My Husband Warm the Bed- 1130

Strictly speaking, she was not like his wife at all. Instead, she was like a toy that

he had bought with money. However, she had many more functions as compared to an ordinary plaything.

For example, when he was bored, she could chat with him.

When he was upset, she could find ways to cheer him up and make him happy. And when he was in the mood for s*x, she could do it with him, anytime and

anywhere. As long as he needed it, she would cooperate with him.

Some people might say that a love doll could do that too, but a love doll had no feelings, do they? Moreover, a love doll wouldn’t be able to get into those difficult positions like she could, right?

Upon hearing Silvia’s words, Jayden furrowed his brows. He really wanted to tell her that he already knew her when he first came to Madison City, but he did not know how to explain it. She was unaware of so many things, but he would never tell her. “What do you mean by purchased you? There’s no such thing as that, You are my wife. It’s that simple.”

Silvia continued to stuff her face as she tried to distract herself from the grievances in her heart. “But it was undeniable that you’ve spent money in return for me… Moreover, when we did it for the first time, it wasn’t consensual.

This was also one of the matters that Silvia really minded. What was even more detestable was that Jayden had even made her take the morning after pills, even when he knew that those pills would have side effects on her body. In her opinion, he was just an odious man.

Jayden said, “But it’s different now, I’m willing to..”

Silvia waved her hand and interrupted him. “Let’s just stop talking about this and focus on our food for now, okay? You don’t have to do or say anything to comfort me. I am a heartless person and I don’t care about anything.”

She said that she didn’t care about anything, but Jayden knew that she cared

about it very much. However, he had not thought of a way to make her get over this matter yet. In the end of the day, he was still the one to be blamed. He could only blame himself for using such a stupid way to get her to his side. He could have done it

another way, but he did not… Therefore, he had no choice but to accept the outcome which resulted from his foolish decision. D

Silvia had been busy with the company’s affairs and she was extremely stressed out. Fortunately, she had a capable assistant to help her. He had given her useful advice on most of the issues that they were currently facing

However, Silvia was still unable to put her full trust in Wayne,

Silvia had met all the qualified and outstanding employees in Wateria

Corporation before taking over the company, but she had no impression of Wayne at all. If it wasn’t because of Uncle Bachman’s recommendation, she probably would not have noticed him.

She raised her head and looked through the window blinds. Wayne was at the office area sorting out the documents. He looked like he was very familiar with his work

Could he be trusted? Could she appoint him to take up such an important role

in the company?

While Silvia was still immersed in her thoughts, Wayne knocked on the door

and came into her office. “Director Turner, these are the materials for the

meeting later. You can look through it first.”

Silvia could see all the effort that Wayne had put into Wateria Corporation. However, because of her past experience, she had become extremely wary about other people’s intentions. “Wayne, when did you start working here?”

It was the sixth time that Silvia had asked Wayne this very question. It was not because she did not want to believe him, but it was because she had experienced being sold out by the people around her, so she was being cautious now

On top of that, Silvia was skeptical about Wayne as he had such a junior position in the company despite his capabilities. Silvia’s father had been someone who valued talents, so he should have noticed Wayne in the past. However, this was not the case.

Wayne knew that Silvia was trying to sound him out, but he pretended not to know. Hence, he had once again repeated the line that he had said countless times, “Director Turner, I’ve been working here for five years and five months.”

This was the perfect answer. Jayden was behind all of it and was well prepared before placing Wayne by Silvia’s side. If Silvia ever looked into it, she would not find anything suspicious.

However, Wayne had never expected that Silvia would have such a suspicious mind. It would not be an easy task to gain her trust and make her grant him the authority to manage the company for her.

Silvia eyed Wayne up and said, “You are such a talented and capable person but

you weren’t even given the chance to prove your abilities, so why would you stay Wayne smiled and said, “Do you think that Wateria Corporation is not as good

in Wateria Corporation for so many years?

as the other companies?

Silvia was stunned and quickly said, “That’s not what I meant.

It was a fact that Wateria Corporation was not a huge company. Hence, it was really unbelievable that a capable person like Wayne would stay at this company for so many years despite a lack of promotion

Wayne added, “Because I wanted to repay your father’s kindness.”

Silvia was even more confused. “Huh? What did my father do for you?”

“From high school to college, it was Mr. Turner who had been supporting me financially. He was the one who had paid all my tuition fees. Therefore, after I graduated, I immediately joined Wateria Corporation Of course, I’ve never told Mr. Turner about this, because I wanted to achieve my goals with my own capabilities. And when I’m finally good enough, someone will definitely notice me.” Wayne shed a drop of tear and continued, “It’s a pity that Mr. Turner was already gone before I was noticed for my abilities. Fortunately, you’ve noticed me and given me the opportunity to prove myself.”

Silvia knew that her father was a charitable man and he had helped countless

poor children

In the past, her father had often said that they could never earn all the money in this world. Other than spending the money on themselves, they should also use the money to do charity and make contributions to society

Silvia trusted Wayne’s words, but she continued to ask, “Mr. Zachary, since you’ve been here for quite some time now, so I’m sure that you knew about that incident then?”

Wayne replied directly, “I do. I know it even better than you do, Director Turner.”

At that instant, Silvia was dumbfounded.

She was Wayne’s boss after all. Did he have to be this frank? Could he at least have the courtesy to give her face? Otherwise, how could she face her employees in future?

Silvia was a little dissatisfied with Wayne’s bluntness, but she was desperate for talent. As long as Wayne was a capable employee and could help her get Wateria Corporation back on the right track, Silvia was willing to give in.

Wayne continued, “Director Turner, actually, I was the one who reported on Norman Turner. I’ve collected all the evidence in regard to his crimes and handed them to the police. Although I had been in the company for a long time, my position was relatively junior. Also, I wasn’t close to your father, Mr. Turner. So, Norman neglected my presence. And because of that, it was rather convenient for me to gather the evidence.”

Silvia had always thought that it was Jayden who had gathered the evidence of Norman’s crime. It was only now she had known that Wayne had something to do with this incident too, so she was relatively shocked.

After confirming Wayne’s abilities and having such an extended conversation with him. Silvia’s trust towards him had grown enormously

However, there were still some uncertainties in her heart. Therefore, she needed to talk to her advisor, Young Master Kyle, car entire situation, only then she could make a decision on whether to trust Wayne with the company

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