My Husband Warm the Bed- 1114

After a while, Jayden called again. This time, Silvia hung up the phone decisively without a thought.

Silvia went into the convenience store to buy salt and at the same, she also bought a few bottles of Reagan and Lemur’s favourite fruit juice. When she was about to pay, she received new WhatsApp message from Jayden. There were

only two words, Come out!”

After being with Jayden for so long, Silvia knew more or less the way Jayden


When he talked a lot, he was in a good mood. She could be a little blunt in front of him. When his words were short, it would be his warning to her.

Silvia didn’t want to be threatened by him, but this was her home. What if Jayden decided to barge in her home and make a scene? How would she explain it to her mother?

After weighing out the pros and cons, Silvia decided to go and meet Jayden.

Silvia didn’t know that if Jayden didn’t care about her feelings, he would have rushed to her house to find her. He would not have to go through the suffering of being rejected twice through the phone,

Silvia walked out of the gate of her residential area to see a silver luxury car parked at the ‘No Parking’ zone outside her neighborhood.

Usually, if someone were to park there, the security guards would have come out to chase the car away almost immediately.

Jayden’s car was parked there, the silver body of the car was glaring under the sun. The security guards were not far away yet, they acted as if they couldn’t see the car. No one dared to drive him away.

In the past, Silvia often heard that to judge a person, one should look at his car. If it’s a million dollar car, one should never provoke even the driver. This was because you would never know who the owner was, someone you couldn’t afford to offend.

Silvia walked over and knocked on Jayden’s car window. After a long while, the man sitting in the back seat rolled down the window slowly

The car’s window rolled down. However, Jayden was still wearing sunglasses.

Silvia couldn’t see his eyes, but she could still feel the viciousness in his eyes.

Even if Silvia couldn’t see his eyes, she didn’t dare to look him in the eye. She looked away and said, “Young Master Kyle, just say whatever you wanted to say.”

Jayden did not speak. Instead, he took out a contract and handed it to her

Silvia took it over and looked at it. After reading the contents of the contract, she turned pale with anger. “Jayden, what is the meaning of this?

The corner of Jayden’s mouth curved upwards slightly revealing an evil and indifferent smile. However, he still did not speak.

Silvia was so angry that her stomach began to churn. Jayden, my father left Wateria Corporation to me. Don’t you dare take it away using dirty tactics otherwise. I will drag you down together.”

She had almost gotten back Wateria Corporation. However, Jayden had to intervene and caused trouble again.

What on earth did he want to do?

Silvia didn’t think that the rich and powerful Kyle family would take a fancy to

such a small company like Wateria Corporation.

Silvia was going crazy, yet Jayden remained mum. She could not see his eyes,

and could not guess what he was thinking nor what he was going to do.

“Jayden, what do you want?”

Jayden still did not speak. Instead, he took out his mobile phone and sent her a

message, “Excuse me, what identity are you in when talking to me?”

Silvia was so angry that her blood boiled. How could he do this? She really wanted to plunge at him and bite him. However, his question was on point.

What identity was she in when talking to him?

Since he sent her a message with his mobile phone, Silvia also replied to him with her mobile phone.

Silvia replied, “What identity do you want me to assume when talking to you?”

Jayden decided not to reply.

When Silvia was threatened by him, she was always at a disadvantage. Therefore, she sent Jayden another message, “You are my master. What other identities can I assume?”

After he received her message, Jayden did not look at her again. He rolled up the window and ordered the driver to start the car and left, leaving Silvia standing in the sun like a fool.

Silvia really didn’t understand this man…

“Boss, Boss, I asked you to buy a packet of salt. What are you doing outside?” Silvia had been out for a long time. They were all waiting for the salt, so Reagan came to look for Silvia

Silvia calmed down and took a deep breath. It’s nothing. Let’s go back

Reagan saw the contract in Silvia’s hand. “Boss, what’s in your hand? Silvia hid the contract behind her quickly and stuffed the bag into Reagan’s hand. “It’s too heavy. Carry it for me.”

Reagan was still worried. He asked, “Boss, are you sure you’re alright?”

Silvia said, “I was just buying something at the convenience store. What else could have happened?”

Reagan scratched his head and said, “Well, that’s true.”

He had thought too much. He kept feeling that something was wrong with Silvia, but he couldn’t pinpoint the problem.

Not only was Audrey beautiful, but she was also very good at cooking. The dishes she made earned everyone’s praise.

The review was definitely not fake. It was a genuine review after they had tasted the dishes she made.

Reagan, who was far from having a relationship with Audrey, was especially happy. “Audrey’s cooking is so delicious. I’m a lucky man”

Lemur rolled his eyes at Reagan immediately and said, “You? Have a good look at yourself”

Lemur wasn’t trying to tease Reagan, Reagan really couldn’t handle a woman like Audrey, Audrey was an excellent woman, she would require a wild man to subdue her.

Mrs. Turner said with a smile, “Audrey, your cooking is really good. Anyone who

marries you in the future, he will be so lucky”

Audrey smiled and said, “Thank you Aunty for your compliment. With your words, I must look hard for a man who will let me cook for him.”

Reagan leaned over to Mrs. Turner Immediately and asked, “Auntie, what do

you think of me?”

Mrs. Turner said in all seriousness, “You are just a tiny little kid!”

Reagan had nothing to say.

Both Audrey and Lemur laughed. Only Reagan was full of anger. Apart from being younger, he was obviously not smaller in size compared to Audrey! Well, there was one body part of Reagan’s that was indeed smaller than

Audrey’s! However, that was a woman’s natural asset. How could he, a grown

man, compare his chest with hers?

During the meal, everyone was in a jovial mood except for Silvia, whose mind was in the clouds. Of course, everyone noticed that and they turned their attention to her

Because of Jayden’s intervention, Silvia kept thinking about how to deal with the problem. No matter how delicious the food was, it was tasteless to her. What’s more, her gastritis hadn’t recovered yet and so she couldn’t eat any meat. This made her lose her appetite.

Everyone stared at Silvia for a long time before she noticed their gazes. “Why are you staring at me instead of eating? Is there something on my face?

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