My Husband Warm the Bed- 1131

When she was about to get off work after a busy day, Silvia received a phone call from Jayden. He said that he was busy at the moment, so he could not go over to pick Silvia up, and that he had already requested for the driver pick her up from the company.

Silvia was baffled. Jayden was a rich young master who was idle all day. All he had to do was spend money and hit on girls, so how could he be busy? However, she did not probe into the matter.

She knew very well that no matter how close they were, even if they were husband and wife, they would still need their own personal space.

By giving enough space to each other, they would not end up feeling suffocated and getting tired of each other in the long run. This way they could make this relationship last longer.

Silvia was the kind who absolutely needed her own personal space. When she went to bed, she would want to sleep in her own room and not in his arms every single night. Jayden was very strong, and would embrace Silvia so tightly as if he could crush her bones.

Most importantly, there was still someone in Silvia’s heart. Before she was ready to confess to him about it, she would need a tiny space to hide her thoughts away from him.

When Silvia came out of the company, the driver, Terry Fuller was already waiting for her at the entrance. The moment he saw Silvia coming out, he hurriedly greeted her. “Madam.”

However, before he could even finish his words, Silvia immediately gave him a warning look. “Uncle Fuller, didn’t I tell you that you can call me anything you like, but not ‘Madam?”

Silvia did not want anyone to address her as ‘Madam’ because she had not figured out the relationship between her and Jayden. Besides, she was somewhat unwilling to accept the identity as someone’s wife at such a young age.

She was only twenty years old. Twenty years old! She should be full of youth and vitality. Why would she be willing to let a man declare sovereignty over her at such a young age?

Terry said, “Okay, Madam!”

Silvia was speechless,

Jayden’s subordinates were indeed loyal to him. They would do whatever Jayden had asked them to do and they would never speak carelessly in front of


To think about it, in order to have such loyal and tight-lipped subordinates, Jayden must have some commendable qualities which they could look up to. However, Silvia still had not noticed any of those qualities in Jayden.

No. In fact, she did. The only good quality that she had noticed in him was his strong stamina when he was in bed. D*mn it, it was like he would never get tired. Even Silvia, who was young and strong, could not keep up with him at all.

Thinking of Jayden’s outstanding stamina, Silvia blushed. She quickly got in the

car and said, “Uncle Fuller, thanks for coming to pick me up!”

Just like how it was lately, Silvia would go back to Mrs. Turner’s place after work to accompany her,

Jayden had only given her two hours. No more, no less. So, Silvia would cherish the precious time that she had gotten and once she was home, she would tell her mother everything that had happened at the company that day.

Silvia was very satisfied with Wayne’s performance at the meeting. When she

returned home, she immediately told her mother about it. “Mom, I think it’s because of all the good deeds that Dad had done in the past that luck is starting to get on our side now.”

Looking at Silvia’s excited look, Mrs. Turner was happy too. “My dear, did something good happen today? Tell me!”

Silvia took over the flower tea that Mrs. Turner had handed to her and took a

huge gulp. Then, she said, “Mom, I feel like I’m on a roll recently. I’ve already

found someone who could help us manage the company.”

Mrs. Turner said, “Has Uncle Bachman promised to return to the company to work?”

“No, it’s not Uncle Bachman.” Silvia shook her head and said excitedly, “Mom, I’ll give you two more chances.”

Mrs. Turner thought for a moment and said, “My dear, I really can’t think of

anyone. Don’t keep me guessing. Just tell me who it is already.”

Silvia put down the cup and cleared her throat fore saying, “Mom, when I was in trouble, Uncle Bachman couldn’t help me, but he introduced someone to me. That person was originally an inconspicuous employee in our company, so if it wasn’t for Uncle Bachman’s recommendation, I definitely wouldn’t have noticed

him. And after a careful observation, it was no doubt that he was a capable employee. His understanding of the company was even better than mine and it was because of his help that my work had gone quite smoothly nowadays.

It was a good thing that someone was helping her daughter, but Mrs. Turner was somewhat worried, “Silvia, can this person be trusted?

Because of what they had gone through with Norman, it was inevitable that Mrs. Turner would be worried. If even a relative could steal the company away from them, let alone anyone else.

Silvia reassured, “Mom, you don’t have to worry about it. Although I appreciate his talent, I won’t get carried away by it. Of course, I’ve looked into him before trusting him. I have not even settled all the damage that Norman had caused to the company, so how can I make the same mistake again?”

“Okay then. As long as you trust him, I will trust him too.” Mrs. Turner caressed Silvia’s head, She was distressed as she looked at her daughter who had lost quite a bit of weight in such a short period of time. “Silvia, since you’ve just come back after work, let’s not talk about work now. Let me go prepare some delicious food for you.”

“Being able to come home to home cooked meals is really the happiest moment of my day.” Silvia made an exaggerated look on her face and went to the kitchen with her mother. However, little did she know that the delicious food her mother was referring to was actually a vegan sandwich and some salad. Silvia could not even see a tiny bit of meat in them.

“Mom, are you sure that this is the delicious food that you’ve prepared for me?” Silvia was almost starting to suspect if the person in front of her was still her biological mother. Why did Mrs. Turner change everything all of a sudden?

Mrs. Turner broke into a gentle smile and said, “When I was in the hospital, Auntie Baker, who lived next to my ward, is a nutritionist. She told me that human bodies need different macro and micronutrients every day. Therefore, we should make sure that we have a balanced diet by having a variety of food in a meal, and everything must be at an appropriate ratio. So, you mustn’t be picky with your food or else it will affect your growth.”

“Affect my growth? Mom, I’m an adult now, I can’t grow anymore. That was what Silvia said, but at the same time, she had instinctively lowered her head and looked at her chest.

Speaking of which, Silvia couldn’t figure out what her body was made of. She had been eating huge meals every single day but her body would still stay skinny. She could never get that curvy body. Even that bastard Jayden had

teased her for being flat-chested.

Silvia was angry as she thought about it. How could he complain about her having small boobs after taking advantage of her? She didn’t even complain that he had a small d*ck, so how could he say that about her? D

“Of course, these are not enough for my daughter” Mrs. Turner lifted the pot lid and the scent of the meat stew rushed into Silvia’s nostrils. “This is the main dish I’ve prepared for you.”

Looking at the meat in the pot, Silvia held her mother in her arms and said with a smile, “Mom, you’re really my biological mother. I knew it!

“Oh, so you’re saying if I don’t let you eat meat, then you’re not my child then?”

Mrs. Turner poked Silvia’s head and said, “Let’s hurry up and eat now, or else

you’ll have to go home before you’re done eating.

Mrs. Turner wanted her daughter to stay by her side, but now that her daughter was married, she knew that she could not keep Silvia by her side all the time, Mrs. Turner was already very content that Silvia could come home and have a meal together.

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