My Husband Warm the Bed- 1118

After feeding Jayden the medicine, Silvia measured his temperature again. It had gone down significantly, almost back to normal body temperature.

Silvia was relieved. She lay down beside Jayden and reached out to hold his hand, “You are obviously sick, but you are not willing to cooperate with the doctor’s treatment. Don’t you think you are a fool?”

He was a fool.

He was unwell yet he chose not to cooperate with the doctor for treatment. He was the one suffering and in pain. What else could he be if he wasn’t a fool?

Silvia snuggled on his arm and said, “Jayden, even if you don’t care for yourself, you have to think about the people who care about you. For example, your parents, and… they will certainly worry about you. Do you want to let the people who care about you worry about you?”

“You definitely don’t want them to worry about you. If that’s the case, just cooperate with the doctor’s treatment. Don’t take your body for granted.”

Silvia raised her head and glared at him. “Jayden, I’m warning you. This is not a discussion. You’d better keep it in mind.”

Sigh, only when he was sleeping and unaware of anything, would she dare to

talk to him so fiercely. In fact, in front of him, she was just a paper tiger. He was

not afraid of her at all.

Jayden, Jayden… Silvia kept nagging. She didn’t know how long she continued to mutter in his ear before she finally fell asleep.

The early next morning, when the first ray of sunlight shone into the room, Jayden woke up.

He didn’t drink much the night before. However, as he had been sober in recent years, he had gotten drunk from only having a few drinks. At present, he was even having a hangover.

He raised his hand to rub his temples, only to find that his right arm was being held tightly. Her soft and fragrant body leaned closed to his body.


Jayden sneered. What a lousy drinker he was! After a night’s rest, he was still


This silly woman was so eager to stay away from him that she would even flee to another planet just to avoid him.

What about him?

He was still obsessed with her. After being ruthlessly rejected by her he could still fantasize that she was lying next to him in the morning

How ridiculous!

He didn’t want to continue like that anymore. He didn’t want to feel insecure because of a woman. He reached out his hand in an attempt to push away the

imaginary woman in front of him.

However, he had only just nudged a little and she became dissatisfied. “Jayden, don’t move. Don’t disturb me. I want to sleep some more”

It wasn’t an illusion?

Was Silvia really lying beside him?

Jayden didn’t quite believe it. He reached out to pinch her delicate face. It felt good and real. Was this woman really not his imagination?

Silvia reached out and pushed his hand away. “Jayden, don’t pinch me. It hurts.”

She didn’t wake up. She blurted the words out of instinct. It was because the days they were together, he would torture her every night. The next day, she would usually get up in this state.

In her dream, Silvia was shouting Jayden’s name, and no longer mentioned that irritating Felix. Suddenly, Jayden felt that his headache had disappeared.

He lowered his head and looked at her. She snuggled up to him again. “Don’t

move. Let me sleep for a little longer. Just a little longer.”

There were many mornings, when she would snuggle up to him like this day and act coquettishly in order to sleep for a little longer.

As for Jayden, he couldn’t resist her coquettish behaviour towards him. No matter what she said or did, he would always give in to her unconditionally as long as she was happy.

Holding her in his arms, Jayden raised his head and looked out of the window.

The sun was shining brightly outside the window. It seemed like a good day

Jayden didn’t have the habit of lazing in bed, but he was reluctant to leave the girl in his arms. Therefore, he closed his eyes and lay down with her in his arms. Suddenly, he hoped that time would stop at that moment. He was willing to

remain like this for the rest of his life.

Silvia was a particularly energetic person. She was energetic but she could really sleep. Since Jayden didn’t wake her up, she slept in until it was already noon

She had a good sleep so when she woke up, she was in good spirits. She stretched energetically and accidentally brushed the man lying next to her.

Oh no!

She had slept so deeply that she had forgotten that there was a patient next to her who needed her care. Silvia got up immediately and reached for Jayden’s


His body temperature was normal. Silvia breathed a sigh of relief and patted her chest. “Thank God, the fever is gone. Otherwise, what should I do?”

However, she didn’t expect for Jayden to sleep longer than her. She was already awake yet he was still sleeping like a pig.

“Hey. silly pig!” Silvia reached out her hand and twisted his ear. You silly pig. you have always bullied me, but this time, it’s finally my turn.

The night before, she wanted to teach him a lesson. However, she didn’t have the heart to do it because he was ill. Now, his high fever had subsided, so she decided to bully him.

She twisted his ears, pinched his face, pulled his hair, and sat on his body… However, just as she was sitting on him, Jayden suddenly opened his eyes. He opened his eyes instantaneously, not slowly as if he didn’t know what was going on Silvia, who was sitting on him, was so shocked that her heart skipped

a beat.

Silvia turned over and wanted to escape, but Jayden grabbed her by the waist, stopping her from escaping successfully.

Before he could say anything, she leaned on him and put her face on his forehead. Finally, she put her face on his chest and said, “Thank God, you no longer have a fever.”

Silvia’s reaction was so fast that even she was surprised at herself.

Knowing that he wouldn’t believe it, Silvia added quickly, “I know that this isn’t a good method to measure your body temperature, but I don’t have a thermometer with me, so I can only do this!

When it came to lying, her face was neither red nor was she panting. Her

serious look showed no panic at all. She was really an experienced liar.

After Jayden woke up, he didn’t fall back to sleep anymore. When she woke up, he closed his eyes deliberately and pretended to be sleeping, just to see what she would do

She first checked his body temperature, which meant that she really cared

about him…

Of course, Silvia twisted his ears, pinched his face, and pulled his hair next…

These childish actions clearly implied that she really wanted to bully Jayden.

Silvia showed her concern and bullied him at the same time. Jayden did a brief analysis. She only bullied him after confirming that he was all right.

It looked like she still had a little conscience. Therefore, Jayden made a gracious decision that he would use his way to bully her back, just to be fair.

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