My Husband Warm the Bed- 1115

Audrey, Reagan, and Lemur could probably guess that Silvia’s abnormality today was because of Jayden. However, Silvia had told them not to mention him. Therefore, it was not appropriate for them to mention Jayden in front of Mrs. Turner

At Silvia’s question, they shook their heads almost at the same time. “No, no. We were just looking around.”

They didn’t expose her. However, Silvia felt a little guilty. She found a

reason casually and said, “You are all eating good food while I’m eating plain

oatmeal. I’m feeling a little sad.”

Silvia’s explanation was ridiculous, but it sounded reasonable given her condition. Subsequently, everyone pretended that nothing had happened and continued to eat

After the meal, Reagan and Lemur were tasked to do the dishes naturally, Silvia and Audrey chatted with Mrs. Turner.

At about three o’clock in the afternoon, the gang left one after the other. Finally, only Silvia and her mother were left at home and it was suddenly quiet. Mrs. Turner came to Silvia’s room. When she entered the room, she saw that

Silvia was sitting on the bed in a daze. Mrs. Turner felt distressed when she

saw that Silvia wasn’t in her usual lively self but had been gloomy all day

She took a few steps over to Silvia’s side and held Silvia in her arms. “Silvia, can you tell me what’s bothering you?”

This time, Mrs. Turner did not ask if she had something on her mind. Instead, she said, “Tell me what’s bothering you Her meaning was very clear. Mrs. Turner was sure that something was bothering her.

Silvia wanted to say that she was fine, but when she heard her mother ask her

so gently, her eyes suddenly turned red. “Mom, .” Mrs. Turner hugged Silvia and patted her on the back gently. Silvia, tell me what’s on your mind. Let’s see if I can help you?”

“It’s not a big deal. My classes are getting tougher these days. I may have to stay at the school dormitory tonight. However, I’m worried that you will be lonely as there’s no one at home.” Silvia didn’t want to lie to her mother, but how else could she explain? Could she tell her mother that she had to please her

Master later that night, otherwise she couldn’t save her father’s company? Silvia was reluctant to say it, but Mrs. Turner didn’t want to continue pretending that she didn’t know anything. “Silvia, there is something I want to talk to you about.”

Did mother know that she was lying? Silvia was a little nervous. “Mom, what do you want to talk to me about?”

Mrs. Turner said directly, “It’s about Mr. Kyle.

When she heard the name “Mr. Kyle” from her mother’s mouth and thought that her mother might have found out about the special relationship between her and Jayden, Silvia was so scared that her face turned pale.

How did her mother know about Jayden? How much did she know about him?

Just when Silvia was feeling uneasy, her mother spoke again, “Silvia, after your father’s accident, our company was taken away from us. Our house was also being mortgaged. At the same time, I was sick and hospitalized… When we were in the most difficult situation, you asked many friends who used to have a good relationship with us for money, but no one was willing to lend us the money. Do you know why?”

Silvia didn’t understand why her mother suddenly mentioned the past. “Mom, it’s all in the past. Let’s not mention it again.”

“Silvia.” Mrs. Turner patted the back of Silvia’s hand. “Some things might have passed, but we have to learn from past events. Do you think those people are just worried that we can’t afford to pay them back? No, it’s because they have never regarded us as real friends. They are not our real friends. They don’t really care about us.”

Silvia had always thought those people did not lend them money because they were worried that Silvia and her mother had no ability to repay them. After hearing her mother’s statement, seemed to make sense.

Mrs. Turner continued, “During your father’s time, they could get benefits from our family. Therefore, they pretended to be close to us and went about telling people that they were friends with our family. However, when your father had an accident, many of them pretended not to know us!”

Mrs. Turner looked at Silvia and said, “Silvia, I’m telling you all these not because I think that they have the obligation to help us. I just want to remind you that you must look at people carefully and see who is really helping you. If someone stuck by you when you were in trouble, then you must cherish them.”

Silvia fully agreed with her mother’s words. “Mom, I know. Reagan and Lemur

have always been loyal to me. They are my friends for life. Mrs. Turner said, “Only the two of them? Any one else?”

Silvia asked, “Who else?”

Mrs. Turner added, “Silvia, isn’t Mr. Kyle someone who lent you a helping hand when you were in the pit?”

“Mom, I… I don’t know any Mr. Kyle..” Silvia wanted to deny, but her voice grew


Yes, when she was in real trouble, it was Jayden who saved her. If it weren’t for

him, she wouldn’t even know where Norman would sell her to

Mrs. Turner held Silvia’s hand and said earnestly, “Silvia, if it weren’t for you, would he have paid so much money to let me stay in a VIP ward? If it weren’t for you, would he have hired such a good nurse to take care of a middle-aged woman like me when I was bedridden?”

Silvia asked in a daze, “Mom, what are you talking about? Wasn’t the nurse a volunteer?

Mrs. Turner smiled helplessly and said, “My silly daughter, do you really believe

in that?”

“It was the attending doctor who told me that. He even said that we were lucky” Silvia had thought of Jayden before, but she was unwilling to admit that he had arranged all that. She didn’t want to owe him too much. If she owed him too much, she might never be able to repay him.

Silvia, I’m not forcing you to be nice to anyone. I just want to tell you that if a man is willing to take care of a woman’s family, he is a trustworthy person. Don’t always think about the person who has left. Take a good look at the person beside you. You may start to see his merits. Mrs. Turner was on Jayden’s side not because he contributed the money but because she saw that he was a

responsible person

Handsome and rich men were everywhere. However, there were very few men who would share her daughter’s burden like Jayden did.

Mrs. Turner didn’t want Silvia to miss out on an excellent man like Jayden, who could take care of Silvia well. 9

Silvia said with grievance, “But Mom… I’ve made him angry. He’s ignoring me…

Mrs. Turner smiled gently and said, “When I made your father angry last time, he would often ignore me too. However, as long as I hugged him and said a few nice words to him, he wouldn’t be angry at me anymore.”

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