My Husband Warm the Bed- 1108

Could it be that she hadn’t eaten meat for a long time, and so her stomach had gotten used to bland food? Therefore, she was suffering from indigestion after wolfing down half a roast duck?


Just as Silvia was thinking about it, she felt nauseous again. She held on to the

toilet bowl but still nothing came out

After a long time had passed, nothing improved. If the situation persists, she probably would not be able to go to bed that night. Therefore, Silvia decided to go to the kitchen to get some water and ask Auntie Cherry if she had any medicine

Silvia came downstairs. Auntie Cherry was still awake, so when she saw Silvia coming downstairs again, she asked hurriedly, “Miss Turner, what can I do for you?

I’m having an upset stomach and I feel like vomiting.” Silvia pressed her

stomach, “So, I came down to get some water, maybe I’ll feel better after”

“You’re having an upset stomach and you feel like throwing up?” Auntie Cherry’s jaw dropped. When she thought of a certain possibility, she trembled with excitement. “Miss Turner, do you feel like throwing up but nothing came out?

Silvia’s face was pale and she nodded in distress. “That’s roughly how I feel. Auntie Cherry, do you know what’s going on? If you do, could you please get me some medicine then?

“No, no, no.. Miss Turner, you can’t take medicine” Thinking that there might be a little master in Silvia’s womb, Auntie Cherry was so excited that she could not speak straight. “Miss Turner, please sit down first. I’ll go and get you a cup of Master… Oh, no, I’ll go get the Master here.

“Pour a cup of Master?!” Silvia wanted to laugh, but the moment she laughed she would feel nauseous again. It felt so awful that Silvia frowned as she said, “Auntie Cherry, don’t pour me a cup of Master, just get me some water, that would do.”

“Okay, okay.” Auntie Cherry quickly poured a glass of water for Silvia and handed it to her. Then, she helped Silvia to sit down on the chair and said, “Miss Turner, please stay here. I’ll go get the Master”

“He’s having his mood swings again. You’d better don’t provoke him. Silvia did not want to see Jayden’s stinky face when she was not feeling well.

“Miss Turner, it could be because you’re pregnant that you’re nauseated. How

could the Master not know about this?’ After that, Auntie Cherry turned around and ran upstairs, leaving Silvia’s brain buzzing in confusion.


She’s pregnant?

What on earth?!

That’s impossible! It’s absolutely impossible!

It would take at least a month or two for a pregnant woman to feel the symptoms, wouldn’t it? A month ago, Jayden had given Silvia morning after pills after their romantic nights, and during the subsequent times, they had taken used condoms too! Could Jayden’s sperm be so indestructible?!

Even condoms and contraceptive pills were ineffective?!

Silvia’s mind was swirling with thoughts and figures of people… She had never thought that she would be pregnant with Jayden’s child.

She raised her hand and gently placed it on her belly. If there was really a new life in here, should she keep it or should she give it up?

She should…

Just as Silvia was still immersed in her thought, Jayden came to her side and

held her in his arms. Where do you feel unwell?”

His handsome face was right before her eyes. His eyes were gleaming and his brows were thick and well-groomed. He looked extremely charming, but at this moment, there was a worried look on his face. It seemed like he was not angry at her anymore, and he was genuinely concerned about her

Silvia, I’m talking to you! Why are you not responding?”

He was obviously worried about her, but he was still being so fierce to her. Couldn’t he be a little more gentle when he spoke to her?!

Silvia frowned. “I just dont feel good all over and I feel like I’m going to die. Are you satisfied with this answer?’

Moments ago, she was already feeling a little better. However, after getting yelled at, Silvia could feel that her entire body did not feel good and she was so annoyed that she wanted to beat Jayden up

If she was really pregnant, she would have to carry the baby for nine months.

Not only would she have difficulties moving around, but she also would not look as beautiful as she did. D*mn it. Silvia was angry at the thought of it. Why couldn’t men be the ones to

bear children?!

A man would enjoy a brief moment of pleasure but the woman would have to carry a child in her womb! After giving birth, it would also be the woman who would have to take care of the child for the rest of her life.

The more Silvia thought about it, the more aggrieved she felt as if she were a woman who endured a lifetime of suffering. She punched Jayden with her fist and scolded, “It’s all your fault, you b*stard!”

Jayden held her in his arms and said, “Don’t be afraid. I’ll take you to the hospital now to do a check up.”

“I’m not going!” Silvia pushed him away. “I’m not going, and I mean it! Don’t

provoke me!

“Be a good girl!” Jayden stroked her head, as if he was petting his pet “Let’s go

to the hospital and get a check up done.

Silvia was not ready to be a mother. She was feeling helpless, therefore all the

anger that was welling up in her could only be vented at this culprit. “I said, I’m

not going. Which part of that sentence do you not understand?

“Listen to me!” She was ill. so Jayden couldn’t let her do whatever she wanted. He carried her into his arms and got into the car.

Jayden, you b*stard!” If she were really pregnant, she would not let him off the hook.

“Don’t be afraid! Everything will be okay?” He held her in his arms and comforted her patiently, hoping that she could calm down.

Silvia, who had already lost her mind at the moment, did not hear any of his words. She thought that this was a conspiracy that Jayden had plotted against her. “You just want to ruin my life! You must be very happy to see me in such a state”

No matter what he said, she just had the ability to twist his words. Eventually, Jayden stopped talking and held her tightly in his arms.

In the hospital.

When Jayden arrived with Silvia, a group of doctors was already waiting for them. The entire scene was very imposing as if a grand battle was about to


Jayden carried Silvia in his arms and got out of the car. He gently placed Silvia on the bed and said, “Silvia, don’t worry. I’ll be here with you.”

Then, a specialist did a checkup on Silvia and soon found out the cause of her illness, Silvia was not pregnant like what Auntie Cherry had suspected. In fact, she was nauseated because she was suffering from acute gastritis which was caused by overeating.

“I’m not pregnant? Silvia asked. She glanced at Jayden covertly and was a little nervous. Sh*t, she was so fierce to him and even hit him. Now that she wasn’t pregnant, he would definitely get back at her, wouldn’t he?

At the thought of him getting back at her, Silvia suddenly felt a jabbing pain in her neck. She shrank her neck and wished that she could turn into a tortoise so that she could hide in her shell.

However, it seemed like Jayden was not angry or whatsoever. He continued to

hold her hand tightly and said to the doctor, “No matter what the problem is,

you must cure her illness.”

The doctor said, “Miss Turner’s condition is not too serious. I’ll prescribe her some medicine first, and before she finishes her whole prescription, please make sure that she practices a light diet.”

A light diet?

F*ck, they had to be kidding! Silvia had been refraining herself from greasy food for an entire month. Now that she could finally eat meat, she had to go back to a light diet again?

At that instant, Silvia thought of Jayden and glared at him furiously. “Jayden, tell me honestly, did you bribe this doctor?”

Jayden did have the ability to bribe a doctor, but he was so worried about her a while ago that he couldn’t care about anything else. He really did not orchestrate the matter.

He said helplessly, “Calm yourself down and listen to the doctor’s advice!”

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