My Husband Warm the Bed-1099

“Mom, what are you talking about?” Silvia pretended not to understand her mother. She lowered her head and focused on peeling the apple, however her hands were shaking

The more Silvia wanted to avoid the topic, the more Mrs. Turner felt like talking about it. “Silvia, I know that you liked Felix since you were a child. You enjoyed playing with him. He’s older than you and took care of you. Your father and I, and Felix’s parents… we all hoped for you two to be together when you grew up. That way, neither of you would have to leave your parents, but…

Silvia could guess what her mother wanted to say Before Mrs. Turner could continue, Silvia interrupted, “Mom, let’s not talk about this.”

“Silvia, do you believe that he has passed away?” Mrs. Turner asked. Before Silvia could answer, Mrs. Turner added, “I know you don’t believe it, because | don’t believe it either. His mother said that he died, but we didn’t even see his ashes before he was buried. Then, his family left the country. Think about it, is it because something happened to him, or is it because of what happened to our family and so they don’t want anything to do with us?

“Mom, Felix’s family is not like that. You can’t doubt them like this. Silvia bit her lip. “What’s more, they are not our family. Therefore, they have no obligation to help us when we are in trouble.

Under the gaze of Mrs. Turner, Silvia said again, “Mom, I believe that he is still alive. I also hope that he will live well… As long as he comes back alive, I don’t care about anything else.”

No matter what he had done, Silvia believed that he had his own reasons. That was how much she trusted Felix.

Knowing that her daughter was a stubborn person, Mrs. Turner sighed and said, “Silvia, my silly daughter, why are you so foolish? You are just 20 years old, and you have a long way to go. Why do you beat yourself up for someone who left without a notice and even announced his own death.”

Silvia smiled and said, “Mom, you also said that I am just 20 years old. I have a long way to go in the future, so I am not in a hurry.”

Mrs. Turner was at loss for words, “Silvia.”

Silvia changed the subject and said, “Mom, is the food here right for your taste? Do you have anything else you want to eat? If there is, you have to tell me. I will

prepare for you”

Silvia didn’t want to talk further, and Mrs. Turner couldn’t bear to make things difficult for her daughter as well. She reached out and rubbed Silvia’s head. I’m comfortable here and I eat well. However, I’m worried about you. I haven’t been cooking for you these days. Did you eat well?”

These days, Silvia had not been eating properly. However, she couldn’t let her mother know. “Mom, I am eating well every day, don’t worry.”

Mrs. Turner nodded and said, “Well, keep feeling that you have changed a

little, but I can’t tell what exactly has changed.” Silvia leaned over and pressed her face to her mother’s face. “Mom, I think I’ve

become more beautiful.”

Hearing her daughter’s words, Mrs. Turner too agreed with Silvia. She couldn’t help but pinch Silvia’s face and said, “My baby is getting prettier”

Silvia laughed and said, “Yes. You’re the best, mom!”

After accompanying her mom for nearly two hours, Silvia left when Mrs. Turner

fell asleep. However, as soon as she walked out of the ward, the smile on her

face disappeared

“Felix, Felix, what on earth happened?” Silvia’s heart was in a mess.

Why did he suddenly disappear?

In the past few months, Silvia had thought a lot. However, she couldn’t think of a convincing reason

“What are you thinking about?”

A male voice came suddenly and made Silvia tremble slightly. She looked up and saw the unbelievably good looking face.

Silvia glanced at him coldly and walked forward avoiding him.

I’m talking to you. Didn’t you hear me?”

Silvia ignored him and continued walking. However, the next second, she was pulled into a warm embrace.

Silvia struggled but to no avail because he was hugging her tightly. Therefore, she raised her foot and stomped hard on his foot. Get lost!”

Jayden asked, “What happened?”

Although she was cold to him before she visited her mother, she wasn’t angry. Something must have happened to her.

Silvia punched him on the chest again. “Jayden, I’m in a bad mood. You’d better

stay away from me, or I’ll bite you.”

As soon as she finished talking, Jayden lowered his head and bit her lips, then pulled hard on them. In an instant, Silvia could taste blood in her mouth

Silvia beat him and said, “You.”

Jayden let go of her with a gloomy gaze in his eyes. “Didn’t you say you wanted

to bite me? I’ll let you bite me.”

However, he was the one who bit her!

This man was driving Silvia crazy. How could there be such an annoying man in

the world? He was even more annoying than Alina!

She was so angry that she stepped on his foot again. “Jayden, I beg you. Please tell me, is it interesting to pester me like this all day long?”

Jayden said, “Yes!”

Silvia said, “F*ck!”

Jayden picked her up and strode out of the hospital.

Silvia kicked and hit him repeatedly while wailing, “What are you doing?”

Jayden ignored her

Silvia was carried into Jayden’s car. After getting out of the car, he carried her

back to his home. After entering the door, he threw her mercilessly on the living room sofa. “Silvia, it seems that I should sort out the relationship between you and me.”

Silvia jumped up and said, “We have nothing to do with each other!”

Jayden ignored her and turned to go upstairs to the study. When he came down again, there were two certificates in his hand. “Take a good look!”

Silvia took the certificates and tore them into pieces. It was the same as the night they got the marriage certificates. We have nothing to do with each other!”

Seeing that she tore their marriage certificates into pieces once again, Jayden’s eyes darkened. He carried her upstairs to his study.

“Since you like tearing them, you can tear as many as you want today!” He

pulled open a cabinet full of the marriage certificates. Silvia was stunned, He once said that if she enjoyed tearing the certificates apart, he would make a thousand copies for her to tear. She did not expect him to really do it. He was simply out of his mind.

He asked her with a cold expression, “Why aren’t you tearing them now?”

“1. I’m tired!” It would be too exhausting to tear a whole cabinet of

certificates. She was not a fool! Seeing that she had finally regained some conscience, Jayden pushed her to sit on the chair and said, “Since you’re not going to tear anything, sit down and

listen to me.

“What, what do you want to say?” After regaining her conscience, Silvia felt guilty, like a child who had done something wrong. She lowered her head and fiddled with her fingers.

“What happened today?” he still asked the same question as before as he didn’t hear an answer from her

Silvia said sullenly, “That’s my business. It has nothing to do with you!”

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