My Husband Warm the Bed- 1116

Silvia said, “Because Dad dotes on you, he can’t bear to see you sad!

Mrs. Turner smiled and said, “Then, baby, why don’t you try it on Mr. Kyle and see whether he can bear the sight of you being sad?”

Silvia thought about it. She had made Jayden angry many times. When he was angry, he would sometimes ignore her or scold her. Anyway, she had never seen him feel sorry for her.

She shook her head and said, “Mom, I don’t want to go. I want to stay at home

and accompany you.”

Mrs. Turner poked Silvia’s forehead and said, “Silly child, I don’t want a child whose mind isn’t here to accompany me.”

“Mom… Silvia hugged her mother and snuggled in her mother’s arms. was not alone. She still had her other. When she was Fortunately,

helpless, she still had someone to lean on.

It was also because of this that she couldn’t let anything happen to Wateria Corporation. She had to hold the shares and not let her mother down.

In the evening, Silvia took a taxi to Jayden’s villa. When she arrived, Auntie Cherry greeted her warmly as usual, “Miss Turner, you’re back!

Auntie Cherry’s enthusiasm made Silvia feel that there wasn’t any conflict between Jayden and her. It seemed that they were still in an amicable state.

Auntie Cherry, is that person home?” Auntie Cherry might not know that she

had a conflict with Jayden, but Silvia knew that. Although it had only been a day. her state of mind when she returned there was totally different *Master is not back yet” Auntie Cherry took Silvia’s bag and apologized, “Miss

Turner, I’m sorry for what happened last night!”

Silvia smiled and said, “It’s okay.”

Silvia didn’t blame her and this made Auntie Cherry feel even more guilty. She was determined to take good care of Silvia moving forward. “Miss Turner, what do you want to eat tonight? I’ll go prepare.

“Auntle Cherry, I’m not hungry. You don’t have to prepare anything for me. I’ll go upstairs to take a rest first. Silvia went back to her room and walked into the


There was a full-length mirror in the bathroom. Standing in front of the mirror, she could see clearly how tired she was in the mirror

She had planned to cut off all ties with Jayden. However, she came back

obediently after his little tricks.

She wanted to please him and let him return Wateria Corporation to her. However, what could she do to please him?

It was obviously impossible to bribe him with money, because she didn’t have

any. Besides, Jayden was not short of money

Besides that, the only thing that was left was her young and supple body. It

seemed that he couldn’t have enough of her every time they made love. Hence,

Jayden must be intoxicated with her body!

Silvia turned on the shower rose and took a shower. She washed herself thoroughly. When Jayden returned, she would go to him and let him “enjoy” her body

She waited for him in the room after taking the shower. However, one hour had passed, then two hours.. It was getting late, but he was still not home.

He would come back, wouldn’t he?

At the thought, Silvia grabbed her mobile phone to call him. However, after she dialed his number, she heard a mechanical female voice. “The number you have dialed is unavailable. Please try again later.”

She had been waiting for him for more than five hours yet he hadn’t returned. She couldn’t even get through his phone. In an instant, Silvia was a little panicked. Did something happen to him?

Silvia shook her head hurriedly. She didn’t want to think about it in a negative way. Perhaps it was just a coincidence that his mobile phone was out of battery

Just when Silvia was anxious and unsettled, she heard the sound of a car. She rushed to the balcony immediately and saw Jayden’s silver car entering the villa slowly

Silvia suddenly became nervous. She was so nervous that her heart was

thumping, as if it was going to jump out of her throat.

After getting out of the car, Jayden looked at her direction immediately. For some unknown reasons, she immediately squatted down and didn’t want him to see her.

She didn’t turn on the lights, so it was dark around her. Jayden didn’t notice her. When Jayden retracted his gaze, Silvia breathed a sigh of relief quietly. However, when she thought of what she was going to do next, her heart started beating fast again.

She kept cheering herself on “Silvia, don’t be afraid! You have done this with him before. What’s there to worry about?”

At that time, it was already ten o’clock in the evening

of course, it was impossible for Auntie Cherry to rest when Jayden had not returned. When she saw him enter the house, Auntie Cherry greeted him respectfully, “Master, you’re back. Miss Turner.

Before she could finish her words, Jayden shot her a warning look. Auntie Cherry swallowed the rest of her words.

At this time, she more or less guessed that her Master and Miss Turner were definitely in conflict. Otherwise, Silvia would not have returned home a few hours earlier while Jayden only came back a few hours later. The main point was, Jayden seemed unhappy when Auntie Cherry mentioned Miss Turner

Jayden had gone drinking earlier. Therefore, when he went into his room, he took off his clothes, and went directly to the bathroom to take a bath. Silvia took the opportunity to sneak into his room. She didn’t expect Jayden to

leave the bathroom door open. When she entered the room, she saw him naked

in the bathroom.

To tell the truth, although they had already had sex multiple times, it was Silvia’s first time to see his body so directly and so clearly. She could only think of a word to describe his body – spectacular.

Fortunately, Jayden lowered his head and did not realize the person who had

sneaked into his room.

Silvia threw herself onto his bed and rolled into the quilt nimbly. Then she popped her head out and looked at the direction of the bathroom with


The sound of running water went on for a long time. When Silvia almost couldn’t keep her eyes opened, the sound of water finally stopped. Then,

Jayden came out of the bathroom.

Jayden had a bath towel wrapped around his waist. The bath towel was loose and baggy, as if it would fall off his waist if he were to make bigger strides.

Silvia could feel her blood surging with desire at that sight. She even wished for

the towel to fall off his body! Under Silvia’s gaze, Jayden got closer and closer to her and soon came to the


Silvia slowly retracted her head into the quilt like a thief. Jayden was in a daze

from drinking and actually did not notice her.

He came to the bedside and got on the bed. He didn’t even pull the quilt and

just lay there. After a while, Silvia heard his breathing become steady

Silvia waited for a while, listening to his breathing. Then stuck her head out. She saw that his eyes were closed. He must have fallen asleep.

He was asleep, but his eyebrows were still tightly knitted as if there was something that he couldn’t be resolved.

Silvia felt inexplicably uncomfortable again when she saw Jayden’s look. She couldn’t help but reach out her hand to try and ease his frowning eyebrows.

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