My Husband Warm the Bed- 1109

*I’m not listening to you.” Silvia was furious. She had just come out of a rut and now she had fallen into another rut that this man had dug for her.

“Miss Turner, your condition is not yet stable. Please don’t get too agitated, or your illness might worsen!” the doctor decided to help Jayden out of his predicament.

Silvia behaved unreasonably in front of Jayden, but she was an obedient child in front of the doctor. The moment the doctor asked her to calm down, she immediately stopped making a fuss but continued to look at Jayden plaintively. No matter what, it was still all his fault.

After collecting the prescribed medicine, Jayden fed them to Silvia personally. Then, he asked Silvia to lie down on the bed and said, “The doctor said that you have to stay at the hospital for one night for observation, so we’ll spend the night here.”

“Humph.” Even though she was only suffering from gastritis, he was the one who caused it. If he hadn’t stopped her from eating meat, would she have overeaten and ended up like this?

Jayden rubbed her head gently and said helplessly. “If you don’t feel like talking, then don’t. It’s getting late now, you should go to sleep already.”

“Hmph. Silvia turned her back on him.

Looking at her back, Jayden thought of the situation when he first heard that she might be pregnant.

When Auntie Cherry told him that Silvia might be pregnant, Jayden fell into a trance at that instant. But in the next second, a wave of unparalleled excitement engulfed him.

He wanted a child. A child born to Silvia and himself, that would look like either one of them.

However, she wasn’t pregnant.

The moment he heard that Silvia was not pregnant, Jayden was disappointed. It felt as if his fundamental bargaining chip had slipped through his fingers.


But to think of it, it sounded rather ridiculous, didn’t it? What was he afraid of?

No one could ever change the fact that Silvia was now his wife. It was not like she could grow a pair of wings and fly away from him, right?

Needless to say, even if she could grow a pair of wings, he would never let her

fly away from him

Jayden sat beside Silvia. Since she didn’t want to talk to him, he kept himself


Silvia rolled over towards him and pretended to be pitiful. “Jayden, let me tell

you, I’m now an ill patient, so you should let me win. You mustn’t bully me.

A while ago, she was so angry that she ended up hitting and biting him. Jayden was someone who would hold on to grudges, so she was worried that he would get back at her.

However, when Jayden heard what she had just said, he knew that she was thinking about some trivial matters again,

He then said helplessly, “Don’t think about it already. Just go to sleep now,


Before receiving his assurance, Silvia could never fall asleep peacefully. She thought that he would strangle her to death once she had fallen asleep.

She held his hand and said softly, “Promise me that you won’t bully me, okay? Or else I can’t fall asleep.”

Jayden didn’t know what to do with her so he nodded and said, “Okay, I promise

you. You’re a patient now, so you’re the boss, I’ll listen to whatever you say,


Silvia quickly reached out her hand and said, “Pinky swear!”

Jayden did not say anything when he saw her behaving so childishly. He immediately stretched out his hand and hooked his pinky finger on hers as he said, “Alright, let’s stop talking now. You should go to sleep already.”

“Okay, I’m going to sleep now. You should get some rest too.” Now that Silvia did not have to worry that Jayden would get back at her, she calmed down and fell asleep in a wink.


Suddenly, a familiar male voice sounded in her ears. Silvia looked in the

direction of the voice, but she could not see anyone. “Felix?” Silvia called out “Felix, is that you? Are you looking for me?” Silvia looked around, but there was nothing around her. Did she hear it wrongly?

Just as Silvia was feeling puzzled, the familiar voice sounded behind her again, “Silvia, can’t you even recognize my voice?

Silvia quickly turned around in search of the voice. This time, she didn’t have to

look for him anymore. He was standing right behind her.

However, Felix looked different, he did not look like how Silvia had remembered

him. The smile, that was warmer than the sunshine, was nowhere to be found. Instead, his face was so cold that it could make one shiver.

Silvia was skeptical about the man who was standing before her. This man

might not be her Felix. “Felix.”

“You still remember that I am your Felix, huh?” He narrowed his eyes and his

whole body looked like it was covered with a thick layer of mist.

“Of course I do, but…” But he was no longer the Felix that she knew. He looked scary and as he stared at her, Silvia couldn’t help but feel anxious.

“But what?” He stepped forward and said with a smile However, the smile was extremely frightening. “Silvia, tell me, what is it?”

Felix was clearly smiling, but his smile did not feel genuine at all. “Felix, I.”

“Since you don’t want to say it, then let me do the talking.” He smiled and his tone changed in an instant. “Silvia, tell me, why did you betray me?”

“I didn’t… Silvia shook her head. She wanted to say that she didn’t betray him, but she couldn’t.

Felix was right. She did betray their relationship. It was only a few months since he had left her, but she had already gotten together with another man.

“Why aren’t you saying anything? Are you admitting that you’ve betrayed me?” Felix was getting closer to her. He lowered his gaze and stopped at her flat belly. “I’ve always regarded you as my treasure and when I was with you, I would always be so gentle to you, in fear that I would hurt you… but what have you done in return? You’ve slept with another man behind my back. How could you

be so shameless? How could you get pregnant with another man’s child?”

“I didn’t!” Silvia wasn’t pregnant. She really wasn’t. Just as Silvia was denying it, her belly slowly rose into a tiny baby bump.

“You’re not pregnant?” Felix pointed at her protruding belly and said. “Just look

at your belly. Are you still not admitting to it? Do you think I’m blind?”

“No, it’s not like that… Felix, please listen to me… Silvia wanted to explain, but there was no way to explain it. She was already pregnant, how else could she explain for herself?

“Didn’t you want me to listen to you? Then explain it to me now. I’ll listen.” Felix approached her and reached out his large palm to touch her bulging belly. “Tell me, where did this illegitimate b*stard in your belly come from?

The phrase “bstard’ sounded extremely harsh as if it was piercing into her eardrums. She slapped his large palm off her belly and said, “He is not a bstard, he is my child.” No doubt, it was strange that this child had appeared out of nowhere, but since

she was his mother, Silvia felt that she had the responsibility to protect him. No

one had the right to criticize him.

Felix reached out his hand and touched her belly again, “You can only bear my child. Since you are not pregnant with my child, then he is a b*stard!”

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