My Husband Warm the Bed- 1123

“Jayden, do you know that people like you just disgust me?” He told her that he married her because he wanted to be responsible for her… And that he would be loyal despite having no love between them. Not only that, he even told her that he had never slept with anyone else except for her. All of these were utter bullsh*t!

Thinking of what he had said to her, Silvia was burning with anger and she didn’t care if she was in public at all. At that instant, everyone’s eyes were fixed on her.

Bstard! Fcking sc*m! Did he really think that she was an ignorant child whom he could fool so easily?

Pouring a cup of coffee over his head just could not deliberate her anger anymore so she pointed at him and scolded, “Jayden, a dckhead like you really deserves a beating! Also, don’t you even fcking dare to show up in front of me

ever again, or else, I’ll beat you up each time see you!” Silvia was pissed… so pissed that she wanted to beat Jayden up so badly. She wanted to beat up this unfaithful piece of sh*t into a pulp!

After being doused in coffee and getting chastised in full view of the public, any man would definitely be vexed. However, Jayden was not angry, and there was even a faint smile on his lips. The gentleness in his gaze as he looked at Silvia was unprecedented. D

On the contrary, the woman who was sitting opposite Jayden could no longer hold back her anger. She stood up and pointed her finger at Silvia. “Miss, do you know what you are doing? Do you know that I can report you to the police for

what you’ve done to this gentleman?

“Call the police? Silvia did not like the woman from the start. When Silvia imagined Jayden treating this woman as gently as he did to Silvia, she began to feel even more annoyed. “How dare you report me to the police? I should be the one reporting the two of you!”

D*mn it. No matter what, Silvia’s relationship with Jayden was protected by the law. No matter how beautiful that vixen was or how capable was she in making Jayden happy, she would just be a homewrecking mistress, despised by all! However, on second thought, Silvia realized that this woman might not be

aware that this b*stard Jayden was a married man. There was a possibility that

the woman had been deceived!

Therefore, Jayden, this sctm was still the one to be blamed. If he had restrained himself, such a thing would never happen. All of these proved that he was just putting on a show in front of Silvia when he rejected Audrey without

any hesitation the last time,

Silvia stared at Jayden ferociously, and then said to the beautiful woman who was standing before her, “Let me tell you, there are a lot of b*stards in this world, so don’t ever believe whatever they say to you. Don’t give everything you have to him just because he said some nice things to you. Have you never thought that what he had told you might not be completely true?”

The woman stuttered, ..

Silvia asked, “What?”

“You can leave first.” Seeing that the two women were about to get into a quarrel, the culprit of the incident stood up and spoke. As he spoke, his tone sounded rather jovial,

Jayden Elias Kyle! What did you just say? I dare you to repeat yourself! Silvia clenched her fists. If he dared to say anything that she didn’t want to hear, she would definitely beat him up at that very instant.

Did he just ask her to leave?

Did he really think that he was an emperor that he could just ask anyone to


He was caught red-handed meeting up with another woman behind Silvia’s back. Not only did he not explain himself, but he was also asking Silvia to leave! And in such a commanding tone!

Jay. The woman wanted to say something, but when she saw the look in Jayden’s eyes, she swallowed her words and nodded her head before leaving the café.

In any circumstances, there must be clear evidence to prove that something had indeed happened. Seeing that the woman had left, Silvia anxiously said, “Jayden, don’t ever think that you can just sweep everything under the carpet just because she left. How dare you find another woman while I’m still around. Am I that insignificant to you?”

Without even trying to explain for himself, Jayden suddenly pulled her into his arms and kissed her, “Silly woman, I’m very satisfied with your performance


She had just poured a whole cup of coffee on him, but he was praising her

instead. Silvia thought that she had either heard it wrongly, or something had actually gone wrong with Jayden.

Or. was it sarcasm? He probably had already thought of countless ways to

torture her.

Silvia looked up at him and noticed that his gaze was immensely strange. It was as if he wanted to swallow her at once. Sure enough… This man was indeed thinking of how to torture her.

As she thought of the consequences of provoking him, Silvia began to feel a little terrified. She pushed him away and tried to escape from his arms, “Young Master Kyle, I still have something to attend to, so l’Il have to go off now. Oh, and you can just date whoever you want actually, I’ll just act like I didn’t notice anything. You don’t have to care about how I feel.”

Boohoo! This man was behaving in such a peculiar way that it was too terrifying for her to stay near him. It was true that Silvia was unhappy that he was meeting up with another woman, but she still valued her life more than anything


On the other hand, Jayden had finally seen his wife being jealous because of him, so he was overjoyed. “Okay, let’s go to your appointment together.”

What? He was going to accompany Silvia to her appointment?

However, Silvia thought that he must be plotting something against her, so she quickly refused, “Oh, there’s no need for that. It’s just a casual meeting with an employee, there’s no need for you to come.”

Jayden’s aura could be a little too strong at times. If he showed up, he might actually scare away Silvia’s interviewee inadvertently.

Well, Silvia was right about his terrifying aura. When Wayne saw Silvia dumping the coffee all over Jayden’s head, he was stunned. B

His big boss, Jayden, was well known for being a cold-blooded, cruel, and decisive man… Now that Wayne had witnessed his boss in such an embarrassing situation, he was worried that he would get into trouble.

Therefore, Wayne did not dare to look at Silvia and Jayden anymore. He quickly found a table at a hidden corner and pretended like he did not see what had happened to his boss. What was the most important at this very moment was to stay out of this mess.

Jayden stroked Silvia’s head and said, “Did I ask you for your opinion? Hmm?” Huh! She knew that he must be up to no good. Hence, she must not let him

have his way. “Young Master Kyle, why don’t you go to the washroom and clean yourself up first?” She pointed to his head and saw his hair which was drenched in coffee. At that

instant, Silvia thought that she had really dug a grave for herself.

“Okay! Just as Silvia was feeling uneasy, Jayden nodded his head. Then, before going to the washroom, he hugged her once again and even kissed her. “Wait for me here.”

“Okay.” Silvia replied. As soon as he let go of her, Silvia was so scared that her legs were trembling. She was just not used to him behaving like this.

After watching Jayden entering the washroom, Silvia turned around and

scurried towards where Wayne was. “Mr. Zachary, there was a mishap

earlier. Why don’t we go somewhere else instead?”

Wayne wanted to change a place too, but he did not dare to do so. It was his Boss who had chosen this place, so how could he leave without his permission?

He smiled awkwardly and refused euphemistically, “Miss Turner, I’m afraid that I can’t do that because I’ve got some other things to attend to later, so I don’t have much time left here. I’m so sorry about that.

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