My Husband Warm the Bed- 1103

“Do you have to bring this up?’ Audrey was unhappy. She glared at Silvia and said, “You are so unlike a woman, so you won’t understand, Silvia. Shopping can satisfy a woman’s vanity and heal all wounds. Shopping is the most enjoyable thing in a woman’s life.”

Silvia asked the waiter for the menu and handed it to Audrey. “Well, I have never heard that shopping could heal wounds before you said so!

“Why don’t you try it out next time?” Audrey picked up the menu and looked at

it. “I’ll have a cup of honey tea. What do you want to have?”

Silvia massaged her tired calves while saying, “I want a glass of iced lemon tea with sugar.”

“I heard from Reagan that you love to eat chicken” asked Audrey. “Would you like to order some fried chicken drumsticks?”

Silvia gave Audrey the menu because she didn’t want to see the meat dishes on the menu. However, Audrey didn’t realize it and especially mentioned ordering

meat to Silvia!

Silvia looked around instinctively. She really wanted to order two dozens of drumsticks to make up for her sufferings recently. However, in the end, she gave up the idea

If Jayden, that bastard, found out that Silvia had eaten meat secretly, she would probably lose the right to go shopping with her friends from then on!


Silvia felt that her life was so miserable just at the thought of it!

“Forget it. I just want a drink Eating such greasy food at night is bad for digestion and will affect your sleep.” These words would never have come from Silvia in the past. However, she had no other choice at the moment!

After placing their order, Audrey said, “It seems that Reagan is quite loyal to you. I was just trying to dig some information about you from him, and he still lied to me. He said that the way to make you listen to me is to order chicken for you!”

“He’s talking nonsense!” Silvia was still a little sad that she couldn’t have drumsticks. She slumped on the table and said in a muffled voice, “You could have just asked me. Why did you go to Reagan?”

Audrey smirked. “I want to know your secrets! Only then can I snatch your man from you in the future. Would you tell me about that if I were to ask you? Silvia replied sadly, “I’d love to give Jayden to you, but I don’t know what’s wrong

with that bastard. He just keeps pestering me every day. Her waist still hurt

from their lovemaking from the night before.

Silvia, I tell you, don’t show off in front of me about how loyal he is to you!” Audrey was depressed when she thought of this matter. What happened with Jayden was the biggest mistake in Audrey’s glorious life that she couldn’t


Silvia sighed as she slumped on the table. “Let’s not talk about this. I don’t want

to mention him anyway

Although she did not want to talk about him, Silvia would think of him at everything she did. Perhaps she was having schizophrenia due to excessive oppression!

Audrey leaned over to Silvia and asked mysteriously, Silvia, tell me honestly, what’s the relationship between you and Jayden?”

What was the relationship between them?

They were a legally married couple!

However, Silvia refused to admit it. She was looking forward to the day that Jayden would once again go crazy and get the staff from the Civil Affairs Bureau to come to the house and complete the divorce procedure.

However, judging by the current situation, it was obviously impossible for Silvia’s fantasy to happen. Jayden was particularly stubborn. It seemed that it was impossible for him to change his mind once he had made up his mind.

After thinking about it for a long while, Silvia gave Audrey what she considered a very accurate answer. “Friends with benefits!”

Audrey was not surprised by this answer. However, she was a little disappointed

and angry. “Silvia, you have already slept with him, yet you still promised to give

him to me! You’re a big liar!”

Silvia felt wrongly accused. When Silvia promised Audrey, she sincerely wanted to give Jayden to Audrey. It was just that the idea was hard to realize.

At the thought that she had slept with Jayden, Silvia felt very upset. “Audrey, let me ask you. Do you think that I am a bad person?”

Audrey glanced at her. “Why are you asking this all of a sudden?”

Silvia took two small sips of the iced lemon tea and said gloomily, “I have

someone I like obviously, yet I slept with another man… Most importantly, I even “You’re not a bad woman, you’re just a promiscuous playgirl and you’re

enjoyed it!”

greedy, Audrey’s tongue was vicious. She never held back when commenting

about Silvia!

Silvia glared at her. “I must have been blind. Why did I become friend with a woman like you?”

“I’m curious, too, said Audrey. “How did I end up making friend with a woman

like you? Women used to stay away from me. “You’re so sharp-tongued. That’s why you don’t have friends” Silvia teased her.

However, Silvia was still depressed. “Waiter, do you have any wine here?”

Not waiting for the waiter to answer, Audrey nudged Silvia and said, “Why would you need wine? Let me, the love guru, analyze your mental state right now.

Silvia rolled her eyes at Audrey and said, “You? A love guru? You don’t look like

one no matter how I look at you. Otherwise, you wouldn’t get the complaint

from Jayden when you gave him your card”

Audrey was so angry she roared, “Silvia, do you hate me that much? Let’s not

mention about this incident ever again in the future, okay?”

When the people around started to look over at them, Silvia patted Audrey’s hand quickly and said, “Hey, lower your voice. You don’t want the whole world to know that you were once rejected by a man.”

Audrey was at a loss for words. She decided she would not be the

backstabbing Silvia’s friend anymore!

Audrey took a deep breath and tried very hard to calm down. She felt that she could not let Silvia bully her anymore. She wanted to know Silvia’s weaknesses so that she could attack Silvia in the future. She wanted Silvia to experience the feeling of being hurt.

*Do you still want me to analyze your situation for you?” said Audrey.

Silvia didn’t have many female friends. The only person who could help her out was Audrey. Therefore, Silvia decided to listen to her even though she couldn’t decide whether to believe Audrey or not. Silvia replied, “Then please tell me.”

Audrey cleared her throat, sat up straight, and put on a serious look. “Let me tell you this, I think you have feelings for Jayden. No, it’s more than that, I think you like him a lot.”

“Audrey, don’t talk nonsense. I would rather fancy a dog than him.” Yes, it was

Impossible. How could Silvia like Jayden? She hated him to the core. It was impossible for her to like him!

“It’s okay if you don’t like him. Why are you so anxious?” Audrey smiled knowingly, Audrey’s expression showed that she had seen through Silvia. “Silvia, the more anxious you are in denying it, the more it proves that you have feelings for him.”

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