My Husband Warm the Bed- 1112

Before dragging Lemur out of the ward, Reagan whispered into Audrey’s ears, “Audrey, please comfort our Boss. As a woman, she’s considered quite pitiful to live like this.”

Come here!” Silvia waved her hand at Reagan. Did he think that just because

she was lying on the hospital bed that she couldn’t beat him up? How dare he humiliate her in her face?

Silvia had always pushed Reagan and Lemur around, so with one look, they knew what she wanted to do. Therefore, they immediately turned around and left the ward. Who would be that stupid to go up to her and let her give them a beating?

After Reagan and Lemur left, Silvia and Audrey were the only ones left in the room Silvia then said, ‘I will be discharged from the hospital soon though. What are you guys doing here?”

“Well, I’m here to keep you company during your discharge. Audrey said.

Silvia said, “Could you please help me get the procedure done then? Also, I have to go over to my mom’s place later to bring her home.”

Audrey said, ‘I came here because I knew that you were going to pick auntie up today. With that strong body of yours, we were never worried about you actually:

Silvia snorted and said, “What about you? Have you found a new job?”

The moment Silvia mentioned job, Audrey’s eyes darkened in an instant. He sighed and said, “I’m still looking for a job. I guess I’ll find one sooner or later.”

Silvia felt a little skeptical, so she asked. “Audrey, you are quite good-looking. and you have the academic qualifications too. How could it be that no company is willing to take you in?”

Audrey shrugged and said, “What else? I’ve offended the most powerful figure in Madison City and when I was being fired, the airline company had made a public announcement about it. No companies would want to get themselves involved in this, so no one would want to hire me.”

If it wasn’t for the fact that she had borne a deep emotion for this city, she might have already left this city right after she was being fired by the airline company.

Audrey was the kind who would never fail to mention about money. She had always said that money is the only thing she cared about and she was never kind with her words. However, after getting along with her. Silvia thought that the two of them really clicked. She learned that one should never judge a book by its cover. In fact, Audrey was a kind person, but she had never wanted to show that side of her to anyone.

Silvia didn’t have many friends, but she cherished the few she had. Since Audrey was in difficulty, she wanted to help her out. “Why don’t you come work for my company?”

“Your company?” Audrey asked with a smile.

Silvia said, “Yeah, it’s the company that my dad had left behind for me. Someone has taken it away, but it will come back to me soon. Also, I will need new employees to run the company with me, so why don’t you come over to help me? The salary is not very high, but it’s still a reasonable price.”

Audrey knocked on Silvia’s head. “Don’t look down on me, little girl. Do you really think that I’m that useless? Let me tell you, I’m actually an alumna of a prestigious university, okay?”

Audrey was a few years older than Silvia so Silvia didn’t mind Audrey calling her a little girl. “Well, if you are that awesome, then you can choose whichever department you like to work in. I’ll give you three months to prove yourself, otherwise I will fire you.”

“The Public Relations Department!” Audrey immediately named a department. It seemed that she did pay some attention to Wateria Corporation. “The PR Department has a lot to do with networking and more importantly, you will need a beautiful woman like me to handle the situation. As long as I am there, I promise that anything that is related to the PR department will be done with perfection. It will not be criticized as it had been previously.”

Audrey was an air stewardess, and it was no doubt that she had a good image. After getting to know her for a month, Silvia realized that she was a capable woman. Therefore, Silvia answered eagerly, That’s a deal then. Once I get back all my shares, I will employ you in the PR Department. Since you are personally hired by the company’s boss, I’m sure that all the employees would respect you.”

Silvia, do you expect me to work hard for you as ordinary employee? If I am going to work for you, it’s going to be the manager of the PR Department.” Audrey was confident that she was qualified for the role of a department manager. In any case she had relevant experience.

Silvia was a little hesitant. But there’s a manager in the PR Department already and he doesn’t work for Norman. So, it would be tricky for me to fire him just

like that”

Audrey continued, “Just look at your PR manager, would you? He doesn’t even have a good image. He’s fat, ugly, and disgusting. When he speaks, how many people would be willing to sit down and listen to him? Just listen to me, fire him, and let me take over.”

Silvia teased, “Why do feel like Wateria Corporation is going to go bankrupt before I even get to be at the helm of it?’

It was such a rare occasion for Audrey to be this serious. She continued, “I’m not joking with you. I’m being serious. I’ve been paying attention to your company these days. Your PR manager even has an inappropriate relationship with some female employees. You really shouldn’t keep such an employee in your company.”

After listening to Audrey’s words, Silvia thought for a moment and said, “Give me a few days to think about it first. I’ll do some checks on what you’ve just said. If it was indeed the case, I’ll definitely fire that a**hole.”

Silvia would never tolerate a man who would abuse his power to harass his female subordinates. If what Audrey had told her was true, she would certainly expose all the nasty things that he had done.

Audrey clapped her hands and said, “Okay, I’ll wait for your reply.”

In fact, Audrey clearly knew that the reason why she couldn’t find a job was not only because she had offended someone from the Kyle family. In fact, there was still another person who was watching her making a fool of herself and waiting for her to beg him.

He knew her so well, but how could he forget that she was willing to do anything? She was even willing to sell herself out. However, up till now, the only thing that she was not willing to do was to please him.

After completing the discharge procedure, Silvia and Audrey then went over to the eighth floor to pick Mrs. Turner, who had been staying at the hospital, back home.

Mrs. Turner knew that she would be discharged from the hospital today, so she had already packed all her things up and waited for her daughter to pick her up. Not only did Silvia come today, she had even brought a few friends along with her to take Mrs. Turner home. The house became a little livelier in an instant.

The house was neat and spotless as if the owner of the house had never left. Reagan and Lemur both shared the credit. A few days ago, the two of them had volunteered themselves to clean up the house, and that was why the house was so clean and comfortable.

Looking at these sensible young adults, Mrs. Turner was happy, “Reagan, Lemur, thank you for keeping companying Silvia all these while.”

“Auntie, we are your sons too, aren’t we? That’s what we should do.” Reagan’s mouth was as sweet as honey, which had never failed to make the elders happy just by listening to him. It was the same for Mrs. Turner. She was overjoyed and replied, “Yes, it’s great to have you two around!”

These two young men had always gotten along well with Silvia ever since they were younger. Now that something had happened to the Turner family, they were the only ones who had remained loyal to Silvia. How could she not be touched?

After greeting the two young men, Mrs. Turner then carefully observed Silvia’s new friend, Audrey Ever since Silvia was a kid, there were no girls willing to hang out with her.

Audrey was the first female friend whom Silvia had brought home. When Mrs. Turner looked at Audrey, she couldn’t help but scrutinize Audrey from head to toe

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