My Husband Warm the Bed- 1120

Jayden pulled her hand away and pushed her away as he said in a cold voice, “Get out! Don’t let me see you again! Ever!”

Facing his rejection for the first time, Silvia could still pretend like everything was fine but the moment Jayden rejected her for the second time, Silvia was a little anxious. However, she must not chicken out at this very moment,

Hence, she bit her lower lip and clung onto him again. “You asked me to come to you, so I came. If we don’t make things clear now, I will not step out of this room no matter what.”

I’m asking you to get out of here! Can’t you understand that?” Jayden said somberly, and he looked like he was going to throw her out the room anytime soon if she continued to stay there.

Silvia did not know what exactly had she done wrong to make this fickle man angry, Just moments ago, he was certainly taking pleasure in her body and his mood was great!

“Yes, I can’t. Just throw me out if you can then! No matter what, Silvia would never give up. She must make him promise her that he would return all of Wateria Corporation’s shares to her, or else, there’s not a chance that she would

leave the room.

Jayden, “Get out!

Silvia hugged him tightly, “No!”

Jayden pulled her hand off his body and pointed to the door: “This is the last time I’m saying this. Get out now!”

She was already begging him in such a servile manner, what else did he want from her?

Silvia was never the kind who would compromise to get something in return. Hence, after being rejected over and over again, Silvia flew into a rage and pounced on him.

Silvia was a strong young lady. As she used up all her strength and charged at

him, the momentum was so great that Jayden staggered a few steps back and

eventually fell onto the bed.

Silvia immediately pounced on him and pressed him under her body. In the next second, she lowered her head and bit him on the face, “Jayden Elias Kyle, what

the h*ll do you want?

Silvia was so savage and lawless but that was what Jayden liked about her!

“You’ve promised me that you will not bully me anymore. Moreover, I’m still sick now, but you’re treating me like this. Where is your conscience?” Silvia sniffled and her tears had started to flow down. At this point, she was already sobbing convulsively, looking extremely pitiful.

Silvia’s mother had said, whenever Silvia’s father was angry, she would pretend to be pitiful in front of him. No matter how angry he was, he would definitely give in to her. Therefore, Silvia wanted to try this trick on Jayden, she wanted to see if he would give in

Silvia continued to cry uncontrollably as she said, “Also… you were drunk last night and you even had a fever. In order to take care of you, I stayed up almost the entire night working like crazy. Not only did you not thank me, but you’re also chasing me away instead. Could you please tell me what did I do wrong?” He had a high fever, and she was the one who took care of him the entire


This particular reason was enough to melt Jayden’s cold heart.

Jayden raised his hand and wanted to pat her back. However, he hesitated. He did not like the feeling of being under her control.

In his entire life, his destiny had always been in his own hands, and he had never felt this way before. He wanted to ignore her, but he couldn’t bring himself to do that to her

Therefore, he gently placed his warm palm on her back and caressed her, “Didn’t I say that as long as you listen to me, everything is amenable.”

Silvia wiped her tears and said, “Did I not listen to you? There was not once that I did not obey you. You told me not to eat meat for a month, so I quit eating meat for a month. You told me not to go out drinking with Reagan and the others, so I didn’t. You told me not to get into fights, so I stopped doing that. I followed everything you said. Boohoo. But what about you? You would get angry at me every now and then, and you’ve never cared about my feelings. Did you forget that I’m still a patient? Sick people are not good at controlling their emotions. Do you not know that?”

“You’ll need quite some time to recuperate from your gastritis so you must make sure not to overeat anymore.” Jayden gently stroked her back and started to give some of his advice again.

“You’re right, I will listen to you… Silvia wiped her tears again and pretended to

be even more pitiful as she continued, “But sometimes, you should listen to my wishes too. Don’t be like a dictator

Jayden was flabbergasted.

Since when was he a dictator?

Silvia sniffled and said, “Wateria Corporation is something my father had left for me. It’s something that is as important as my own life. Now that you’re threatening me with the shares, that’s equivalent to taking my life away.”

If it was not because she had made him angry, he would have not thought of

such an idea to keep her by his side.

Silvia wiped her tears and continued, “When I’m with you, I could even give up

my dignity… but, but you’re still bullying me.”

Silvia continued to rattle on endlessly. Although it was annoying, Jayden had already gotten used to her babbling by his side.

He realized that he was not in the mood at all to do anything without her being

by his side the day before. It was like his world had lost its colors. “Jayden, you are a man, aren’t you? So you should let me win sometimes.” After finishing her words, Silvia started crying again. She was sobbing so sorrowfully

that it seemed like she was going to vent all the grievances she had suffered in

her entire life on him. E

Silvia was crying uncontrollably. After crying for a long time, her tears were still rolling down her cheeks. Looking at her pitiful state, Jayden couldn’t take it anymore so he said, “Okay, stop crying… I promise that I will return all the shares to you. Every single one of them.”

Upon hearing Jayden’s words, Silvia’s cry came to an abrupt end. At that instant, she put on a brilliant smile and said, “Young Master Kyle, I knew that you are a good person, aren’t you?”

“I hope that you’ll always feel this way…” Silvia’s acting was so impressive that

Jayden thought she deserved an Academy Award!

With such a simple trick, Jayden had already given in to her. Thinking of this, Silvia could tell that Jayden somehow cared about her, otherwise, he would not have compromised this easily.

Silvia would never maltreat anyone who cared about her, so she said, “Young Master Kyle, I promise that from now on, I will take good care of you and I will not upset you again.”

Jayden glanced at her. He did not think that what Silvia had just said was

credible at all. She was a volatile young woman, and her fickle thoughts were not something that he could keep up with.

Eventually, after Silvia’s endless pestering, Jayden was finally defeated. Jayden

had promised her that he would return all the shares to her.

Now that this matter was resolved, there was still another important matter that she had to deal with, that was to make Jayden cooperate with Dr. Thames for his treatment.

Silvia knew that Jayden was as stubborn as a mule, so it would not be easy to

make him cooperate.

But should she just give up on something just because it was difficult?

Of course not!

Silvia was never the kind of person who would run away whenever she was faced with challenges. Instead, she would face the problem with confidence and overcome it.

After breakfast, Silvia brought medicine over to Jayden said, “Young Master Kyle, this medicine can help to improve your overall health. Hurry up and take it.”

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