My Husband Warm the Bed- 1121

Improve his health?

Upon hearing these words, Jayden frowned and he was a little displeased, “Silvia, were you not satisfied this morning?”

Silvia was stunned, “Huh?”

Just as she replied, she suddenly realized the meaning behind Jayden’s words. She immediately gave him a fierce look and said, “What a dirty mind you have there! Can’t you think of anything else besides that?”

Looking at her reddened face, Jayden looked at her complacently and even with a hint of viciousness as he said, “Oh, so you didn’t mean that at all?”

Silvia really wanted to spit at him in anger, “Dr. Thames said that you need to do

some reconditioning because of your old illness, otherwise, you will die sooner

or later. This is the medicine that she had prescribed for you.

As soon as he heard about his old illness, Jayden’s face fell in an instant, 1 know my own body very well. I don’t need them to interfere in this

“Okay, so you want them to stay out of it, then what about me? Do you want me to stay out of it too?” Silvia put her hands on her waist, and she looked rather assertive, “Young Master Kyle, just say it and I will not interfere in your matters anymore. Even if you’re dead, I will not bother you.”

He did not want anyone to meddle in his affairs. However, that was not the case for Silvia. In fact, Jayden wished that Silvia would spend more time minding his business. He hoped that she would only focus on him but on the other hand, he did not want to cooperate with the doctor.

When Jayden was silent, Silvia spoke again. Since you’re not saying anything it would take it as a no then. Since that is the case, then what I want you to do now is to take the medicine right away.”

Looking at the bitter medicine on the table, Jayden’s brows knitted together. *Can you ask that doctor if she’s sure this is medicine and not poison?”

However, Silvia wasn’t fooled by him, “Young Master Kyle, you just don’t want to

drink it, do you? How can you say that you’re a man if you can’t even swallow some medicine? You’d better finish it in three minutes. Otherwise, I’ll make you regret it.”

This woman was really pushing her luck. Just because he was nice to her, she

thought that she could take advantage of him. However, he did not want to do as she pleased, “I don’t want to drink it.”

Silvia became a little anxious, “It’s your own body. I can’t drink it for you, can 1?”

At that instant, something popped into Jayden’s mind and he broke into a wicked smile, “I don’t mind you feeding me though.”

Looking at his wicked smile, Silvia knew that he was up to no good. She wanted to not care for him, but the voice in her heart told her to keep him safe and healthy. She must make sure that he would live a long life, or else…

Jayden said again, “If you don’t feed me, then I won’t drink it. It’s up to you.”

“B*stard, if it wasn’t because I would become a widow once you die, I will definitely not mind your business at all” Silvia stared at him fiercely as she said. She picked up the medicine cup, and drank a mouthful. Then, before Jayden

could even react, Silvia held his head and kissed him.

She was feeding him with her mouth. After transferring the mouthful of medicine into Jayden’s mouth, Silvia let go of him and raised her hand to wipe her mouth, “Ugh, it’s so bitter!”

After ingesting the medicine, Jayden licked his lips with a mischievous look on

his face, as if he was reminiscing the taste of her lips. “I didn’t ask you to feed

me like this though.”

He clearly enjoyed it but he pretended like he was the victim. Eventually, Silvia couldn’t stand him being so annoying so she said, “Jayden, do you really think that I won’t dare to hit you?”

Jayden obviously knew that she would dare to hit him. Hence, before she could beat him up, he quickly finished up all the remaining medicine within the stipulated time.

Seeing that Jayden was being so obedient, Silvia finally breathed a sigh of relief and said, “From now onwards, I want you to cooperate with Dr. Thames for your treatment. Don’t always do whatever you want according to your mood. You have to take care of your body, okay?”

Silvia looked serious as she spoke. It was all because she was really concerned about him. However, this man dared to reply so nonchalantly, “No.”

Silvia was at a loss for words.

Forget it! Anyone could tell that he was deliberately trying to annoy her. Therefore, instead of arguing with him now, she might as well monitor him and make sure that he took his medicine in future.

After coming out of Jayden’s villa, Silvia took out her mobile phone to make several phone calls. She wanted to meet up with all the senior employees that had worked for her father.

Silvia had always thought that the reason why Wateria Corporation would be this successful was partly because of Uncle Bachman’s contributions. Hence, the first person who she had made a phone call to was Uncle Bachman.

Uncle Bachman, on the other side of the phone call, did not sound surprised at all to receive her call. He accepted her request with alacrity and they had agreed to meet up at a tea house which was nearby to Uncle Bachman’s place.

Because of his age, Uncle Bachman preferred tea over coffee and desserts. He

enjoyed hanging out and drinking tea with his peers at the tea house. When Silvia arrived at the appointed place, Uncle Bachman was already there. When he saw her, he waved at her, “Silvia, over here.

Silvia hurried over and greeted Uncle Bachman with a smile: “Hi, Uncle Bachman! I haven’t seen you for months. How are you doing?”

I’m good. And you?” Uncle Bachman was an old-timer who had been working alongside Mr. Turner ever since the start of Mr. Turner’s business. He was also one of the people who had watched Silvia being born into this world, growing from a little girl into such a beautiful young lady now. Hence, he had always treated Silvia like his own child. “Girl, you seem to have lost a lot of weight”

Silvia poured a cup of tea for Uncle Bachman and smiled as she said, “Uncle Bachman, have you ever seen me being chubby though? I had always been skinny all my life. But then, although I looked thin, I’m actually not that thin.”

Silvia’s tone was slightly exaggerated and she would even make a few dramatic gestures as she spoke. Looking at her, Uncle Bachman was amused, “Yeah, yeah, how can I forget that. You were very thin when you were a kid. You were so thin that your dad thought you might have some kind of disease and he would take you to different hospitals for check ups. However, all the doctors said that you were very healthy.”

Speaking of the past, Silvia was overwhelmed with emotions. “Yeah, my dad was afraid that something would happen to me, so that was why he was so concerned about me. Oh, and I remember that you and the other senior employees would secretly give me some sweets whenever I went over to the office.”

As they talked about the past, Uncle Bachman was even more deeply moved.

He wiped off the tears that were welling up in the corners of his eyes and said, “A few decades ago, me and others had worked side by side with your dad to start up the business together. Although those days were tough everyone had a great relationship with each other and we were all focused on growing the company. Those were really the happiest days:

“But until a few months ago, just as Wateria Corporation was expanding its business, your father had suddenly died in a car accident. At that time, the ones who had been working alongside him were shocked by the tragic news. However, we quickly realized that we must keep our spirits up and make sure that Wateria Corporation runs well… However, who could have expected that Norman Turner, that b*stard would sell us out”

Speaking of Norman and his gang, Uncle Bachman gritted his teeth in hatred. If he would ever get the chance, he really wished that he could cut off Norman’s flesh and throw it into the sea to feed the fishes.

In the past, when Mr. Turner was still alive, Norman and his gang were honest and hardworking people. Because of that, everyone at the company trusted them.

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