My Husband Warm the Bed- 1106

“You know that I haven’t eaten any meat for a whole month. How can I not be hungry? That afternoon, Silvia did not have her lunch so that she could eat more roast duck. She had intentionally kept her stomach empty for this very meal.

After ordering the roast duck, Silvia handed the menu over to Jayden and said, “Have a look and see if there’s anything else that you want to eat. I’m not exaggerating this but the roast duck here is amazing. I can guarantee that you’ll remember it for the rest of your life.”

Seeing that she was so excited, Jayden did not want to disappoint her. He picked up the menu and ended up ordering a plate of salad.

“What a stingy man! You’re filthy rich do you think that you will go broke treating me to this meal?!” She had never seen someone so stingy like him who would only order a plate of salad while treating someone else to a meal.

Jayden answered calmly, “Do you not know how much you could put away? I’m actually worried that I might go broke.

After hearing what Jayden had said, Silvia rolled her eyes at him and criticized, “You’re so stingy! No wonder you could not find a girl who likes you and wants to marry you!”

“My dear wife, quit the nonsense already, alright? Hurry up and eat your food. We’ll go home after this!” Jayden was deliberately provoking her. As expected, Silvia was so angry that she gnashed her teeth and said, “Shut up! I’m not your wife”

Jayden said, “I will only treat my wife to a meal.

Silvia said, “You’re full of nonsense!”

The aromatic roast duck was finally being served on the table. Looking at the scrumptious looking duck, Silvia was no longer in the mood to pay any attention to Jayden. She grabbed one of the drumsticks and took a huge bite of



She had been waiting for this very moment for a long time. With just one bite into it, Silvia was already on top of the world, “Oh my god. It’s so f*cking good!” Looking at her greasy lips, Jayden frowned in disgust and picked up a piece of

tissue to wipe her mouth. “Do you know how ugly you look right now? *So what? It was none of his business that she was looking ugly anyway. If he was disgusted by her, he could just get lost couldn’t he? She would be more than happy to have that meal all by herself.

Although he was disgusted by her way of eating, he was still reluctant to leave her alone at the restaurant. Therefore, as she continued to eat, he would wipe off the grease on her lips from time to time.

After gorging on the roast duck, Silvia let out a satisfied belch. Then, she noticed that Jayden had not eaten anything, so she asked, “Why aren’t you eating?

“I feel full from watching you eat. He said. In fact, he was not disgusted by the

way she was eating at all. He was enjoying watching her eat. Jayden, you don’t like this place, don’t you?” Silvia put a piece of the roast duck onto his plate. This place is small, but you can see that it’s clean, so you don’t have to worry. Try this and you’ll get what I mean.”

Jayden really did not like greasy food at all. On top of that, the weather was hot and it was uncomfortable to eat in such a small space without air conditioning. However, he still picked up the roast duck Silvia had put on his plate and ate it. This was the first time Silvia had offered him something to eat, so he had no reason not to eat it,

As she watched him eat, Silvia leaned over to him and her beautiful face was right in front of his eyes, “How is it? Is it good? I wasn’t exaggerating about it, right?”

In fact, Jayden thought that there was nothing special about the roast duck, but seeing that she was so eager to get his approval, Jayden still nodded and said, “Yeah, it’s quite good!

As soon as he said that, Silvia’s smile became brighter. “See, I wasn’t lying, wasn’t 1? Well, you can just let me know what you’re craving for in future, and I’ll take you to the best restaurants in Madison City.”

Although Jayden had eaten all kinds of delicacies around the world, he was still a little excited when he heard that Silvia was going to bring him to all the best restaurants in Madison City. “Okay, I’ll wait for it.

“Hehe, good boy!” Silvia smiled and took another piece of the roast duck for him. Then, she picked up another piece for herself and continued to devour her meal.

Jayden sighed. This silly girl was a real food junkie. She had eaten more than

half of the entire roast duck by herself. It was so greasy that Jayden already felt sick just by looking at it, but Silvia enjoyed it very much

After finishing off her meal, Silvia looked at Jayden and asked, “Are you full?”

Jayden barely ate anything and took care of her throughout the entire meal, but

he said, “Yeah, I’m full:

Silvia waved her hand at the waiter and said, “Can we get the bill please?

The waiter came over with the bill in his hand. “Did you guys enjoy your meal?”

Silvia answered with a loud burp, “Yeah, we enjoyed the meal. It’s very delicious. Please keep up the good work”

The waiter was happy that they enjoyed the meal, so he said happily, “The total

would be 25 dollars please

25 dollars for a meal was not expensive, and many people could afford it. Jayden, who was supposed to treat Silvia, then took out his black card,

Looking at the luxurious looking credit card, the waiter was a little embarrassed. He smiled awkwardly and said, “Sir, I’m sorry but we don’t accept card payment here. Could you please pay by cash instead?”

*There are still shops that don’t accept credit cards?” Jayden was a little upset. He never brought cash along with him all this while, and wherever he went, his assistant would be the one who would settle the bill.

Silvia noticed his embarrassment, so she took out her purse and paid the bill.

When they walked out, she glanced at Jayden and said, “You’re so stingy!”

If he didn’t want to treat her to dinner, he could have just told her, couldn’t he? He had no money to pay for the meal and yet he was still pretending to be rich. What on earth was he trying to do? However, Silvia did not want to see him embarrassing himself, so she did not expose him in front of everyone.

Thanks!” Jayden ignored her contemptuous eyes and sincerely thanked her all of a sudden

“Are you thanking me?” Silvia was surprised. She couldn’t believe that he was actually thanking her.

“Yup!” Jayden nodded and held her hand at the same time. “Thank you for saving me from embarrassment.” In fact, he did not really care if he was going to embarrass himself or not, but her considerate act had indeed touched him.

After enjoying a big meal to her satisfaction and even receiving Jayden’s gratitude, Silvia was over the moon. On the way back home, she was extremely chatty. “Young Master Kyle, it’s still early. Let’s go to the riverside for a walk.”

“Okay.” If she wanted to go, he would go with her.

“Hmm, it’s quite chilly, isn’t it? Let’s just forget about it then. Let’s just go home.”

Silvia had changed her mind in a blink of an eye.

“Okay” Jayden complied to her

“Young Master Kyle, can I ask you something? Who do you think is prettier? Myself or Audrey?” Silvia turned her head and looked at him, “Just tell me, don’t

lie to me

“Of course you’re prettier!” Jayden thought to himself.

In fact, Jayden had long forgotten what Audrey looked like. If it wasn’t because Silvia had mentioned Audrey to Jayden every now and then he wouldn’t have

even remembered that he had actually met such a person,

However, Jayden didn’t want Silvia to be so proud of herself, so he gave her an ambiguous answer, “Who do you think you can compare to with that face of yours?”

“Hey, what’s wrong with my face? You’re the one who’s not good-looking! Your whole family is not good-looking!” She was so happy today, but this man just had to spoil the mood for her. It seemed that she’d better not ask such a question in front of him in the future.

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