My Husband Warm the Bed- 1128

“It’s to prevent you from catching a cold” Silvia put the medicine on his work desk and waved the candy in her hand. “Look, I’ve specially prepared this for you. It won’t taste so bitter after you eat the candy.”

“I’m not sick. Why do I need to take this medicine?” Did this young lady really

see Jayden as a three year-old boy? Did she think that she could make him take

the medicine by giving him some candies? She must be dreaming! “You’re not sick?’ Silvia said angrily, “Jayden Elias Kyle, if you don’t behave obediently and cooperate with Dr. Thames to recondition your body, I will not attend to you anymore even if you get a fever and faint”

“Can’t you speak nicely to me?” Jayden hated the scent of medicine the most. Couldn’t she persuade him in a nice way, instead of threatening him?

“The medicine and the candy are here… Silvia took out her mobile phone and looked at the time. “I’ll give you a minute to think about it. After the time is up, I will take away the candy, but you’ll still have to take the medicine.”

I’ll drink it, alright?!” No matter how awful it was, he had to drink it. He had to make sure that he could live a long life, otherwise, who would take care of this silly woman in the future?

“Very good!” Silvia immediately put on a smiling face and handed him the medicine. After watching him emptying the medicine cup, she said, “Here, eat this candy. It will get rid of the bitterness.”

Jayden frowned in disgust and said, “I’m a man, I don’t need to eat this. Take it

away, I don’t want it!”

Silvia rolled her eyes at him. “It was no doubt that you’re a man, but you’re still a human being, right? You would still get sick, wouldn’t you? I wonder who was, who kept getting fevers and catching colds.”

While Silvia was talking, Jayden suddenly pulled her into his arms. Before she could even react, Jayden had already lowered his head and kissed her on the


“Boohoo.. It was so bitter. His lips were covered with that awfully bitter medicine, but he still kissed Jayden obviously wanted to make Sylvia to suffer with him. This man was just too annoying. She must not forgive him! Silvia suffer

Silvia wrinkled her nose and squinted her eyes due to the bitterness. However,

Jayden’s face was full of delight. “It’s so good! It tastes so sweet!” Silvia wiped her lips in disgust. “It’s so bitter but you’re saying that it’s sweet. There must be something wrong with your taste buds!”

I’m talking about you! You taste so sweet.”


Jayden smiled and held her in his arms again, enjoying the best of her that belonged only to him.

After getting all her shares back, Silvia finally realized how heavy the burden was being the boss of a company.

Wateria Corporation was not a huge company, but there were still a few hundred employees. All of them were counting on the company to make good profits, and she was the core figure to ensure that all her staff could continue to strive in their career

When Silvia thought that she would have to face so many people and hold countless meetings, she was stressed out

She glanced at Jayden who was reading a book next to her and snuggled up to

him. “Young Master Kyle, I have something to ask you.”

Jayden did not even raise his head to look at her. “Mm?”

Therefore, Silvia reached out her hand and took away the book in his hand, asking him to listen carefully to what she was going to say next. “If I were to fire a core executive of a department right after taking over the company, do you think that it’s inappropriate?” En

However, before he could even answer her, Silvia put the book back into his hand and said, “Forget it, you don’t even know how to manage a company. I’d better get advice from someone who actually does

Jayden raised his eyebrows. This little girl was looking down on him again.

Silvia lay down on the sofa in an unladylike manner and said, “Before this, I’ve always thought that being the boss of a company was fun. All you have to do is give orders and everyone else would have to follow them, and you can just fire whoever that’s not following your orders. But little did I know, that was not the case at all. It’s completely different from what I’ve imagined.”

Seeing that she was so distressed, Jayden closed the book and said unhurriedly, “A boss who fires a competent employee right after taking over a company might cause outrage, and result in a bad impression on you. And

because of that, I’m afraid that it would then be difficult for you to reestablish a convincing leadership over your employees. However, if you were to fire someone who abused their powers, it would definitely be inspirational. It would be an opportunity to let those outstanding employees see that this company still has a meritocratic and hopeful future, and they would be willing to stay”

“Hmm… yeah” Silvia nodded and expressed her admiration for him. “Wow, I’ve never seen you do anything all day, but what you’ve said were actually on point.”

Jayden was speechless.

What did she mean? Just how useless did he seem to her?

Silvia got up and put on her backpack. “Young Master Kyle, thanks for your

opinion! I’m going to the company to host a meeting now.”

Jayden said, “I’ll ask the driver to send you over to the company then.” Silvia said, “It’s quite easy to get a taxi at this hour. Don’t bother the driver.”

Jayden said, “You’re now the boss of a company, and you don’t even have your own car. Don’t you think that you look a little too shabby?

Silvia said, “Young Master Kyle, can’t we talk without criticizing each other? You just had to make me angry, don’t you?”

Jayden got up and said, “Let’s go.”

Silvia asked, “Where are we going?”

Jayden said, “I’m going out, too. I’ll drop you off on the way.”

He was obviously making a special trip to send her to the company, but he was too embarrassed to say it out loud. So, he came up with an excuse, saying that

he was doing it out of convenience.

Silvia agreed reluctantly. “Okay then”

In half an hour, the two had arrived at Wateria Corporation, After Jayden had pulled up at the entrance of the office, Silvia got out of the car and said to Jayden, Thank you, Young Master Kyle!”

Jayden said, “Mm.” He accepted her gratitude.

Silvia waved at him and said, “I’ll go in now then.”

“Wait” Jayden got out of the car and ignored the people around them. He adjusted Silvia’s collar and said, “Remember, you are the main character today, so you must not lose your aura.”

Silvia nodded obediently. “That’s what I’m good at. If anything goes wrong. I’ll just crush them with my aura. If they dare to ignore my orders, i’ll tell them that I have the young master of the Kyle family as my backing. They will definitely scare to their death.

Jayden really hoped that Silvia would actually threaten them with his name, but he knew that she would never do that.

Silvia’s words were just a joke. It was absolutely impossible for her to use such

a method.

Silvia had a strong personality. Although she had almost gone crazy because of the company’s affairs in the past two days, she had never thought of asking for his help

Jayden could not help but reach out his hand to caress her head. “Okay, you should go in now. If you perform well, there would be a nice dinner waiting for you at home tonight.”

Silvia said with a smile. “Thank you, Young Master Kyle!”

After thanking Jayden, Silvia trotted towards the lobby of the building. However, two steps later, she felt that something was not right, so she decided to slow down her pace.

It was because Silvia was wearing a pair of high heels, paired with a white shirt and a black skirt. It was a formal look that made her look shrewd and experienced

Seeing that she was trying so hard to adapt to her new identity as the boss of a company, Jayden nodded with satisfaction. He took out his mobile phone and called Wayne, “Make sure that nothing goes wrong during the meeting today.”

After giving his order, Jayden was still a little worried. He really wanted to be by Silvia’s side during the meeting. After all, Silvia was still a newbie. The business industry was like a battlefield.

One careless mistake, and she would be smashed into pieces.

If he did not watch after her, this young lady wouldn’t even know if someone had sold her out. If something had really happened to her, how was Jayden going to live without her?

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