvia could find a man who could replace Felix in her heart. Like this, they would not have to worry that she would not be able to get married in the future.

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