My Husband Warm the Bed- 1125

Just as Silvia had started to grow fond of Jayden, his words immediately destroyed the feelings she had for him. “Jayden, how can you laugh at me like this? Are you even human?

“Am I not human?” Jayden curled his lips and smiled evilly. “Then what was that

thing that did those crazy things on the bed with you this morning?

Silvia pouted her lips and glared at him, “Beast!”

Silvia was already so anxious with the problems that she was facing at that moment, but this man still had the mood to make fun of her. He was not showing any compassion for her at all.

Perhaps, it was not that he did not have any sympathy for her, but he had given all his love and tenderness to another woman, to the woman who could make him happy

When she thought of the beautiful woman who Jayden had met up with that afternoon, Silvia’s mood got even worse. She looked away and ignored Jayden,

refusing to talk to him.

Seeing that she was in a low mood out of a sudden, Jayden reached out his right hand to caress her head and played his trump card, “I’ll treat you to dinner tonight. What do you feel like eating?

In the past, when it came to food, Silvia could just leave all the troubles that she had behind her in an instant. To her, there was nothing that could not be solved by having a good meal. If there was a big problem, then two hearty meals would solve it.

However, when Silvia heard about food that day, she could not cheer up at all. She was still feeling dejected as she thought about Wateria Corporation’s current situation and the woman who was with Jayden that afternoon, so she said, “I don’t feel like eating anything, just want to go home and accompany my mother. You can just drop me off anywhere around here.”

Just moments ago, she was still pouring her heart out, but now she was starting to avoid him again. Jayden furrowed his brows and asked, “Silvia, have you forgotten what you’ve said?”

“What did I say?” Silvia had really forgotten what she had said. However, when she saw Jayden’s glum face, she suddenly recalled her own words. “I did say that you can do whatever you want to me tonight, but I’m really not quite in the

mood now. Let’s do it next time.”

Moreover, she was in a bad mood mostly because of him. So, he should really stay away from her for the time being, or else, she would beat him up if he

angered her again.

“Starting from today, you will get two hours every day to visit your mother and you must go home with me at night” Jayden did not know why Silvia was in a bad mood. He thought that she just did not want to spend time with him, so his

words were somewhat oppressive.

Silvia hurriedly shouted at him, Jayden, why do I only get two hours to see my Mom? Who are you to control me?”

Jayden answered confidently. “I’m your husband. Have you ever seen any married woman who would still cuddle up to her mother every day? And not go home with her husband?”

Silvia felt wronged as she shouted. “So you still remember that you’re my husband huh? Then what were you thinking when you’re meeting up with another behind my back? Did you forget that you’re my husband when you’re with her?”

Initially, Silvia did not want to dwell on this matter anymore, thinking that their marriage was a mistake anyway. However, she just could not help but keep thinking about Jayden and that woman. She was curious what was the relationship between them, and she was upset recalling the gentle way Jayden treated the woman.

In the past, whenever Jayden mentioned the word ‘husband’, Silvia would definitely make a fuss about it. She never wanted to admit to their relationship However, she was behaving differently now. She was questioning him in such a jealous and satirical tone. It was so obvious that she was jealous!

Jayden was in a good mood as he listened to her. He reached out his hand to stroke her head and said in a gentle voice, “Silvia, I’ve never forgotten my identity as your husband.

He said that he had never forgotten about his identity as her husband. Wouldn’t that mean that he did it knowingly? This is even more unforgivable. “Jayden Elias Kyle, you’re really a piece of sh*t!”

She scolded him because she was jealous. Therefore, Jayden was not angry at her. Instead, he smiled at her and said, “Why am I a piece of sh+t? Tell me!”

Silvia was never the kind who could keep her grievances to herself, so she said,

“Jayden, don’t you think that you owe me an explanation?”

“What do you want me to explain to you?” Jayden obviously knew what she wanted to hear, but he deliberately pretended that he did not know. He wanted her to say it herself.

*That woman just now…M Thinking of that woman and how gentle Jayden was to

her, Silvia suddenly felt a little scared. She was afraid that he would say

something that she did not want to hear. This was the first time ever in her entire life that she was so afraid of something that she had to choose to escape. “Forget it, you don’t have to explain anything to me. Our marriage is just a joke anyway. You are free to date any women you like. I’m not in the position to question you.”

“What do you mean by saying that our marriage is just a joke? Are you saying that our marriage certificate is fake?” Just as Silvia was about to question him about that woman, she stopped. Jayden was very upset, so he had to make it clear to her. Otherwise, this silly woman would never understand it for the rest of her life. “Silvia, you are my lawfully wedded wife. If you don’t have the right to ask me about it, then who else in this world has the right to do so?” D

Since he had said so, she had no reason to stop asking then. Then tell me who’s that woman?”

Jayden explained in a serious manner, “That woman came to report to me on some work progress. I have nothing to do with her except for being her boss.”

“Report on some work progress? If that is the case, then why do you need to get so close to each other? Why do you guys have to laugh so happily? Also, I’ve never seen you going to work anyway! All you do is spend your father’s money, so what work progress would she report to you?” Silvia obviously did not believe him, so she continued, “B*stard, I’ve already said that I won’t ask you anything about that woman anymore, but you’re making me do it again. Now that I am, you still wouldn’t tell me the truth.”

Listening to this silly woman’s endless question, Jayden was electrified. He was so happy that he felt like he was in seventh heaven.

Jayden wanted Silvia to ask him a few more questions, but he knew that she was an impatient person. If he did not explain it to her at that instant, she would never give him any more chances to explain to her in the future. “Silvia, every single word that I’ve ever said to you is true. I’ve never lied to you.”

“Okay, um.” Silvia almost believed what he had said to her, but when she noticed the mocking look in his eyes, she asked “What are you laughing at?” Jayden quickly pulled over. After the car had completely stopped, he leaned over towards Silvia and kissed her aggressively, holding her head in his palms.

Just as Silvia was almost out of breath, he let go of her and gave her a gentle smile. “I’m laughing at you, silly girl. You look adorable when you’re jealous

“Jealous? Who said that I’m jealous?” She was denying it, but she had somehow realized that her behavior did seem like she was jealous. Silvia panicked and hurriedly denied, “I, I’m not, I’m not jealous. Why, why would I be jealous?”

“You weren’t jealous?” Jayden looked at her and smiled gently,

Silvia was so nervous that she was stuttering as she spoke. It was especially when she saw that gentle look in Jayden’s eyes that she had become even more nervous. It was as if he had seen through her. “Jayden, you’d better not talk nonsense, or I will beat you up now.”

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