My Husband Warm the Bed- 1098

Silvia was speechless. She had already slept with Jayden multiple times, but she couldn’t tell Reagan and Lemur about it, could she?

Boss, hurry and go over to him. We’ll get going now, okay?” Before leaving. Reagan and Lemur gave Silvia a gentle push and urged, “Don’t dawdle, go!”

Silvia sighed in her heart. “What’s the big deal of having the power and money? Why does she have to suck up to him? Why can’t it be the other way round?”

Just as Silvia was immersed in her thoughts, Jayden was already walking

towards her. He was not here to suck up to her, instead, he was here to

question her, “Did you not see that I’m waiting for you here?”

“I did.” He was being so flamboyant that he would attract everyone’s attention as soon as he showed up. She couldn’t even pretend that she didn’t see him.

Jayden frowned displeasure. “You but d’re still dilly-dallying here!

Sure enough, he would only pretend to be gentle to her in front of the others. Whenever it was just the two of them, he only knew how to bully her

Humph. She didn’t want to bother herself with such a hypocrite guy like him so she said, “I didn’t ask you to pick me up anyway. You were the one who insisted on coming, how dare you blame me?!”

Silvia took a step and wanted to leave, but Jayden pulled her back and asked, “Did I say that you can go now?”

Seeing his attitude towards her, Silvia immediately flew into a rage. “Jayden.

are you trying to fight me?” She put her backpack on her shoulder and said,

*Then come fight me. I’m not afraid of you!”

However, when she was enraged, Jayden suddenly grabbed her hand and pulled her into his arms. “Didn’t I tell you that I’ll treat you to a good meal tonight.”

“You’re really going to treat me to a good meal?” As soon as she heard about food, Silvia’s anger dissipated in an instant. Although she still did not believe that Jayden Elias would really do so, the thought of delicious food was too hard to ignore.

“Yup!” Jayden nodded. He felt that Silvia was silly yet somewhat adorable.

Silvia turned around and opened the door to his car. Then, she got into the front passenger seat and said with a smile, “Let’s go, Young Master Kyle!”

In the end, Jayden proved to Silvia once again that his words were not credible at all. She should not have believed a single word that came out of his mouth at all.

The delicious food that Jayden was referring to was just a glorified vegan meal. They had ordered a table full of dishes, from pasta to burgers and even grilled ‘steak’, but all of them were vegan. There wasn’t even a piece of meat on the table,

For a person who loved meat, if there was no meat in a meal, everything would

become tasteless.

“Liar! Big liar! You damn liar!” Silvia slouched over the dining table and she was so angry that she didn’t even have the strength to pick up the fork.

*There are a lot of delicious foods in the world other than roast chicken and pork knuckles.” Jayden tried to explain to her patiently. “How would you know if it tastes good if you don’t give it a try?”

However, Silvia had turned a deaf ear to him. She only knew that this man had deceived her once again, and she had foolishly believed that he would treat her to a nice meal.

Jayden Ellas Kyle, you liar!” She was determined not to eat. She didn’t want to be bullied by him anymore,

Jayden looked at her and said, “You must change your eating habits.

Silvia really wanted to hit him. “I have been eating like this for my entire life. How on earth am I going to change it? If you want someone who would follow your orders entirely, why don’t you just spend some money and get yourself a love doll?”

Love doll?”

Jayden frowned and said, “You should be careful of what you say in future. Also, you must break all your bad habits.!

*Hahaha…. Silvia was so angry that she laughed. “Then please tell me, Young Master Kyle. In your opinion, what kind of good habits do you think I have?”

Jayden thought for a moment and said, “I haven’t found any yet.

He was really looking for trouble.

If he was someone else, she would have punched him already

Silvia picked up her bag and got up from her seat. She then said, “Don’t ever talk to me again, or even I won’t know what I will do to you.

At the hospital

As soon as the car arrived at the main entrance of the hospital, Silvia opened the door and got out of the car without saying a word. She didn’t even ask Jayden to visit her mother with her.

Jayden was upset, so he stopped her. “Silvia, there are no entertainment

facilities in the hospital, and I have nothing else to do too:

Silvia said, “You should go home then.

Jayden was lost for words.

Had Silvia not thought of bringing Jayden to visit his mother in law?

Silvia ignored him. She walked straight into the hospital and went to her mother’s ward.

Mrs. Turner had just returned from the ward next door. The moment she saw

Silvia arrive, she smiled and said, I was just talking to Auntie Baker about you,

and here you are.

“I’ve probably sensed that you’re missing me, so I’m here!” Silvia threw herself into her mother’s arms and hugged her tightly. “I miss you, Mom.”

Mrs. Turner rubbed her head and said, “Well, I miss my precious too!

“Hehe, I knew that you missed me. Silvia sat Mrs. Turner down and picked up an apple as she said, “Mom, I’ll peel the apple for you, okay?”

“Okay.” The moment she saw her daughter, all the pain that she was suffering from disappeared. Mrs. Turner could only see the lovely and filial look in her daughter’s eyes. Silvia was her precious treasure, and her pillar in life ever since her husband died.

Silvia held the apple in her hand and wanted to peel it for her mother. However, she had never done this before so she was a little clumsy.

Mrs. Turner smiled and said, “I’ll do it, Silvia.”

Silvia was not willing to give up so easily, “Mom, it was you who had always peeled the apples for me to eat in the past. Now that I have grown up, I should be the one peeling it for you.”

Although peeling an apple was just a small thing, Silvia wanted to start small and slowly learn to take care of her mother,

Okay, okay… I’ll let you do it then. Mrs. Turner looked at Silvia and was amused

by her clumsy skills but she felt extremely comforted at the same time. She

stared at Silvia for a long time and suddenly asked, “Silvia, are you dating Silvia’s hand, which was holding the fruit knife, paused for a moment when she


heard Mrs. Turner’s question. “Mom, why are you asking this?”

There is no reason at all. just think that my precious daughter is such an excellent young lady so she must have quite a few suitors chasing after her” No matter how the others thought of Silvia, in Mrs. Turner’s eyes, Silvia was the best, and no one else could ever compare to her.

“You’re really my mother. You’re thinking so highly of me.’ Silvia smiled sweetly and said. “Yup. There’s quite a lot of boys who were chasing after me in school. But, I’m just too good for them, and none of them was my cup of tea.”

“Silvia, none of them was your cup of tea? Or was it because you still can’t forget him?” Mrs. Turner didn’t want to mention him, but it did not mean that he would cease to exist as long as they don’t talk about him.

That missing boy, Felix, was a thorn in Silvia’s heart and only if she could pull out this very thorn from her heart, she could then accept a new relationship and start a new life.

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