My Husband Warm the Bed- 1105


That a**hole Jayden was threatening her again. Did he think that Silvia would be afraid of him?!

Silvia quickly got out of bed and locked her bedroom door. Then, she pushed the armchair in her room towards the door and propped it against the door. She was confident that Jayden couldn’t do anything to her!

Silvia clapped her hands complacently but little did she know that as soon as

she turned around, she would realize that someone was already in her room. To

be more precise, there was a man on her bed.

The man only had a towel wrapped around his body as he sat on her bed with a book in his hand.

“You. How did you come in? Did Jayden have teleportation skills? Silvia certainly had closed the door, so how did he come in?

Jayden’s gaze was on the book in his hand, but his finger was pointed at the


Fck!” This shameless man actually came in through the balcony. It was Silvia’s own fault for overlooking that spot.

“Are you not going to bed yet?” He was still reading the book in his hand and did not even take a glance at her, but he knew that she was standing still there, not moving an inch.

“Get out!” She did not want to get too close to him nor did she want to have anything else beyond their current relationship. Silvia had to remind herself at all times that she must not let Jayden influence her!

Upon hearing her words, Jayden finally put down the book in his hand and

squinted at her. “Are you challenging my patience, little girl?

Who was he calling a little girl? And since when was she challenging his patience?

She just didn’t want to see him and be with him, and didn’t want him to influence her. She then said, “If you don’t want to leave, I’ll go then. Is that fair enough? Young Master Kyle!

“Come here!” Jayden ordered.

His low voice succeeded in stopping Silvia from stepping out of the room. D*mn it, this man gave out such a powerful aura that she did not dare to go against him at all

“All you know is to threaten women!” Silvia reluctantly walked to the other side of the bed and lay down on it. I’m going to bed now. Do you think that I’ll be afraid of you?

As soon as she lay down, Jayden reached out to hug her. Silvia slapped his hand and said, “What are you trying to do?”

“Sleep, of course!” Habits were indeed a terrifying thing. Although they had not been together for a long time, Jayden was already used to sleeping with her in his arms. Without her in his arms, he would somehow feel like something was missing and he would not be able to fall asleep.

Silvia rolled over to the side of the bed and said, “Why are you hugging me


*Come closer!” He was ordering her again. Silvia wanted to ignore him, so she closed her eyes and pretended that she didn’t hear him. However, in the next second, Jayden reached out his large hands and pulled her into his arms.

*You’re hugging me too tightly. It’s uncomfortable. She wriggled and tried to break away from him, but in the next second, he hugged her even tighter and rolled her over, making her lie on top of him.

He said, “We’ll sleep like this then

Silvia was speechless.

He wasn’t wearing anything, and there was only a bath towel covering his body. Now that she was lying on top of him, she could even feel the sound of blood flowing in his body. Did he really think that she could sleep well in such a


He stroked her head gently and said, “Be a good girl and don’t move. Otherwise, you’ll be late for school again.

Silvia punched him. “You’re so shameless!”

Since she had scolded him for being shameless, Jayden should uphold the notoriety that she had accused him, shouldn’t he? Otherwise, wouldn’t he be scolded for nothing? Therefore, Jayden got down to business and did those shameless things to her again, until Silvia was completely exhausted.

As expected, Silvia was late to school again.

After Alina was expelled, no one dared to find any fault with Silvia anymore. Without having to deal with such distractions, Silvia had started to pay more attention to her studies. In just a month, her grades had improved tremendously.

However, compared to her improvement in her studies, Silvia was more excited about something else. The one-month ban that Jayden had imposed finally came to an end. Did that mean that she could eat meat now?

Jayden came to pick her up from school that day. Silvia sat in the passenger seat and was ecstatically thinking about some of the restaurants in Madison City. “Young Master Kyle, there is a restaurant nearby which is famous for its roast duck. Why don’t we go there today?”

Seeing that she had performed well for the past month, Jayden nodded with

alacrity and said, “Okay. Let’s go there.”

“Long live Young Master Kyle!” Silvia shouted. At the same time, she leaned over to Jayden and gave him a gentle kiss on the cheek. However, after that kiss, Silvia felt that she had gone overboard, so she looked away awkwardly

and pretended like nothing had happened.

However, Jayden removed his right hand from the steering wheel and grabbed her hand that was on her lap. He squeezed her hand tightly and said, “There will

be a reward if you do something that makes me happy!

Sure enough, Silvia was fooled. She turned her head and looked at him. “What kind of reward?”

“You really want to know?” His smile was a little evil as he spoke.

“Yeah” Silvia nodded.

Jayden then pointed his finger at his face.

The reason why she had kissed him a while ago was because she was too excited about the roast duck, but he was asking her to kiss him again? That was impossible. She would never do that. Therefore, Silvia looked away and said, ” don’t want to know anymore.”

Jayden turned the steering wheel and pulled over. After the car had completely stopped, he unfastened his seat belt and leaned over to her. He then grabbed her into his arms and gave her a long and passionate kiss.

When he had finally let go of her, Silvia glared at him fiercely as she gasped for air. “What are you doing? You’re doing such shameless things to me every day, I’m almost exhausted to death!”

Whenever it was time for bed, Jayden would hold her in his arms, kiss her and even bite her. Had he not gotten enough of those? Was he not afraid that the traffic police might pull him over for committing public indecency?

“I remember that you enjoyed it too!” They were extremely compatible with each other in their s*x life, as if they were born for each other. Under Jayden’s guidance. Silvia was slowly becoming an outstanding young lady, so much so that he had thought of hiding her from the world selfishly.

Silvia was at a loss for words.

It was alright that he remembered it, but why did Jayden have to say it out loud?

Silvia was a girl, and she would feel embarrassed!

The roast duck shop was a famous restaurant in Madison City, which had been around for more than a century. In the past, Silvia would often come here with Reagan and Lemur. It was the first time that she had brought someone else here.

The shop was small in size, but it was crowded with customers. Therefore, it was evident that if a restaurant had good dishes, good service and abided to the hygiene standards, there would surely be customers.

Silvia used to eat there often. The owner recognized Silvia as a regular customer, but due to the large crowds of patrons, Silvia was yet to befriend the owner personally. Hence, she was yet to get free meals at the restaurant!

Seeing that there were two vacant seats, Silvia quickly pulled Jayden over and said, “Why are you just standing there? If we moved any slower, our seats would have already been taken away by the people behind us.”

Jayden really couldn’t understand what these people were thinking. The restaurant had no air conditioning, but it was still crowded in such hot weather. There was even a long line waiting outside of the shop.

Silvia was excited when she thought about the roast duck that she would be eating in no time. She picked up the menu and ordered two portions of the signature roast duck.

Silvia ordered two portions. She wanted to have one there and the other to go. When Jayden heard that she had ordered two portions, he frowned and asked, “Are you really that hungry?”

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