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After watching Silvia entering the lobby, Jayden picked up his mobile phone and called Wayne. “What’s the progress on the acquisition of the fractional shares?” Jayden had given his subordinates, Wayne, and Lydia Gibson the full authority over Wateria Corporation’s affairs, but he would still check on the new updates every single day.

Wayne immediately replied, “Sir, you can rest assured on that. Kaylee Corporation has already taken back 40% of the shares in the market. Once Miss Turner gets back all her shares, she will be the biggest shareholder of Wateria Corporation at 60%, you would be the second-largest shareholder. Wateria Corporation is a food company, and most of the shares that was sold in the market were all acquired by Kaylee Corporation, which is also a food company. This would definitely benefit Wateria Corporation’s future development, and Miss Turner would never know that you were the one helping her from behind.

Kaylee Corporation was Rovio’s subsidiary company and it was under Jayden’s management. They mainly engaged in food businesses and it was quite famous in Madison City. However, no one knew that it was owned by the Kyles too.

So, Jayden had let Lydia, the person in charge of Kaylee Corporation, to boldly acquire all the fractional shares in the market.

In fact, in Jayden’s opinion, Wateria Corporation was just a small company. Wateria’s annual profits were far less than Kaylee’s monthly profits. However, Jayden still insisted on investing in it to help Silvia keep her father’s legacy. Even if it would not make any money, everything would be worth it as long as Silvia was happy.

Jayden added, “Silvia is not completely confident in you yet. You must make sure that you prove yourself to her and gain her trust, so that she would let you manage the company.”

When Jayden mentioned about that, Wayne felt a little hesitant. “Sir, Miss Turner had once fallen into Norman Turner’s trap. Hence, she’s particularly wary of people now. I’m afraid that it would be difficult for me to completely gain her trust in such a short period of time.

Jayden raised his eyebrows and said, “She’s distrusting, but can’t you just find a way to convince her to believe in you? What she needs the most at this moment is a talented person who can help her grow the company. I’ve already

made all the preparations, but you’re saying that you can’t do it now?”

Wayne said, “Alright, Sir, well noted. I will take a good look at the proposal for Wateria Corporation’s development plans tonight and hand it over to Miss Turner tomorrow.”

Jayden wanted to continue, but there was another call coming in. It was from Silvia, so he immediately said, “Tell Lydia to keep up the good work.

Before Wayne could reply him, Jayden hung up the phone and answered Silvia’s

call. It was obvious that his tone had turned a lot softer as he asked, “What’s

the matter?”

*Young Master Kyle, have you gone back home?” Silvia’s soft voice sounded through the phone and into Jayden’s ear, which melted his heart. “How could 1 go back home without my wife?”

Silvia was starting to get used to him calling her as his wife. “Where are you


Jayden said, “I’m just wandering around”

When Jayden said this, Silvia happened to walk out of the lobby. When she looked up, she saw that his silver luxury car was still parked not too far away from the condominium. She couldn’t help scoffing, “What a liar!”

Jayden asked, “What did you say?”

Silvia prompted him, “Look back, on your right:

Jayden turned around and saw her walking towards him with a smile on her face. The dazzling light of the sunset was shining on her, but it was his heart that was warmed up.

It was in that split second when Jayden saw her coming, that he finally

understood something. His heart felt cosy and filled with immense warmth.

After waiting for so many years, there was finally a person who was willing to come to him, someone who was willing to stay by his side, going through all the ups and downs in life.

With Silvia by his side, he would no longer be lonely

After a momentary daze, Jayden immediately opened the car door and got out of the car. He pulled Silvia into his arms and asked her emotionally, “It has only been less than half an hour, why are you here already?”

“Alas, I went home to accompany my mother, but she was so busy chatting with the neighbors that she had no time for me at all. I’m still angry at her now.” Silvia could not tell him that she was chased out by her mother because she

was so preoccupied with her thoughts about Jayden when she was home. Jayden embraced her and kissed her. “So you didn’t come out earlier because you don’t want me to wait for too long?”

“How is that possible? That’s not it!” Jayden’s guess was spot on. Did he actually know how to read minds? Silvia denied repeatedly, “Jayden, who do you think you are? I only think about money all day, and you’re not it!” The more she denied it, the more obvious she was. Jayden hugged her and

asked, “It really wasn’t because of me?”

Silvia firmly denied, “Of course not!

However, no matter what the reason was, Jayden knew that this silly girl did care about him, at least a little.

He hugged her tightly for one last time and said, “Let’s go home then

“Okay.” Silvia was a little flustered because he had seen right through her. She quickly got in the front passenger seat obediently. “Didn’t you say that you’ll

treat me to a nice meal tonight? Is it still on?”

“What do you feel like eating then?” Jayden got in the car and held her hand,

“I’m in a good mood today, so you can eat whatever you want.”

Silvia glanced at him and smiled slyly. “I want to drink!”

Jayden’s face darkened. “You’re not allowed to drink anymore.

Silvia pulled a funny face at him and said, “I knew that you wouldn’t agree to it.”

Jayden said grumpily, “You know that I won’t agree to it, but you’re still trying your luck huh? Are you trying to get into a fight with me?”

Silvia smiled and said, “Let’s go home then. Let’s go home and eat the dishes

that Auntie Cherry had prepared.”

Silvia had been having her meals at home these days, so she had gotten used to it. Silvia thought that Auntie Cherry’s cooking was a little bland, but it was

still more delicious than what she could get outside

It was just like how Silvia had gone from despising Jayden and plotting to leave him, to thinking that he was quite adorable after getting along with him.

Indeed, the habit was a frightening thing. Once something has become a habit.

it would feel fine doing it!

Jayden started the car engine and said, “Okay, let’s go home.

“Let’s go home together. Go back to the house that belongs to the two of us.”

It was late September and the temperature in Madison City varied greatly throughout the day. The sun would shine so brightly that one could suffer from sunburn. However, at night, it would be so windy that one could catch a cold.

Silvia was aware of Jayden’s physical condition, so she was worried that he would catch a cold. Therefore, after dinner, she brought over the medicine that Dr. Thames had prepared for him.

Jayden was in the study. Silvia did not knock on the door and barged in “Young

Master Kyle, it’s time to take your medicine!”

Jayden was on the phone. When he saw Silvia coming in, he immediately put down his mobile phone and asked, “What’s this?”

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