My Husband Warm the Bed- 1107

Silvia glared at him and said, “Jayden Elias Kyle, the more I look at you, the uglier you are. You are the ugliest man in the world!”

Jayden chuckled. “You’re so childish!”

It was such a childish game, but he played along with her. After living with Silvia for quite some time, Jayden’s thinking had inadvertently become a little more childish

Silvia pouted her lips and said, “By the way, I’ve got good news to tell you. As

you know, my family house got foreclosed a few months ago. Well, I’ve finally

bought it back, and I can take my mom home tomorrow.”

“Congratulations!” Of course, Jayden knew that Silvia had already bought the house again, as he was the one behind everything after all. On top of that, Silvia would also be receiving better news shortly!

“I don’t have any classes tomorrow so I’m going over to the hospital to bring my mom home.” Silvia finally regained the ownership of the house that was filled with all the beautiful memories of her family, so she was quite emotional about it.

She promised herself that she would study hard and do her best in managing Wateria Corporation. She would also take on the responsibility of taking care of her mother and never let her go through any more suffering.

“Is there anything else I can do for you?” Jayden asked tentatively. They had been together for so long, but Silvia had never asked for his help. At this very moment, he was anticipating that she would ask him to come along with her to the hospital to bring her mother back home.

However, Silvia replied without any hesitation, “No. I don’t need your help.”

Upon hearing her answer. Jayden’s face fell in an instant. From that moment onwards, he no longer uttered a word.

Silvia knew that this man was unpredictable. She did not know what she had done to offend him. Since he ignored her, she would ignore him too. She thought that she would just focus on thinking about the things that would make her happy

For instance, that old fellow, Norman Turner, had finally been convicted, and the shares that her father had left behind for her would be returned to her soon. By

then, she would convene a shareholders’ meeting and appoint someone who she could trust to manage the company.

As for who this person would be, Silvia had a good candidate in mind. It was Uncle Bachman, who had been helping Silvia’s father in the past. However, Norman had kicked Uncle Bachman out of the company because he helped

Silvia out after her father passed away.

However, the only problem was that Uncle Bachman was getting a little long in the tooth. Silvia wasn’t sure if his children would agree to let him come out of his retirement to clean up such a mess for her.

If she couldn’t get Uncle Bachman to help her, Silvia really could not think of anyone else. Wateria Corporation was a private company and she was the majority shareholder. The shareholders’ meeting was in fact just a platform for her to make an official announcement

Silvia was extremely distressed thinking that she would have to undertake such a heavy responsibility all by herself in the future. She was worried that if she couldn’t do it well, she would drag all her employees down with her.

Silvia let out a discreet sigh and looked out of the window while in a daze. If only they were still around, I wouldn’t feel so helpless and lonely… her heart muttered.

Jayden took a glance at Silvia through the corner of his eye. This woman’s attention was not on him at all. Did she not realize that he was angry?

All she could ever think of using her tiny brain was food and her… Well, she certainly could not notice that he was angry Because he was angry at Silvia, Jayden stepped on the accelerator and the car

sped up in an instant. He was driving so fast that they arrived at the villa in a


As soon as the car arrived, Jayden got out of the car and left without helping Silvia open the car door chivalrously as he did a few days ago.

Silvia was used to Jayden’s unpredictable temperament. Seeing that he didn’t open the car door for her, she opened it herself and got out of the car. It was September now, and the weather was chilly at night. After getting off the

car, the gentle evening breeze blew against Silvia’s body, making her mood a

little more pleasant

Silvia ate a lot during dinner, so she could feel that her stomach was a little bloated. Therefore, instead of going into the house, she had decided to take a walk in the yard to enjoy the evening breeze and stop thinking about that

annoying Jayden.

The landscaping in the yard was very impressive. Other than a diverse of greeneries, there was also a bed of blooming roses. They were of different colors, from red to pink, and even white and yellow.

Just next to the bed of flowers was another villa. That was the place Silvia had lived in when Jayden had first purchased her. During her days in that villa, she had constantly felt despair.

For a while now, Silvia would observe the second villa in secret, but she did not notice anyone entering or exiting it. Therefore, she was certain that Jayden’s parents did not live there,

There were many rumors about Mr. Kyle that were circling around Madison City, and Silvia was curious about him too. She had even asked Auntie Cherry and the others about it, but they were all under Jayden’s tyrannic training, so they were all tight-lipped and did not give Silvia any useful information at all

“Miss Turner, it’s chilly at night. Be careful, don’t catch a cold.” Auntie Cherry brought a thin Jacket over with her and draped on Silvia’s shoulders. “What are you thinking about?”

Thanks, Auntie Cherry!” Silvia smiled and said, “Has that house been empty all

this while?

“Yes.” Auntie Cherry nodded. However, Auntie Cherry did not tell Silvia that Silvia was the only one who had ever lived in that house. Even their master, Jayden had not lived in it.

Silvia said in distress, “It’s such a waste to buy such a big house and leave it empty. Isn’t it better to sell it and get money out of it?”

Auntie Cherry said, “Well, the sum of money is insignificant to Master Jayden.” Silvia was convinced. “Well, that’s true. Jayden only knows how to spend his father’s wealth, so why would he care about money, right?”

“Miss Turner, you must be kidding!” Auntie Cherry smiled. However, she did not say anything that she shouldn’t have said. Otherwise, Auntie Cherry might be fired just like Simon had been!

“By the way, Auntie Cherry, have you met Jayden’s mother before?’ To be

honest, Silvia was really curious about Jayden’s mother.

Silvia wanted to know what kind of woman his mother was. She wanted to know how his mother could be so bold to marry a man whom she had only met twice and lived a peaceful and blissful life ever since.

However, Auntie Cherry did not know anything about Jayden’s family at all, so she said, “Miss Turner, do you want to go back to your room and have a rest instead?”

Auntie Cherry didn’t know anything, so Silvia couldn’t get anything out of her at all. Besides, it was quite boring to stay out in the yard by herself, so it would be better for Silvia to get back to her room and rest up for the next day

However, the moment she was in her bedroom, Silvia felt that the room was terribly quiet without Jayden’s constant nagging. She had already gotten used to him being by her side, so now that he was not here, she was starting to feel a little down.

Nonetheless, she had a clear mind on her relationship with Jayden and what she really wanted in life. Therefore, she would make sure that she would not mess everything up and eventually lose track of herself.


All of a sudden, Silvia felt nauseated and thought that she was going to puke.

She rushed to the bathroom and grabbed on to the toilet bowl as she tried to vomit. However, nothing came out of her and the nauseous feeling did not disappear at all.

Silvia had always had a healthy gut and she would not suffer from any indigestion or whatsoever no matter what she ate. It was her very first time experiencing it, so she was rather depressed.

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