My Husband Warm the Bed- 1117

Silvia had merely brushed Jayden when he suddenly held her hand tightly with his eyes still closed. He murmured in a hoarse voice, “Don’t go…” Silvia was shocked when he suddenly caught her hand and murmured. She wanted to retract her hand but he tightened his grip. “Don’t go..”

“Okay, okay… I won’t go, I won’t go anywhere. I’ll stay here with you and keep you company” Jayden kept repeating “Don’t go”. They were just simple words but Silvia could feel the despair in his tone. Silvia couldn’t bear to ignore him. She comforted him softly

This man was usually domineering and arrogant like a king. It was hard for Silvia to imagine that he would have a weak side too.

In fact, she wanted to take this opportunity to give him a few slaps and let him

know that she was not easy to deal with… However, she couldn’t do it.

“Don’t go.. Don’t go.” He held her hand tightly and repeated these words.

“I won’t go! I will accompany you!” Silvia opened her arms to hug him and answered him patiently

She really wanted to know what he had gone through and who he was trying to keep.

Hearing her comfort and scent, Jayden’s eyebrows gradually relaxed. Soon, he fell asleep in her arms.

Silvia looked at his relaxed eyebrows and quiet face and couldn’t help but reach

out to pinch him a little. “You bastard. You’re really good looking, but your

temper is just terrible!”

He had perfect facial features and sexy lips. He’s the type that the more you looked at him, the better he looked.

He was rich, powerful, and handsome. There should be a lot of women hanging around him. However, Silvia had never seen any other woman around him despite living with him for a while now.

Besides herself, the only woman who was around Jayden, was Auntie Cherry

Although Jayden also fooled around like the other rich kids, he was not a


She had never heard of any romance scandals about him. Silvia liked this about him.

Jayden, actually… Silvia lay down next to Jayden while holding his arms with

both hands, and her face against his arm.

Although Silvia was unwilling to admit that she was Jayden’s wife, whenever she was with him, she would always stick to him involuntarily.

Just like now, Jayden was already sound asleep. She could have moved away from him, but she didn’t. She leaned next to him. She could even feel his body temperature

His body temperature… it seemed that his body temperature was a little different from usual, it was a little too hot.

Silvia reached out her hand hurriedly and touched his forehead. It was burning, he had a fever again.

Although Jayden looked strong, he could get a fever easily. He was weaker than Silvia when it came to health. Although Silvia looked down at him for being weak, she did not delay for a second and called Dr. Thames immediately.

Before long, Dr. Thames arrived in a hurry. She measured Jayden’s body temperature immediately. His body temperature was more than 39 degrees Celsius, definitely a high fever.

Silvia couldn’t help him. She was anxious. “Dr. Thames, what’s wrong with his body? It didn’t rain today, why is he having a fever again?

Dr. Thames first injected Jayden with antipyretics, then she explained, “Because he had alcohol today. His illness doesn’t only relapse on a rainy day, but also when he drinks. There are a lot of uncontrollable factors.”

After listening to Dr. Thames’s explanation, Silvia was so worried she frowned.

“Can’t his condition be cured entirely?”

“It’s not impossible” Dr. Thames said while prescribing the medicine. It requires a long time of gradual treatment, starting from improving his body condition. However, Master Kyle is not willing to cooperate. That’s where the problem is.”

“It’s his own body. If he doesn’t take good care of himself, why would the others worry about him? Anyway, I know I won’t. I can’t wait for him to die earlier. As soon as she finished her words, Silvia immediately asked, ‘Dr. Thames, how can he get better? What can I do for him?”

Hearing Silvia’s question, Dr. Thames, whose expression had been serious, finally smiled and said, “I will be responsible for prescribing the medicine and diet. You only need to think of a way to let him cooperate with the treatment.

Silvia was full of ambition. “Leave it to me. I’ll do it. If he doesn’t cooperate with the treatment, I have a way to deal with him.”

Dr. Thames said again, “Then tonight.”

Silvia said, “Dr. Thames, go and get some rest. I’ll stay here and watch him. If there’s anything on his condition, I’ll call you right away.”

Dr. Thames was not at ease. “Miss Turner, why don’t you go take a rest? I’ll stay here with him.

Dr. Thames was a female doctor in her thirties. She looked beautiful and


How could Silvia let a beautiful and elegant woman stay here to take care of

Jayden at night. What if Dr. Thames had other inappropriate intentions?

No! Absolutely not! Silvia couldn’t take the risk. She smiled and said, “Dr. Thames, it was troublesome enough for you to come over in the middle of the night. How can we bother you to stay here and take care of him?”

Dr. Thames, “But..”

Silvia pushed Dr. Thames out of the door and waved her hand while smiling. “It’s getting late. Go back and rest. I’m here. Don’t worry”

Before leaving, Dr. Thames advised again, “Miss Turner, remember to find a way to let him take the medicine I prescribed just now. Keep the high fever at bay” Silvia nodded vigorously and said, “Dr. Thames, don’t worry. I will. I will find a

way to make him take the medicine,

Silvia did not think much when she made her promise to Dr. Thames’s request. When she returned to the room and saw the pills, she discovered a problem.

Jayden was asleep. He wouldn’t swallow the medicine if it was put into his mouth. If she woke him up, he wouldn’t cooperate with her and take the


However, no matter how troublesome it was, in order for Jayden to recover quickly, Silvia had no intention to give up. She poured a cup of warm water, threw the pills into the water and dissolved the pills. Then she took a small spoon and fed it to him little by little.

Silvia’s actions were very gentle. On one hand, she was worried about waking him, and on the other hand, she was afraid that she would hurt him. After all, he was human and could also feel pain.

She was very careful obviously, but somehow the words that came out of her

were fierce. “Jayden, let me tell you, if you don’t take medicine properly, I will

dig a hole in the ground for you. Then when you are severely ill, I will drag you there and bury you.” Jayden, don’t assume that I’m joking. I’m serious. I’m absolutely serious. Don’t

try to doubt my words, I will do as I said.”

Seeing that Jayden swallowed the medicine little by little, Silvia finally breathed a sigh of relief. She reached out and rubbed his face. “Yes, be a good boy. You’re likable like this.”

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