My Husband Warm the Bed- 1110

No, that’s not it. He’s not a bstard… He is….”

“Who is he?”

“He is the child I have with my husband. He came to this world within a legal

marriage, so he should be blessed, and not be questioned or criticized by anyone.” Silvia said these words confidently. She was protecting her child, but indirectly, she was admitting that she was Jayden’s wife.

“A child you have with your husband?” Upon hearing this, Felix’s face fell. His

face became so ferocious that Silvia felt as if she had never really known him. Then, he grabbed on to her wrist and questioned her in a stern voice, Silvia, since when do you have a husband?

Silvia answered him loudly, “I got married after you left..

Felix grabbed her shoulders and shook “Silvia, only person that you can marry is me, only me! Why did you betray me and marry another man? Why did you betray our relationship? Do you know that I’ve been waiting for you?”

Felix’s grip on Silvia’s shoulders was so tight that he was already hurting her. Silvia wanted to break free from him, but she couldn’t. Therefore, she could only apologize to him, “I’m sorry! Felix, I’m sorry…

Yes, she had betrayed him. Not only did she sleep with another man after he had left, but she was also even pregnant with that man’s child.

However, it turned out that…

Silvia didn’t want to think too deeply into it because she knew that thought that was hidden deep in her heart was too terrifying. She knew that she would not be able to bear it, so she would rather continue to live her life ignorantly “Silvia, you’ve promised me that you would be my bride. How can you break that

promise?” Felix’s voice sounded again, and it was no longer as gentle as it used

to be. Instead, it was full of deep reproach and agony.

“Felix, please forget about me. I’m not a good girl, and I’m not worthy of your love. You should find a better girl than me.” Silvia’s words were heart-wrenching. She had never thought that they would end up in separate ways.

Moreover, Silvia understood clearly that this was just an excuse that she had found for herself. She was just too ashamed of her betrayal towards their relationship that she was looking for an excuse to free herself.

He laughed hysterically and said, “Forget you? Do you think that I’m you? Do you think that I can forget someone so easily like how you had forgotten about me?”

“Felix, I’m sorry! I’m sorry… Silvia was not trying to ask for his forgiveness. She only hoped that he could live a good life and find a girl who was worthy of his love

On the other hand, Jayden who was sitting next to Silvia realized that she wasn’t sleeping very soundly. She looked like she was having a nightmare. Thus, Jayden tried to wake her up. “Silvia, wake up! Wake up!”

However, not only did she not wake up, tears were starting to slide down from the corner of her eyes. “I’m sorry, Felix! I’m really sorry! I didn’t do it on purpose. I had no choice but to do that…”

Jayden was utterly disappointed as he heard what Silvia had said in her dreams. This d*mned woman, he was the one who was accompanying her, and yet she was calling out another man’s name so brazenly.

Jayden clenched his fists and wished that he could just strangle her to death. However, when he saw her tears, his chest tightened. It was so painful that he

was gasping for air.

He shook her again. “Wake up!”

Finally, under Jayden’s constant shake, Silvia opened her eyes in a daze. When she saw the person in front of her was him, her eyes were full of surprise and disappointment. Eventually, her eyes became so calm, as if nothing had happened a while ago.

“What did you dream of?” He clearly knew what she was dreaming about, but he still wanted to ask. He knew clearly that her answer would upset him, but he just couldn’t refrain himself from asking her. Perhaps, he was hoping that she

would tell him the truth.

“It’s nothing much” Silvia responded softly and shut her eyes steadily, so that he could not see what she was thinking through her eyes.

“Nothing much?” Jayden asked in a somber voice.

While she was sleep- talking, Jayden had discerned a terribly cruel message from her words. Silvia was still missing Felix and she did not want to bear a child for Jayden

Jayden was furious. “You really don’t plan to tell me anything about it?” He did not want to continue to pretend like he was ignorant about everything.

He wanted to uproot the man who had been living in her heart, without leaving “It’s just a nightmare. There’s nothing much to say about it” Silvia rolled over

even a strand of hair behind.

and turned her back on him, indicating that she did not want to talk to him

about it.

Silvia, who am I to you?” Jayden gritted his teeth and asked. At the same time, he was clenching his fists so tightly that his joints were starting to click

“Who are you to me?” She smiled and said feebly, “What else could you be? Well, I would say that you’re my sugar daddy, aren’t you?”

Silvia was constantly reminding herself that she was someone who Jayden had bought over with money, and that he was just her sugar daddy. This was what he was to her, and no more than that. They must not have anything beyond this transactional relationship that they had at this point…

You… Every single word that came through her lips was like a sharp knife, piercing into his heart over and over again. It was so painful that he could feel blood was dripping from his heart.

“Young Master Kyle, I’ve been by your side for more than a month, haven’t I? The number of times that I’ve slept with you throughout this period is probably enough to pay off the money that you’ve spent on me, isn’t it?” These words were cruel, but Silvia had no choice but to say it out loud so that she could remind herself of her true identity. She must not lose herself just because he

was nice to her

“You’re courting death, Silvia Turner!” His eyes were bloodshot and bulging veins had appeared on his forehead, making him look like a wild beast that was about to go mad.

If all of these happened during the normal times, Silvia would definitely compromise with Jayden in order to protect herself. However, she did not look at him that day nor did she want to leave any more fantasy for herself. “Whenever I think about it. I would think that it would be rather blissful to die in your hands.”

“Okay, okay, oka.” Jayden sald okay three times in a row. If he continued to stay there, he might really crush Silvia to death. Therefore, before he could do such an irreparable thing to her, Jayden got up and left the room.

As soon as Jayden left, the tension in the room disappeared in an instant. Silvia opened her eyes slowly and looked at the door. Jayden. I have a man who I like. Our relationship was a mistake from the very beginning. Since it was a

mistake, we should end it early But why must you be so persistent about this? What good would it be for the two of us?”

It seemed like Silvia had never understood what Jayden, this unpredictable

man, was thinking all these while. Perhaps, it was like what he had said before,

as long as he was happy, there was no need for any reasons.

Jayden was a person who would do things according to his mood. As long as he was happy, he might do things without logic or certain reasons.

At the thought of it, Silvia broke into a gentle laugh. In fact, it was not too bad to live life like he did. He never had to care about what the others would think about him and he could just live the way he wanted to

In the past, Silvia was like this too. Having two solid backings to back her up, she would only do things according to her mood and she had never cared about how the others would think about her.

However, everything had changed. She had lost her greatest sources of support, and she would have to take on everything by herself ever since. She could no longer live her life as she liked.

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