My Husband Warm the Bed- 1129

Since there was a new boss coming in, all the heads of departments had attended the meeting. Everyone was present, which made Silvia feel that she was being respected

The first agenda of the meeting was to fire the manager of the Public Relations Department. After that, Silvia had nominated Audrey as the new manager of that department.

In order to convince everyone, Silvia had put in a lot of effort in this matter. When Audrey said that there was something wrong with the former PR manager, Silvia had immediately sent someone to investigate it. Sure enough Audrey’s claims were all true.

Therefore, she had collected all the relevant evidence on the former manager to prove that he had indeed sexually harassed his female subordinates.

After revealing this, Silvia immediately fired the PR manager. Seeing that the former manager was unable to give any excuses, all the other heads of departments were completely won over.

Subsequently, with Wayne’s help. Silvia had made some internal staff adjustments and even did a presentation on the company’s future development plan.

At first, Silvia could still keep up with everyone’s pace. However, as the meeting went on, the more confused Silvia was. There were even a few occasions that she did not understand what everyone was talking about at all.

The meeting only lasted for two hours and there were not even that many issues that were discussed during the meeting, but Silvia felt like she was at war. When she returned to the office, she was exhausted.

“Oh my god, how do people actually do this?”. In the past, Silvia would always think that her father’s job was quite relaxing. She thought that being the CEO of a company was the easiest job. However, now, she knew that although they seemed relaxed, they were in fact under a lot of pressure.

As the CEO of the company, every decision that she had made was related to the survival and the future development of the company. That kind of pressure felt like there was a gigantic mountain hanging above her head, which could crash upon her and kill her at any time.

Before Silvia could recover from her exhaustion, a phone call came in. It was

Jayden. The timing was so on point that Silvia thought that he might have planted his spies around her. She answered the call and said feebly, “My dear Young Master Kyle, what’s the

matter? Do you know that I’m so tired now that I don’t even have the energy to

talk to you on the phone?”

Jayden’s seductive and mellow voice sounded in Silvia’s ear. “It’s lunchtime now, and it’s very boring to eat by myself, so I’m wondering if Mrs. Kyle has the time to have lunch with me?”

Silvia, who was lying on the table, lifted her head slightly and replied, “Nah, don’t want to move around. I’m too tired now. If you’re bored, you can find someone else to accompany you.

Jayden said, “So you’re asking me to find another woman to have lunch with me?”

Silvia suddenly stood up and said angrily. Jayden, I dare you! If you dare to ask

another woman out, I’ll definitely skin you alive!”

This girl would always get jealous so easily. Jayden curled his lips and broke into a gentle laugh. “I’ll go over to your company then. We’ll have lunch together.”

Silvia refused at once, “No, you can’t come!”

Jayden said, “If I can’t find another woman, nor can I find you… then could you

please tell me, Mrs. Kyle, what should I do instead?” B

Silvia thought for a moment. She would never allow another woman to accompany him. What if they happened to develop feelings for each other after spending time together? So what should she do now?

After thinking for a while, Silvia had finally made up her mind. She was tired, but she must not let anyone take him away from her, so she said, “Where are you? I’ll go over to you now.”

Now that Jayden’s plan had succeeded, he was excited and his voice sounded a little more cheerful than before. “I’m already there at your building, just come to the 16th floor. It’s a steakhouse.”

Silvia loved to eat meat, so even if Jayden didn’t like it, he would still take her

out to eat some meat every now and then. As long as he could satisfy her

cravings, everything would be fine.

When Silvia arrived at the restaurant, she noticed that Jayden had already ordered the dishes beforehand. Looking at the grilled steak, pork burger, and

buffalo wings on the table, Silvia was already salivating. “Young Master Kyle, did you specially order all these for me?”

“No.” Seeing that her face had darkened, Jayden quickly changed his words. “If

I didn’t order it for you, who else can I order for?”

“Hmph, it’s good that you know what you should do!” As soon as Silvia sat down, Jayden pushed a bowl of minestrone soup to her and said, “Drink some soup first

Silvia looked at the thick and juicy grilled steak, and the aroma was to die for. “But I want to eat the steak first.”

“If you don’t listen to me, you won’t get to eat anything else.” Jayden threatened.

Therefore, Silvia finished the bowl of warm soup obediently. After that, Jayden

pushed the plate of steak to her and said, “Eat slowly.”

Silvia then stuffed the food into her mouth and spoke in a muffled voice, “How can I eat slowly with all these delicious food in front me?”

Jayden reminded her, “Your company is just upstairs. What if your employees happened to see their new boss eating like this? It won’t be very nice, right?”

“Yeah, you’re right Silvia nodded and suddenly thought of something. “You

should hide then, Young Master Kyle. Don’t let them see you.”

Jayden said, “I’m not the one with those horrible table manners anyway. Why can’t I let them see me?”

Silvia said, “No matter what, we must not let them see you.”

Jayden put down his fork and said in displeasure, “Are you that ashamed of me?”

Silvia felt that she had indeed gone a little too far, so she explained, “Well. you see, I just took over the company, so I should focus on my work and the staff should pay attention to my work instead of my private life! But look at yourself. You are so rich and handsome and you’re here having lunch with me. It’s

impossible for me to keep a low profile

Silvia could not tell him the actual reason for it. She couldn’t be telling him that because there were too many beautiful ladies working at the company, so she was worried that they would have their eyes on him.

Therefore, in order to avoid any unwanted attention on him, the best way was to not let those people see him. Then, she would not have to worry about another woman stealing him away from her.

Jayden accepted her explanation and said, “If you keep behaving furtively like

this of course. they would be interested in your private life. On the other hand, if you’re frank about our relationship and tell them that you’re already married, no one will ever gossip about your private life again

I want to do that too, but… Silvia glanced at Jayden and suddenly felt a little depressed. “What if someone asks me how we met? What do you want me to say? I can’t be saying that you purchased me, right?”

The way they met and got married, was something Silvia had minded a lot, so

much so that she still could not get over it. This was also the reason why she

still could not bring Jayden home and introduce him to her mother.

In Silvia’s opinion, if two individuals were to come together in a marriage, it should be an equal relationship. However, the relationship between her and Jayden was not like that.

Between the two of them, she had always been on the weaker end and Jayden would always have the final say in every single thing

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