My Husband Warm the Bed- 1126

“Okay, I won’t talk nonsense, ‘ll just do it! This silly woman was just too adorable when she was jealous. She looked even cuter when she was trying to deny it. Jayden could not resist himself from teasing her. He held her head once again and kissed her.

“Stop messing around, Jayden! We’re still on the street, and the people outside can see us!” Silvia tried to push him away, but she couldn’t All she could do was to accept his kiss.

His kiss was gentle as if he wanted her to sink into his world so that she could not escape from him. As it went on, his kiss became exceedingly overbearing. He was so dominant that she could only submit to him. It was as if he was telling her that if he wanted to keep her by his side, she would not be able to escape from him.

The long and overbearing kiss lasted for a long time.

Jayden looked at Silvia’s red, swollen lips as he licked his lips in reminiscence and broke into an evil smile. “We can see them from the inside the car, but they can’t see us from the outside.”

He had no time to explain to her while he was busy kissing. So, this was the very first sentence that he had said to her right after the kiss. Silvia felt so sweet, like her heart was dipped In honey. “But even so, we’re still on the streets. It’s not that appropriate to do this

“What’s wrong with me kissing my wife?” The more Jayden looked at Silvia, the prettier he thought she was. He was starting to get the urge to hold her in his arms and kiss her again.

Silvia understood the look in his eyes so she quickly moved to get away from him. “Jayden, can you please pay attention to where you are for once? You are a human being, not an animal. You can’t be aroused any time you want!”

Jayden was at a loss for words.

This woman just liked to annoy him!

Silvia tried to push the car door open, but it did not work. She looked back at Jayden and said, “Jayden, open the door. I’ll take a taxi home.”

Jayden asked, “Who said that you can go home?”

“Can this man just stop being so overbearing?” Silvia thought to herself as she

sniffled and said, “My father had just left us not too long ago. I just can’t be at ease knowing that my mom is at home by herself. I have to go over to accompany her

Jayden said, “Silvia, your father has been gone for several months now. Since he can’t take care of you and your mother anymore, both of you should learn to be independent and learn how to take care of yourselves. There is no one in this world who can accompany you for your entire lives.

What about Jayden? Would he not stay by Silvia’s side for the rest of her life? Would he suddenly disappear from her life one day just like her father and Felix?”

After listening to Jayden’s words, this thought appeared in Silvia’s mind. But

why did she have this idea?

It could not be!

Silvia immediately shook her head, trying to expel this idea that should never have existed in her mind. “Your parents are still alive, of course that’s easy for you to say. You’ll never go through the pain that I’ve experienced for the past months.”

In fact, Jayden did. More than ten years ago, he had gone through the pain that she was currently experiencing. Jayden witnessed his biological parents miserable death in a horrible car accident

At that time, if weren’t for his mother who had shielded him with her body, Jayden would have already died in that car accident at a young age. His parents had given him his first life, and Jayden had gotten his second life in exchange of his mother’s life.

After the car accident, the culprit had paid Jayden a sum of 50,000 dollars in compensation. That was how much his parents’ lives were worth. What was even worse was that the compensation that he had received were all taken away by his unscrupulous relatives

At first, no one was willing to adopt him. But after he had received the compensation, everyone rushed to adopt him… At the end of the day, they were all just a bunch of scoundrels targeting the money. Therefore, they were no less horrible than Norman who had taken Wateria Corporation away from Silvia after her father’s death

Those people only cared about money. None of them were actually concerned about his well-being. No one knew the trauma that he had experienced watching his parents being killed before his eyes at such a young age. No one

knew that he was so traumatized that he could not sleep at night. Later, when he came to the Kyle family, he could really feel the love and care that everyone had given him. It was only then his situation had gradually gotten better. Ever since he was adopted into the Kyle family, his life had undergone an immense change and those changes had made what he was today.

The crashed car, the decapitated bodies. It had been more than a decade since the car accident took place, but whenever Jayden thought of those bloody scenes, he would feel as if he had fallen into hell again.

Jayden fell silent again. Seeing that he looked a little upset, Silvia quickly reached out her hand and tugged his arm, “What’s the matter, Young Master Kyle?

“It’s nothing” He smiled. The past was already the past. Now that he had Silvia, a lively and chatty girl by his side, he no longer felt that life was dull and boring

Silvia knew that he had something on his mind, but he was unwilling to share his thoughts with her, so she was feeling a little distressed. “Jayden, let’s go home. I’ll call my mom and tell her that won’t be going back home to

accompany her today.”

Jayden asked, “You’re not going back home to see her?”

Silvia did not want to say that it was because she wanted to accompany him, so she came up with a random excuse. “Well, since I’ve already promised you that you can do whatever you want tonight, then I’ll have to keep my promise!! must not let you get the chance to call me a liar, or else you’d never believe me anymore.”

Jayden was pleased knowing that she had such an intention, so he drove her back to her house and said, “Don’t worry about the company, everything will fall into place eventually.” Then, Jayden raised his left hand and looked at the time. “It’s 5:20 now. I’ll come pick you up in two hours.”

He did not mention anything about visiting his mother-in-law himself, because he was waiting for Silvia to accept him eventually. Then, she would bring Jayden home happily to introduce him to her mother.

Didn’t Silvia say that she was not going home? But he still sent her home anyway. This was a surprise, and she did not think that there was anything wrong with the two-hour time limit, so she said, “Why don’t you go back home first. I will take a taxi home later.”

Two hours was not that long, but she felt guilty for letting him wait for her. She had a conscience after all.

Jayden pinched her rosy cheeks and smiled as he said, “Silvia, there’s only 1 hour and 50 minutes left now.”

Silvia pouted her lips, “Huh, no.. How can you do this?”

Jayden said, “Well, that’s how I do things. It’s not like you don’t know, right?”

Silvia was speechless.

Well, Silvia was really at a loss for words. He was still that overbearing and unreasonable man. However, the more time they spent together, Silvia gradually realized that he was not as annoying anymore, and she even felt that he was

somewhat adorable.

Before getting out of the car, Silvia suddenly leaned over towards him and gave him a peck on the cheek. Right after the kiss, she opened the door and immediately got out of the car. She stood outside of the car and waved to Jayden, “I’ll see you later then!”

“Okay” Jayden nodded and watched her leave. At the same time, he slowly raised his hand and placed his fingertips on the place where she had just kissed him.

Her lips were soft and it felt very nice on his cheek, which made him want her

even more.

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