My Husband Warm the Bed- 1100

It had nothing to do with him again!

This answer made Jayden frown, and he couldn’t help but feel angry. “Silvia, we are husband and wife. We are married legally. As I said before, your business is my business. Please don’t ignore what I said.:

Silvia still felt a little guilty when he was talking properly. However, when he was furious, she felt like picking a fight with him. “I’m ignoring your words? So what?

“You..” He had never seen such an unreasonable and disobedient woman. There was nothing good about her. He must have been blinded to have married her.

Silvia was fiercer than him. “Me? What’s wrong with me? I’ve been like this since I was a child. If you don’t like it, you can get the divorce officials here and divorce me!”

“You need to be taught a lesson!” Although she had no merits at all, he had

chosen her. He didn’t intend to let her go and needed to teach her a lesson!

Silvia said provocatively, “Oh.. come hit me if you can!”

Jayden didn’t know what to say

She really thought that he could not deal with her.

Jayden picked her up and walked straight to the bedroom. He slammed the door behind him as he entered the bedroom. After throwing her aside, he began to unbutton his shirt as he walked.

Silvia was so nervous that she stammered, “Jay. Jayden, what are you doing?”

Jayden ignored her and turned into the changing room. When he came out again, he was wearing a loose white tracksuit and threw her a pink tracksuit. *Put it on!”

“No!” Besides not knowing what he wanted to do, the pink color was not to her liking. She refused to put it on

Jayden said with a faint smile, “Do you want me to help you wear it?”

“Damn it, he’s threatening me again. I’m not afraid of you. Come help me wear it if you can!” Silvia thought to herself.

Silvia did not move. Jayden approached her decisively, as if he was really going

to change her clothes for her. Silvia saw that he was serious. She grabbed the

clothes and ran away

What the f*ck!

She was not as thick skinned as that b*stard, Jayden Elias Kyle!

Silvia went to her bedroom and put on her clothes obediently. She looked at herself in the mirror. She felt too girly in pink. That was not her style at all

She didn’t like herself like this, but she had no choice. The moment she fell into the hands of the devil, she had lost her freedom and choices.

Thump! Thump!

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door, and then came Jayden’s overbearing voice, “Are you done yet?

Silvia walked over and opened the door. Then she shouted angrily. “Young Master, I’m ready. What can I do for you?”

Jayden looked at her coldly and said, “Follow me.”

“Where to? She didn’t want to go. However, if she didn’t walk, he would pick her up and carry her, fighter fighter style. Therefore, she had to follow him

He continued to ignore her. His expression was extremely gloomy!

Having lived there for so long, Silvia didn’t even know that the whole third floor was a gym. It was more well-equipped than a regular gym.

Without giving Silvia any time to settle, Jayden’s sinister voice came to her ear, “Let’s start with 100 sit-ups.”

F*ck, was he trying to murder her?

She was so hungry that she didn’t even have the strength to walk, and then she had to do a hundred sit-ups. He probably wouldn’t stop until she was completely exhausted!

Silvia had to do something. Otherwise, she might not live to see another day.

I’m feeling dizzy!” Silvia suddenly came up with an idea and sat down on the ground listlessly. She lay on the ground casually, closed her eyes, and pretended to pass out from hunger.

However, Jayden wasn’t worried about her, instead he said in an icy tone, “Do

you want me to perform CPR on you?” He was so annoying. Silvia was no match for him. All she could do was curse him in her heart.

Soon Silvia felt him approaching, and then she felt his warm breath… His breath was unexpectedly pleasant.

While Silvia was distracted, she felt warm lips pressed against hers, kissing her

aggressively and overbearingly

Silvia opened her eyes wide suddenly. When she caught the faint smile in his eyes, she pushed him away in a hurry. “Jayden, are you still human? How could you bully a person who has fainted?”

“I have never seen anyone talk after fainting” Jayden turned over and lay next to her. Suddenly, he laughed. Her only merit was that she was silly and cute! “What are you laughing at?” Jayden could easily see through such a lame trick.

Silvia blushed and pinched him, “Don’t laugh at me!

Silvia… Jayden reached out to rub her head as he called her name and looked up at the ceiling. “My father and my mother also had a sudden marriage. After seeing each other for the second time, she followed him to the Civil Affairs Bureau to get their marriage certificate.

Jayden’s words confirmed Silvia’s previous speculation about his family. He was indeed a pitiful child, abandoned after his parents got a divorce.

His parents were bold enough to get married after only meeting twice. However, in the end, the marriage failed and they abandoned Jayden. That was why he grew up to be so twisted.

Silvia suddenly felt sorry for him. She patted him on the shoulder and comforted him like a person with experience, “Don’t be sad. You should learn from them and don’t repeat their mistakes. It’s not always a good idea to get married so quickly. You should learn something else but this.”

Jayden tilted his head and looked at her. “What?” What was in her mind

exactly? Silvia patted him on the shoulder again. “You don’t have to explain !


Her train of thoughts was so different from the others. Jayden didn’t feel like explaining to her anymore. He suddenly wanted to tell her about his parents’ story. Jayden wanted to let Silvia know that although his parents got married so suddenly, they had a good life together.

After a long pause, he said slowly, “My mother once told me that she thought that her marriage with my father would not last. Until one time, my father got ill. He told my mother that being his wife was not just a status. Being his wife was to spend the rest of her life with him. Since the day they got married, he handed

his life to her. If anything were to happen to him, she would be the only person qualified to sign medical consent forms on his behalf. Silvia didn’t expect Jayden’s parents to have such a romantic past. However, a

marriage without a strong emotional foundation would not stand the test of

time, and would eventually fall apart.

Silvia turned her head and saw that he was still staring at the ceiling. However, his eyes were calm and gentle. He didn’t look like a child who was being abandoned by his parents,

At that moment, he also turned his head and their eyes met. Although he looked fine, Silvia’s heart ached inexplicably. She didn’t really like this kind of feeling!

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