My Husband Warm the Bed-1081

Upon hearing Jayden’s answer, Silvia really wanted to kill him. “You…you..” She launched her fist at Jayden once again. “I’ll teach you a lesson.” Just because she did not retaliate, he really thought that she was someone who he could walk all over?

Just like the previous time, Jayden raised his hand and grabbed onto her swinging fist. “If there’s nothing else, you can go out now. Jayden pointed at the door and said, “By the way, your blow-drying skills are quite good.

“Quit that nonsense! What a big liar you are, Jayden Elias Kyle! Let me tell you, if I ever trust you again, I’m an idiot” Silvia was so mad that she grabbed the pillow on the sofa and threw it at him. “Go to hll you bstard!

Jayden caught the pillow that Silvia had thrown at him without any effort. He

raised his eyebrows and looked at her as he said, “So do you think that being a

vegetarian for a month is too short for you? Do you want to extend it?” “Try extending it and we’ll see if I’ll go all out with you!” Silvia was furious, but she could never win against Jayden through arguments or fights. Therefore, she could only swallow her anger and resentment back into her stomach, that she

could no longer feel her hunger. Jayden pointed at the door again and said, “Then get out and do what you should do. Don’t mess around here.”

Silvia slapped his hand away. “you b*stard, who’s messing around? You are the one who asked me here, and now you’re asking me to go out, What do you want?

“Get out!” Jayden looked at the door and his voice became a little louder.

“Why do I have to do as you say? Do you really think I’m your pet?” She refused. Silvia turned around and lay down on his bed. She snuggled under the blanket and said, “Throw me out of the door if you dare.”

Jayden didn’t know what to say.

After staring at her for some time, Jayden was still reluctant to get her out of his bed and throw her out. Instead, he stepped out of the room himself.

Silvia went all out with him, but this time, he admitted defeat without saying a word. Even if Silvia won, she couldn’t feel the pleasure of winning

She got out of the bed glumly and went back to her bedroom. She grabbed a

pillow from her bed and punched on it. Jayden, you bstard! You bstard! I’ll break your neck! And knock your teeth off! I’ll beat you up so hard that even your father won’t recognize you!”

“Do you really think that if you ban me from eating meat, I will obey you and be

your wife as you wished? In your dreams!”

“I’ve liked someone else for a long time! I have always wanted to be his bride, so I had never wanted to be married to a sc*mbag like you.”

Silvia didn’t know that when she was punching the pillow in the room, the person she cursed was standing at the door of her room with a plate of beef in his hands.

His expression did not change when he heard her calling him a b*stard, and there was even a doting smile appearing on his face when she said that she was going to break his neck. However, when he heard her saying that she had someone who she liked and that she never wanted to be with him, his face fell in an instant. His face was as gloomy as an impending thunderstorm

After standing at the door for quite a while, Jayden turned around and left resolutely

After a series of beating and cursing, Silvia lay down on the bed feebly. However, the anger and resentment was still overwhelming and suffocating her.

Thump, thump.

Out of a sudden, someone knocked on Silvia’s bedroom door and Auntie Cherry’s voice came from outside. “Miss Turner, are you asleep? If you’re not asleep, please open the door, I’m here to send you something to eat

“I’m not hungry! I’m not eating!” Silvia had decided that she would go all out

against Jayden. If he would not let her have the meat that she liked, she would

not eat anything else.

*Miss Turner…

“Auntie Cherry, you can go rest now. Please don’t bother me, I’m going to sleep now.”

Silvia pulled the quilt and covered herself with it, but she still couldn’t fall asleep. She wanted to give her mother a phone call, but it was already late at night. She was worried that she would disturb her.

Silvia picked up her phone and scrolled through her WhatsApp. Among the few friends she had, she could not even find one who she could have a heart to heart chat with.

Speaking of which, Silvia was quite pitiful. She had only 5 friends in her WhatsApp contact list. These were her mother, Reagan, Lemur, Blotie, and Audrey, whom Silvia had just met.

She must not let her mother know about the bad things that she had gone through so her mother could never be a person who she could rant to. Reagan and Lemur, on the other hand, were guys, so they surely wouldn’t understand what girls think and Blotie was still working at the bar, so she wouldn’t have time to talk to Silvia.

Therefore, Audrey was the only person she could contact. After thinking for a while, Silvia sent a voice message to her, “Audrey, are you asleep?”

After a long while, Audrey replied, “I’ve just completed my skincare routine

and I’m about to go to bed. What’s the matter?”

Silvia pressed on the microphone button and said in a weak voice, “Hm, it’s nothing actually. I just feel kind of suffocated that I can’t fall asleep. I need someone to talk to to kill the boredom.’

Audrey replied, “Well, you can’t kill boredom through a conversation. I suggest you get some booze for yourself. You’ll forget about everything once you’re drunk.

Silvia said, “Do you think that I don’t want to drink? I can’t even step out of the

door, how am I supposed to drink? Audrey asked, “You don’t have any alcohol in your house?”

Upon hearing what Audrey said, Silvia suddenly laughed, ‘I love you, Audrey!”

Audrey said with disdain, “Please don’t say that! I’m not interested in women'” Silvia threw her phone away and got out of bed hastily. She snuck out of the room and crept towards the kitchen on the first floor.

Hmph, since nobody was going to cook meat for her, Silvia would do it herself. There must be some meat in the fridge.

Looking at the huge refrigerator in the spacious kitchen, Silvia could imagine all the delicious food in it and there should be at least one type of meat.

Silvia reached out her hand and grabbed onto the handle and leaned her face

against the body of the refrigerator. She murmured, “My dear refrigerator, you

must have delicious food in you. The more, the better.”

She gently opened the refrigerator door. The moment she saw what was in the refrigerator, her rosy face turned pale in an instant.

There were a lot of things in the refrigerator, but all of them were not edible.

They were all tableware,

Jayden Elias Kyle, you’re really a psychopath! This is the first time I’ve ever seen someone who doesn’t put food in their refrigerator in my entire life!

There was nothing edible in the refrigerator, so Silvia didn’t get to eat

anything. At that instant, she became even more dejected than before,


Just as she felt that life was not worth living, her stomach started growling.

Silvia rubbed her starving belly and said, “That bastard bullied me. Are you going

to laugh at me too?”


She didn’t know if it was a response to her question, but her stomach growled again.

“You must be really hungry, aren’t you?” Silvia looked around and noticed there was some food on the stove beside her. “I’ll find something to feed you then.” she said to her own growling belly.

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