My Husband Warm the Bed- 1111

As the night went on, Silvia, who was lying on the hospital bed, could not fall asleep at all. Her stomach was still aching, and it hurt so much that her forehead broke out in cold sweat.

She thought that this might be God’s punishment.

If it was really the case, she was willing to go through it.

She had betrayed her true love after all. She was the one who had let down the

man who loved her so much.

Sometimes, Silvia would wonder… If her father had not been killed, would Felix still disappear? Would she still have been sold to the black market by Norman? Would she still meet Jayden in this life?

However, there were no ifs or buts. Everything had happened, and her life trajectory was already on a different path. There was no way that would be able to return to how things originally were.

It didn’t matter who Jayden was or whether she could afford to provoke him, he had already left an indelible trace in her life.

Even if she did not want to have anything to do with him, there was nothing she could do to change it.

No matter what, Jayden was still legally her husband.

While Silvia was still immersed in her thoughts, Jayden, who was in the corridor, was smoking one cigarette after another. Within a short period of time, there were already quite a number of cigarette butts piling up in the cigarette tray next to him

However, he did not stop and continued to smoke one cigarette after another. About an hour later, a nurse who was passing by saw him and said, “Sir, do you not know that you’re not supposed to smoke in the hospital premises?”

However, before she could finish reprimanding him, Jayden was already staring at her with his fierce eyes. At that instant, the nurse was so startled that she quickly turned around and ran away. But after a few steps in, a cold voice sounded behind her, “Stop there!

The nurse was so scared that she almost cried. “Sir, I didn’t see anything. You can continue smoking your cigarette and forget what I’ve just said to you.”

Jayden threw the cigarette in the ashtray, putting it out. Then he said, “Go take a

look at the patient in ward 901. See if she needs anything.”

Okay, I’ll go right away” If he wanted her to check on the patient, he could have just sald so. Why did he have to talk so coldly? She was almost scared to death.

But before the nurse could push open the door, the man spoke again, “Don’t make too much noise. Make sure you don’t disturb her sleep.”

“Yes, yes, yes… The nurse stammered. With such a haughty person standing

right at the door, she would never have the guts to make any noises even if she

was given a hundred lives.

After the nurse had entered the ward, Jayden’s gaze was fixed on the door. Then, the moment the nurse had come out, he asked, “Is she asleep?”

The nurse stammered, “She’s… she’s asleep. Her body temperature is normal

and her condition is stable. She should be fine.”

However, Jayden fell silent. The nurse was trembling with fear and she did not know whether she could leave or not. After waiting for a long time, she ventured to ask, “Sir, can I leave now?”

Jayden did not utter a word. The nurse stood in front of him and wanted to slip away, but she did not dare to do so. She waited for a long time, and the man finally spoke, “Go get someone to clean up this place.”

“Yes, yes, yes…” After receiving the order, the nurse turned around and ran away like a gust of wind.

For a whole night, Jayden, who left in anger, did not return to the ward at all. Silvia, on the other hand, was not sleeping very peacefully, she was having weird dreams throughout the night.

It was finally morning and those strange dreams had stopped bothering her. Just as she was starting to sleep more soundly, she could hear Reagan and Lemur’s twittering voice, “Boss, are you sick?”

“Can’t you tell that I’m sick?” Silvia opened her eyes slowly and gave Reagan and Lemur a fierce look.

“It’s not that we can’t tell that you’re sick. We just can’t believe it. You had such a healthy body all these while but why did you fall sick all of a sudden?” They had known Silvia for many years so they all knew how healthy Silvia was

despite her skinny stature, For as long as Reagan and Lemur had known Silvia, they had never seen her

taking any sort of medication. Therefore, they had never expected that she would even get admitted into the hospital. It seemed like she must be seriously

“It’s just a mild gastritis. It’s nothing to be worried about.” Silvia sat up and instinctively looked at the door. She didn’t see Jayden, so she asked, “How did you guys know I’m here?”

*The doctor informed us. Reagan looked around. “Boss, aren’t you dating Young Master Kyle? Did he not come to see you now that you’re sick?”

“Who said that we are dating? They had seen Jayden picking her up from school every single day and it was the hard fact that they were indeed dating, but since Silvia did not want to admit it, no one could do anything about it.

“Okay, if you say so, Lemur gave Reagan a knowing look, asking him not to piss their boss off.

Their Boss was usually a tyrant who was extremely conceited. Now that she

was sick, they couldn’t afford to provoke her, so it was better to do as she said.

“Hey, all of you are here.” Another person appeared at the door. It was Audrey. She came over and said, “Don’t ask me how I found out. It was Reagan who informed me.”

Reagan scratched his head and giggled. “Boss, you should understand why am I doing this, so please be more considerate of me, okay?”

Reagan wanted to court Audrey, so he had been trying to create opportunities to meet Audrey. He had gone all out that he did not even let go of this opportunity. Audrey said, “Just go to take a look at yourself in the mirror, will you? When I

began my career, you were still a baby in your mother’s arms. So don’t think too

highly of yourself, you’re not my cup of teal”

Audrey had a wicked tongue and it was not something any ordinary person could put up with. This was also the very reason why she was not able to make any true friends all these years.

“Audrey, it’s common to date younger men nowadays. I will try my best to grow into a mature man and I hope that whenever I’m standing beside you, I can match up to you.” Reagan had only hung out with Silvia so he had rarely come into contact with other women. In addition, Audrey was unlike any other

woman. She could be charming and cute at the same time, so it was a piece of cake to attract a young man like Reagan.

“You should keep up with your effort then! Once you can afford a few luxury

villas in Madison City and a limited edition Ferrari, you can come to me again.” Audrey smiled and said, “I only care about money. As long as there is enough money, anyone can take me home.”

A few luxury villas! And a limited edition Ferrari!

With his family background and his own capability, Reagan felt that these were the things that he could never achieve in his entire life. However, for the sake of his dream woman, he was willing to fight for it.

“Audrey, I’ll work hard for it. Please wait for me!” Someone once said that it was important to have a dream because it might really come true if you had worked hard enough

Therefore, Reagan’s greatest dream now was to marry Audrey!

“Okay, go work hard then. I have something to discuss with your Boss.” These men would dare to promise just about anything to chase after a woman. But what would happen afterward? Audrey had witnessed countless things in her life so she had a very realistic understanding of the world. This was the very reason why she would only care about money,

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