My Husband Warm the Bed- 1122

After Mr. Turner’s death, Uncle Bachman had suggested that they should appoint Norman as the interim CEO of Wateria Corporation and let him lead the others in expanding the company until Silvia was mature and capable enough to take over the company.

After putting forward his opinion, most of the old-timers at the company agreed to it. Then, they met up with Mrs. Turner and consulted her.

Mrs. Turner was of the same opinion, so she agreed to let Norman fill in as the CEO of Wateria Corporation, hoping that he could lead the company to greater heights. Norman would then hand over the company to Silvia after her graduation two years later.

However, no one had expected that Norman was an ungrateful man. After taking control of Wateria Corporation, he immediately betrayed Mrs. Turner’s trust

Within the shortest time, he had fired all the senior executives in the company and appointed his men as the head of all the important departments in the company. In just three months, Wateria Corporation was already under Norman’s full control.

“Uncle Bachman, you are not to blame. The only mistake that we’ve made was that we’ve trusted the wrong person. However, we did learn a valuable lesson this time so we just have to make sure that we don’t repeat the same mistakes again.” Silvia knew that Uncle Bachman had been blaming himself for what had happened. However, it was not his fault at all. He did what he thought was right. No one had expected Norman to turn out like this.

Uncle Bachman sighed, “Silvia, if it wasn’t because of my suggestion, Wateria Corporation wouldn’t have been snatched away by him and the company wouldn’t even fall into such a state at all.”

“Uncle Bachman, we all now know what Norman has been plotting. Even if you’ve never made your suggestions, he would have come up with other ways to take over the company too. Silvia was certain that Norman would definitely do that because he was also the one behind her father’s accident. It was evident that Norman had been scheming to steal Wateria Corporation away from Silvia

“Silvia, I know you will be getting back your shares very soon, and I really want

to help you out, but… Uncle Bachman wiped his tears and continued, “I feel ashamed to go back to the company. Besides, I’m old now. I won’t be of much help to you too

Before meeting Uncle Bachman, Silvia had already expected that he would reject her invitation to return to the company. Therefore, she was already mentally prepared for it. “Uncle Bachman, I’m here today to catch up with you and see how you’re doing. Although you no longer work for Wateria, I still wish for you to have a good life. I’ll ensure that you receive the annual dividend payments you deserve.

Wateria Corporation was something that Uncle Bachman could find sustenance in. He really wanted to make some contributions to the company, but he was worried that he would make things worse like he did the last time. “Silvia, although I can’t go back, I can recommend someone who is definitely capable of helping you to manage the company.”

Uncle Bachman was someone who Silvia could trust. The moment she heard that Uncle Bachman had someone who he could recommend to her, she was a little excited, “Uncle Bachman, who is it?”

Uncle Bachman said, “Wayne Zachary!”

Wayne Zachary!

Silvia thought about it carefully, but couldn’t recall anything about this person. “Uncle Bachman, is Wayne an employee of Wateria Corporation?

“Yes, he has been working in Wateria Corporation for several years now and in my opinion, he is a very capable man.” Uncle Bachman then sent Wayne’s contact information to Silvia, “Of course, it’s just a suggestion. It’s up to you whether you want him to work for you.”

Silvia needed someone who was capable of managing the company and they must be someone who she could trust upon. However, no matter what, Silvia had already made up her mind that she would meet up with Wayne first

After leaving the tea house, Silvia immediately contacted Wayne. Coincidentally, Wayne was free too, so the two had decided to meet at a café near Wateria Corporation.

Then, Silvia drove straight to the café. When she was about to arrive at the café, she received a phone call from Jayden, “Where are you?”

Silvia said, “I’ve got an appointment to go to now.”

Jayden emphasized, “I asked where you are, not what you’re doing.”

This man just liked to mess around sometimes. Silvia was worried that Jayden would come over and mess up her plan, so she simply responded with a random location, “I’m at Preston Building

After Jayden had hung up the phone, Silvia smiled complacently as she

thought, “Huh! You’ll never find me though.”

However, before Silvia could be proud of herself for a little while longer, she saw Jayden, dressed in a formal suit, at the café where she was supposed to meet Wayne.

Sitting across from Jayden was a beautiful woman. She was very well dressed and she was exuding elegance. Silvia did not know what they were talking about and they seemed like they were having a great time chit-chatting,

D*mn it, so that phone call was not to ask her where she was so he could go over to find her. Instead, it was to confirm her location so that he could meet up with that vixen behind her back.

Just a day ago, she thought that although Jayden had all the shortcomings which any other rich and spoiled trust fund baby had, he was at least not a promiscuous man

However, now it seemed like that was not the case at all. Just look at him, he

was in such a good mood.

At that instant, Silvia had already forgotten what was her purpose of coming to this café. Her eyes were fixed on Jayden and the woman. She really wanted to rush up to them and beat the two of them up.

“Miss Turner? Are you Miss Turner?” A silvery male voice held her back. If this man was to call her a little later, she might have already rushed up to Jayden and given him a tight slap on the face.

“Yes, I am. Silvia withdrew her gaze and tried to calm herself down. Then, she forced a smile and said, “Hi, you must be Mr. Zachary, am I right?

“Yes, I am” Wayne replied. He was also dressed in a formal suit. He looked

smart and Silvia could tell that he was taking this interview’ very seriously,

Regardless of whether this person was the managerial talent that she was looking for, Silvia had a good impression of him. He looked decent and was neither too humble nor arrogant as he spoke.

Wayne continued, “Miss Turner, should we take a seat first then?”

“Yeah, sure. Silvia nodded, but her gaze was once again directed towards Jayden. That man was really enjoying his time with that vixen that he did not

even notice her. “Mr. Zachary, could you please have a seat first? I happened to see a good friend of mine at the other table, so I should go over to greet him.” Silvia was Jayden’s wife, so how could she allow that vixen to behave so

wantonly in front of her? Looking at the two of them, Silvia immediately flew

into a rage and she could no longer control her anger.

Hence, she went over to Jayden’s table and greeted him with a smile. “Hi! Young Master Kyle, it looks like you’re having a great time with this pretty lady!”

Silvia appeared out of nowhere, but Jayden was not surprised at all. Instead, he was surprised that she would actually come over to greet him… However, little did he know in the next second, Silvia would do something which would surprise him even more.

Silvia picked up his coffee cup and poured the coffee on the top of his head. “Jayden, do you know what kind of man I hate the most? I hate d*ckheads who cheat on their wives the most

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