My Husband Warm the Bed- 1119

*Hey… what are you trying to do again?” Silvia was rolling over to the other side of the bed, but before she could get out of Jayden’s reach, Jayden had already pulled her back into his arms,

Jayden did not utter a word ever since he had woken up. She was the only one

talking so she had no idea what he was trying to do.

“B*stard, where are you putting your hands… ah.. don’t mess around, will you?” No matter how Silvia shouted, she still couldn’t escape from his hands. Jayden

once again bullied her in his own way.

“Boohoo.” Silvia felt that she was very pathetic. So pathetic that she

was feeling sorry for herself

She had been working like a slave the entire night to take care of him and now

that they had just woken up, Jayden had already made her do it with him! There was no doubt that her purpose of returning to him this time was to satisfy him, but couldn’t he at least give her some heads up before doing it?

When it was around noon, Jayden, who was well-pleased, finally let go of Silvia. After being under his thumb for such a long time, Silvia could finally have a respite.

However, Silvia did not take a break at all. Now that she had been freed, she immediately reached out her hand and grabbed him by the neck. “B*stard, this is not fair. You’re always bullying me.”

When they were making love a while ago, he was thrusting so hard that it hurt her. At the thought of this, just grabbing him by the neck was not enough to get rid of Silvia’s anger, so she opened her mouth and took a hard bite on his chest. It was only then, the anger which was burning in her heart had slightly dissipated

On the other hand, Jayden, who had just had his morning treat’, was in a good mood. Although he did not speak, his eyes and his every facial expression were showing that he was extremely satisfied.

Seeing that he was happy, Silvia was somewhat happy too. Compared to the things that Jayden could give her, there was not much that she could do for him in return. However, knowing that there was at least this one thing that she could satisfy him with, Silvia thought that it was worth it.

At the thought of this, she snuggled into his arms and rubbed her head against his chest, as she felt the warmth of his body and his strong, steady heartbeat… Jayden did not push her away. Instead, he put one hand around her body and

stroked her head with another. At this very moment, the corner of his lips were

curved upwards, looking extremely pleased.

Looking at his happy expression, Silvia was convinced by what Audrey had told her. It was true that lovemaking was the best way to resolve the contradiction between the two of them.

Silvia snuggled into Jayden’s arms once again, intending to please him. “Young Master Kyle, um… are you still angry at me?”

Jayden was silent.

Silvia continued, “Um.. about the contract that you gave me yesterday. Was it real or was it just a joke? Wateria Corporation is something my dad had left behind for me. I really can’t lose it.


As Jayden had expected, the reason why she was willing to come back to him, take care of him and even sleep with him, was entirely because of Wateria Corporation.

He obviously knew that was the reason, but he pretended like he did not know. He wanted to believe that Silvia had returned to his side because she couldn’t live without him.

He could only blame himself for thinking that Silvia would come back purely for him.

However, Silvia did not know what Jayden was thinking at this very moment, so

she continued to cuddle up to him, “Young Master Kyle, could you please not take my shares away and return Wateria Corporation to me?”

In order to please him and make him happy, she would say things that she would never say under normal circumstances. “As long as you return Wateria Corporation to me, I promise that I will never mention anything about leaving you again. I will stay by your side and take care of you… until you’re sick of me.’

Upon hearing Silvia’s words, the look on Jayden’s face had gradually turned cold, and he was even slowly clenching his fists.

He had successfully threatened her with Wateria Corporation’s shares and now she was back to his side and she had even promised him that she would never leave him again. However, Jayden was not happy at all. Instead, he felt that he

was a failure.

His life had changed ever since he was adopted into the Kyle family. From a little boy who knew nothing, he was now the most dazzling young master of the Kyle family

During his time at Rovio, he would always complete the tasks that his father had given to him with perfection. Jayden’s performance was so impressive that many people were guessing whether Kevin Kyle would let his adopted son take over Rovio Corporation Inc in the future.

In terms of his career, Jayden had always been extremely outstanding. Three years ago, after leaving the Kyle family to start his own business, Jayden had once again proved that he was a capable man with the remarkable result that he had achieved in Madison City. However, when it comes to love, he was a total failure, be it in the past or at present.

“Young Master Kyle.” Silvia still wanted to say something, but Jayden pushed her away. After taking a cold glance at her, he rolled over, got out of the bed and walked towards the bathroom.

Jayden, why are you like this again?” It was fine a while ago, but why was he upset again? Couldn’t she have a proper conversation with him without him having his mood swings at all?

Silvia looked at him with a dumbfounded look on her face. However, before entering the bathroom, Jayden said something. His tone was so cold that it could make one’s heart tremble. “Get out!

Jayden, you.” That was the very first thing that he had said to her ever since she had woken up that morning. Therefore, Silvia could not help but fly into a rage.

Yes, she admitted that she was the one who came to him, but how could he turn against her as soon as he got out of the bed?

How could he treat her like this after having all the fun he wanted? She would

not let him do as he wished.

Therefore, Silvia got out of the bed and banged on the bathroom door. “Jayden Ellas Kyle, you bastard, come out. Let’s make things clear now.

The sound of running water was very loud so Silvia shouted in a louder voice, Jayden, come out now. Let’s make things clear.

D*mn it. Even if she was only a toy for him to satisfy his desire, now that he had gotten all the pleasure, shouldn’t he return the things that belonged to her?

Interlacing with the sound of running water, Jayden’s voice sounded again. “Get


Upon hearing those two words again, Silvia could feel that anger was burning through her. She really wanted to barge into the bathroom and beat him up. Jayden, if you don’t come out, I will not leave.

Silvia banged and kicked the door over and over again. However, the bathroom door was extremely sturdy. After using up all her strength, the bathroom door was still at its original state.

Finally, after washing himself up, Jayden opened the door and came out of the bathroom

As soon as Silvia saw him, she threw herself at him and wanted to hug him. However, before she could even touch him, those two words came through his lips once again. “Get out!”

For the sake of Wateria Corporation that her father had left for her, she could even disregard her own dignity and sell herself out. Therefore, how could she get lost just because he had asked her to?

Once she leaves, all her efforts would be in vain. Silvia was never the kind who would let the others take advantage of her and on top of that, she was not willing to give in just yet.

Therefore, Silvia threw herself at him and hugged him. “I’m not getting out of here!”

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