My Husband Warm the Bed- 1102

As expected, the next day, Silvia got up late and was late for school.

She looked at the well-dressed man in front of her with plaintive eyes and said, “Young Master Kyle, why didn’t you wake me up?”

Jayden didn’t wake her up despite getting up early himself. What’s more, he turned off her alarm clock causing her to oversleep. She would definitely be a laughing stock if she were to go to school at this time,

Jayden looked relaxed. With a faint smile on his face, he said, “I’ll send you to

the campus after breakfast.

“Is this breakfast for human beings?” The food on the table consisted of oatmeal snacks and salad. There was no meat at all.

Jayden looked at her and asked, “You’re not eating?”

“I am.” If she didn’t eat, she would be starved to death. Besides, the food tasted good, especially the oatmeal snacks. However, she was too arrogant to eat more

On the way to the campus after breakfast, Silvia kept muttering, “Young Master Kyle, I’m telling you, you have to take full responsibility for me being late today”

Jayden turned his head and glanced at her, “We will arrive soon

It was not that Silvia had never been late before. However, she was now late because of Jayden! Her pitiful expression made him feel like teasing her more. Silvia let out a long sigh. “I have not been eating well these days, not to mention

sleeping well. I feel that my life is coming to an end.

He had only made her eat a light breakfast, and she couldn’t stop nagging him for nearly half an hour. Jayden was going crazy.

Finally, the car arrived at the destination. Jayden got out of the car as fast as he could and opened the door for her. “Go to your class quickly, You are allowed to come home later tonight.” He didn’t want to hear her nagging at him anymore, “Really?” Silvia was cautious. “Young Master Kyle, are you plotting something

against me?

Jayden said, “If you don’t leave now, I’ll take back what I’ve just said.”

Silvia turned around and ran off quickly. “Young Master Kyle, please keep your promise. Otherwise, I will curse you that you won’t have a son in the future.”

He watched after her as she ran off. When it was finally quiet, Jayden suddenly felt empty. He even thought of running after her to bring her back.

After he saw her disappear into the campus, Jayden took out his mobile

phone immediately and made a call. “What happened last night?”

Although Jayden asked this question abruptly, the person answering the phone

responded immediately. “Last night, Madam Turner brought up the matter pertaining Felix Xavier to Miss Turner. They had different opinions but they

didn’t quarrel.”

When he heard the name “Felix Xavier’, Jayden knew the reason why Silvia came out with a bad mood after she visited her mother.


Why was it always Felix? Felix had disappeared for such a long time, yet he

could still affect Silvia’s mood.

“So what?” Jayden thought.

Although Felix affect Silvia’s mood, have her

Now, Silvia was his. Jayden was the one who was with Silvia the night before. It was he who held her in his arms and doted on her

No one could take her away from him!

As soon as Silvia arrived at the classroom, Reagan and Lemur came over and looked at her from head to toe. “Boss, you’re awesome! You’re really awesome!

We were just talking about it yesterday. We didn’t expect you to really do it Silvia pushed them away and warned them, “Are you two out of your mind? Stand properly and talk nicely!”

Reagan said, “Boss, did you sleep with Young Master Kyle last night?” Silvia picked up the book and slapped Reagan. “What are you talking about?”

Lemur pointed to Silvia’s neck. “Don’t tell us that these marks on your neck are mosquito bites.”

“What marks?’ Silvia took out her mobile phone immediately and saw that her neck was full of love marks left by Jayden. When she was washing up in the morning, she was still in a daze and did not pay much attention. Now that she saw the marks… It was so embarrassing!

What a bästard Jayden was! He didn’t even tell her about the obvious marks! Was he amused to see her being embarrassed?

Reagan said, “Boss, last night must have been intense. By looking at the love marks, it seems like Young Master Kyle is skillful in bed.

Silvia reached out and twisted Reagan’s ear. “I was bitten by a dog. Try spouting

nonsense again.”

Reagan and Lemur looked at each other. Their boss was clearly guilty as charged. It wasn’t like things didn’t happen if they didn’t talk about it.

“What are you looking at? Sit down and study hard. Don’t loiter around me all

day.” Silvia didn’t want to mention it because it was the truth. She was feeling

guilty Reagan sat down and said, “Boss, it’s hard to find such a good man like Young

Master Kyle. You should cherish him.”

Silvia rolled her eyes at Reagan and said sulkily, “How would you know that he’s a good man?

Reagan said, “Lemur and I saw it with our own eyes. Silvia was speechless.

Reagan said, “The best example of this would be… He was willing to help you with anything, even making Alina drop out of school on her own accord! Isn’t that good enough?

“Alina dropped out of school on her own?” Even though Silvia knew that the Kyle family was powerful and influential, she did not expect Jayden to force Alina out of the university because of her

I heard that she went to the principal’s office yesterday and admitted her mistake personally.” Reagan nodded. Then he suddenly noticed that Silvia’s expression was not quite right. “Boss, over the past two years, Alina has been giving you trouble. Aren’t you happy that she’s gone?”

“There’s nothing to be happy or unhappy about. It’s her own business that she left. What has it got to do with me?” Silvia waved her hand. “It’s almost time for class. Pay attention in class. Don’t pester me.”

It was just that without an opponent, her campus life would be rather boring in the future.

That afternoon, Silvia didn’t need to go home early with Jayden’s permission Coincidentally, Audrey called her and asked her to go shopping, Silvia agreed immediately.

Silvia was the kind of person who would leave after buying whatever she

wanted. She would not waste time walking around the mail. However, Audrey was the total opposite. She would go into different shops and try on everything. After two hours of walking, Silvia, who had not bought anything, was already

exhausted. On the contrary, Audrey was still energetic with a lot of shopping

bags in her hands

Silvia said, “Audrey, let’s find a place for a drink and take a break.”

“I’ve never seen any woman shop like you. You didn’t even buy anything. What’s the fun?” asked Audrey.

Silvia said, “You can just regard me as a man then.”

Audrey stared at Silvia. Although Audrey was reluctant, they found a cafe and sat down to take a rest.

Right after they sat down, Silvia said to Audrey, “Aren’t you jobless right now? How could you still spend extravagantly? Aren’t you afraid that you can’t even afford your meals later?”

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