My Husband Warm the Bed- 1113

Although Audrey was usually sharp-tongued, she still behaved sensibly in front of elders. When Mrs. Turner was scrutinizing her, Audrey did not show any sign of annoyance, nor did she say a word. She knew that Mrs. Turner meant no harm to her at all

“Mom, why are you staring at her like this? Luckily, Audrey is not timid, else she would have run away with you looking at her that way!” Silvia knew her mother very well so she explained with a smile, The two of us really hit it off right after we knew each other. Well, I’d say our friendship came with a stroke of fate!”

“Yes, my dearest Silvia, everything you say is right!” Mrs. Turner rubbed Silvia’s head and looked at the door. “Silvia, do you have any more new friends that you haven’t brought home yet?”

*The only new friend I have is Audrey… Silvia looked at the door and suddenly thought of someone.

Ever since that man had left the hospital the night before, Silvia had never seen

or heard about him. Silvia wasn’t quite sure if Jayden was still angry at her, or

perhaps he had decided to let her go this time after hearing her explanation.

Silvia wasn’t sure what had happened to her. When she was with Jayden, she wished that he could get out of her sight in an instant, But now that she hadn’t seen him for a couple of hours, she was starting to think about him.

“Oh, really?” Since Silvia was not willing to mention him, Mrs. Turner chose to believe her. Silvia was her child after all, so Mrs. Turner couldn’t bring herself to force Silvia to tell her the truth. When the timing was right, Silvia would certainly bring the man home to meet Mrs. Turner

Seeing that Silvia did not intend to talk about Jayden, Audrey hurriedly changed the topic. “Auntie, we’ll take care of lunch today. You can go get some rest and watch the TV or you can also enjoy the blooming flowers in your lovely garden while we get lunch ready”

“Alright, alright. With all of you around, don’t have to worry about anything.” Although Mrs. Turner did not know Audrey well, as long as she was Silvia’s friend, Mrs. Turner would like her.

When these young adults come together, they would have inexhaustible energy and endless topics to talk about. Reagan and Lemur were asked to wash the vegetables, and the two of them had gotten into a heated argument on some

online games that they had almost gotten into a fight.

Silvia really couldn’t stand the two of them so she said, “Reagan, Lemur, if the two of you keep going on like this, you two can forget about lunch.

The moment Silvia’s words came through her lips, Reagan and Lemur shut up in

an instant

Reagan and Lemur wouldn’t even listen to their own fathers, but somehow, they were afraid of Silvia and they had never disobeyed her orders. Despite being younger than them, Silvia was really their ‘kryptonite’.

Seeing that Reagan and Lemur had stopped fighting, Silvia returned to the kitchen and continued with what she was doing. She was usually talkative but she was rather quiet that day. With one glance, one could tell that there was something wrong with her.

Audrey nudged Silvia, who was distracted, and said, “Hey girl, did you get into an argument with Jayden?”

Silvia threw in a whole bag of raw pasta into a huge pot of boiling water and said, “Can we not talk about someone who would spoil our moods on such a happy day, can we?”

“Okay, whatever you say. I’m not the one who was constantly looking at the door anyway.” Audrey said as she put on the apron. Then, she put down the slices of bacon on the chopping board, and cut them into tiny pieces.

Audrey’s cutting skills were impressive and Silvia could tell that she was someone who often cooked. However, judging from Audrey’s appearance, she did not look like she would be this skilled.

Silvia was surprised. “Audrey, I never knew that you have such impressive knife skills. Do you always cook?”

“Yeah. I don’t like take-outs, and I had no one to cook for me either, so if I don’t cook myself, I will have to starve.” Audrey glanced at Silvia and said enviously, I’m not like you. You have such a loving mother who has doted on you since you were a child. She has spoiled you so much that you don’t even know how to do all the things that girls would normally know.”

“Hahaha! That’s because I am destined to do greater things, Silvia had grown up in a blissful family, filled with abundance of care and love. She continued, “I don’t have any siblings so my parents have high hopes for me. Instead of being a housewife in the future, they hope that I can take over the company when I

grow up.”

“Yes, yes. Whatever our dearest Silvia says is always right!’ Audrey mimicked

Mrs. Turner’s tone as she teased Silvia.

“I would have to thank you for such a huge compliment then, my dear sister, Audrey!” Silvia sald with a smile.

Audrey was the head chef, and Silvia was the sous chef. However, Silvia rarely cooked, so she was a little clumsy. Audrey really couldn’t bear to see her working like this in the kitchen so she said, “Young lady, even Reagan, and Lemur are doing a better job than you. Why don’t you go to accompany your mother instead? The three of us will prepare lunch.”

“How could I trouble the three of you though?” Silvia said in embarrassment, but she had already taken off her apron. “Audrey, Reagan, Lemur, sorry for troubling you guys then.”

They were used to Silvia’s attitude. The three of them shook their heads and sighed. “See, she only knew how to bully us.”

Reagan immediately took over the work that Silvia had left behind and

said, “Audrey, is there anything else that I can do for you? Just let me know, I’ll

be your helper.”

After cutting the bacon, Audrey was ready to cook them. However, she realized there was no salt in the kitchen so she said, “Reagan, I really need your help. Could you please go to the convenience store nearby and get a packet of salt for me?”

Reagan said, “But I want to work with you here, Audrey. Can you please ask someone else to get the salt while I stay here with you?

Audrey shrugged and said, “What I need the most right now is salt. Do you want to go or not? It’s up to you.

Reagan was reluctant to go, but he didn’t want to leave a bad impression on Audrey. He walked out of the kitchen reluctantly and was preparing to go out to get a packet of salt for Audrey.

When he was about to step out of the house, he saw Silvia sitting in the living room staring at the TV in a daze. He immediately sat next to Silvia and said, “Boss, can you go get a packet of salt for me?”

“No. Silvia refused without a second thought.

Boss, my lovely Boss, I beg you. Please?” Reagan held Silvia’s arm and acted coquettishly, which made Silvia feel a little nauseated.

“Okay, okay, I’ll go, okay?” Silvia was convinced that if a man could act coquettishly and beg her, she would do whatever he wanted her to do even if she was not willing to.

Silvia’s home was on the 21st floor, but there were quite a number of elevators, so in just two minutes, she was already at the main lobby of the condominium. There was a 24- hour convenience store which was located just beside the

condominium. When Silvia was about to step into the store, her mobile phone

rang all of a sudden.

She took out her mobile phone from her pocket and saw the caller ID. It was “Young Master Kyle!

Back then, Silvia had been thinking what she should name him. After thinking about it for a long time, she felt this name was the most suitable one and she had not changed it ever since.

Looking at the screen, Silvia paused and finally decided to decline the call. This was who she was. If she had decided to break up with him, then she would not do it sloppily. She would make sure that they would not have anything to do with each other ever again.

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