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“Oh.. let’s stick to this place then.” Silvia looked back in the direction of the washroom, and she was worried about what Jayden would do to her when he returned. However, compared to that, Silvia thought that recruiting new talent should be her priority. “Mr. Zachary, if our conversation happens to be interrupted due to some unforeseen circumstances, we’ll have to meet up another time again, is that okay for you?

Wayne nodded and said, “Miss Turner, since you’ve already made yourself clear on the purpose of this meeting during the phone call, so there’s no need for us to beat around the bush. I’ll just tell you everything I know about Wateria Corporation’s current situation.

Silvia nodded, “Okay, please do.”

Silvia understood that Wateria Corporation was currently in a disastrous state. The only thing that was left of the company was its reputation as a long-time brand, so it was no longer an easy thing to retain talents.

More importantly, she understood that with her current ability, there was no way that she could bring Wateria Corporation back to life. Therefore, she needed help, she had to hire talents to manage the company for her. As long as the person in front of her had the capability, she must find a way to retain him.

Wayne listed out all the issues that Wateria Corporation was currently facing, and his analysis was extremely thorough. On the other hand, Silvia knew about these issues too.

She knew how bad Wateria Corporation’s current situation was, but she could not think of a way to solve the problem. Hence, she had no choice but to pin her hopes on Wayne, “Mr. Zachary, I will be getting back my shares in two days… and I don’t want to file for bankruptcy right after I get back my shares. Is there any advice that you can give me on that?”

Silvia asked this question for two reasons. Firstly, she wanted to test if Wayne was as capable as Uncle Bachman said he was. Secondly, she had really put all her hopes on him

Wayne did not expect that Silvia would ask such a direct question, but he did not feel that there was anything wrong with her asking this kind of question at all.

Regardless of whether Wateria Corporation was a profitable company or

not, Jayden had already made up his mind that he would back them up. Moreover, he had already invested huge funding into Wateria Corporation to help with the capital flow. Otherwise, they couldn’t even afford to pay their


The biggest problem that Wateria Corporation was facing now was its poor financial condition. Now that they had already gotten the funding, the remaining issues could be resolved without a hitch. However, Silvia had no clue about this, and Wayne had to make it seem like he was analyzing the entire company situation, to avoid Silvia from discovering Jayden’s investment.

Fortunately, Silvia was still unfamiliar with business concepts, and on top of that, Wayne and Jayden had already planned out what they would say to her beforehand, so Silvia did not notice anything at all.

Silvia couldn’t understand most of the things that Wayne was talking about, but she did not want him to look down on her. Therefore, she would nod her head from time to time, pretending that she understood everything.

While Wayne was speaking, he saw that his boss coming over to their table

so he instinctively stood up. However, after receiving a knowing look from his boss, he immediately sat back down.

Silvia noticed his strange behavior. The moment she turned her head, she saw that Jayden was walking towards them. She immediately stood up and walked to his side and whispered, “Young Master Kyle, it’s a work meeting so you must not interrupt me, okay? Even if you’re not happy with me, please don’t do anything now. I will let you do whatever you want once we get back home tonight.”

“Do whatever I want tonight?” This offer was just too tempting. At that moment, Jayden thought that it would be a waste if he did not actually find any faults

with her.

*Yes, yes.” Silvia nodded her head vigorously, fearing that he would not believe her. As long as my work goes smoothly, I will do as you say.”

“Okay, I won’t interrupt you then.” Jayden accepted her request with alacrity. Of course he would. How could he not accept such a great offer that his silly wife had made?

“Thank you!” In order to please him, Silvia had even given him a bright smile.

Jayden sat next to her and did not interrupt their conversation at all. However, Wayne, who was sitting opposite him, was feeling a little uneasy. No matter what he said, he would look towards his boss, fearing that he might

accidentally say something that he should not have said.

Although he was worried that he would make mistake in front of his boss, Wayne was still an expert in his field after all. Once he had gotten into his working mode, he immediately slipped into his professional persona and no longer cared much about Jayden. This was also the reason why Jayden had chosen him to assist Silvia in managing the company.

Listening to Wayne’s words and the professional language that he was using, Silvia was still confused. Hence, she looked towards Jayden, trying to hint him that she needed help. “Save me!” She mouthed.

Jayden immediately signaled Wayne to simplify what he had just said so that Silvia could understand it completely. Since his boss wanted him to do that, Wayne had no choice but to repeat himself once again.

After explaining for another time, Silvia finally understood everything. However, at the same time, she had realized how impotent she was, so she had been moody on their journey back home.

Jayden, who was driving, took a glance at her and said, “Wayne looks quite decent though. Why are you not happy?”

Silvia said sullenly, “I’m just angry at myself

Jayden asked, “Angry at yourself?”

Silvia lowered her head, feeling discouraged and said, “I just realized that I’ve been thinking too highly of myself, and in fact, I’m just an ignorant fool who can’t get anything done.”

After listening to her words, not only did Jayden not comfort her, he nodded and said, “At least you still have some self-awareness, so it’s not the worst case.”

Silvia reached out her hand and pinched him. “Jayden, do you have any


Jayden asked, “What’s conscience?”

Silvia was speechless.

She did not want to talk to this b*stard anymore. Silvia thought that if she was to talk to him for a minute longer, he would definitely get under her skin,

Just as Silvia was feeling annoyed, Jayden spoke again, “Silvia, that’s the reality of this society. It doesn’t mean that you can get everything done just because you have conscience.”

Jayden’s words were cruel, but it was very true. This was also what Silvia had

deeply experienced, especially during the past few months.

Fortunately, other than her mother, she had two best friends and… Then, Silvia turned her head and looked at Jayden. She looked at his gorgeous profile and thought to herself, he was also one of the people who had given her a helping hand when she had hit a bad patch after her father’s death,

It could be just a coincidence, or perhaps he just wanted to help her, or maybe there were many other possibilities too. However, as long as he was by her side, it seemed like she could be more confident as she faced those challenges ahead of her.

When she was with him, she would always instinctively tell him whatever that was hidden deep down in her heart. Perhaps, it was because she knew that he was willing to be her listener. “I used to follow my father around a lot, and I’ve always thought that I’m someone who is going to do something big in the future, but what did I manage to do now? I can’t think of a way to save the company.”

Jayden stretched out his right hand and squeezed her hand, trying to comfort her, “Who said that you have not found a way to save the company?

Silvia rolled her eyes at him and said, “Can you stop making fun of me

already? I know what I am capable of, okay?”

Jayden said, “Isn’t hiring managerial talent to help you manage the company a way to save the company? Besides, when we were born, we did not know how to eat on our own. Does that make us stupid then?”

Listening to Jayden’s words, Silvia thought that what he had said did make sense. At that instant, Silvia’s mood had gotten a little happier, but she pretended to be humble. “Those are two different matters though.” D

Jayden then said, “Each of us has our own strengths and of course our own shortcomings too. Managing a company is not what you’re good at, but when it comes to fighting, there’s not many who are better than you, right?”

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