My Husband Warm the Bed- 1132


Silvia and Mrs. Turner had just sat down for dinner when a phone call came in. It was Jayden. Silvia glanced at her mother and Mrs. Turner chuckled and said, “See, what did I just tell you?”

Silvia said, “Mom…”

Mrs. Turner said, “Hurry up and pick it up! If you don’t he’s going to come over to the house to capture you.”

Silvia answered the phone call. “Are you done with your work already?”

“Not yet.” Jayden’s low voice sounded in Silvia’s ear. His voice did not sound as calm and powerful as it usually was. Instead, he sounded a little tired.

“Why are you calling me if you are still busy then? You should get back to work now.” She was still waiting for him to pick her up, so she did not want him to waste precious time on the phone with her

Jayden’s voice sounded from the phone again. “Silvia, I’m calling you to tell you

that I won’t be going back home tonight. I’ll get the driver to pick you up later.” “Oh. Silvia responded in disappointment, and then said, “It’s okay. You can go do whatever you have to do. I’ll stay at my mom’s place tonight then.”

Silvia had already gotten used to Jayden driving her around. Now that he couldn’t come, Silvia felt like something was missing in her heart. However, she wasn’t sure what that feeling was. In short, she just felt like she had a lump in her throat.

“Okay. Make sure you rest early.” Jayden, who was on the other end of the phone, did not say anything else after that. After a moment of silence, Silvia hung up the phone.

Seeing that Silvia was a little down after the phone call, Mrs. Turner immediately comforted her, “Silvia, it’s normal for men to be busy with work and not go home. Your father used to go on business trips too.”

“Mom, he’s just a rich kid who doesn’t need to work for a living. His father is in charge of everything in his family, what kind of work does he have to do?” Silvia did not want to overthink, but she just could not control her mind. “Mom, do you think that he’s cheating on me?”

Looking at her jealous daughter, Mrs. Turner couldn’t help laughing and said,

“Aw, just look at you. Are you becoming a green-eyed monster?” Silvia waved her hand and denied, “What kind of nonsense is that, Mom? Why would I get jealous because him? Who does he think he is?

Mrs. Turner brought another bowl of stew over and said with a smile, “Did I say that you were jealous? Are you admitting it yourself?”

Silvia stamped her feet anxiously. “Mom.”

Mrs. Turner put the bowl of stew in front of Silvia and advised her patiently, “Silvia, we get jealous because we care about that person. But you should learn to stop getting jealous for no reason. You have to learn to trust him, do you understand that?”

Silvia suddenly felt that the stew that her mother had cooked for her no longer tasted delicious. She said dejectedly, “This is the first time he’s not coming home… I-I’m just worried about him.”

Mrs. Turner smiled and said, Silly child, you should tell him that you’re worried

about him then. Otherwise, how would he know?”

After listening to her mother’s advice, Silvia went into the room and called Jayden on the phone. However, no one picked up the phone. Silvia tried to call him again…

At the seventh call, the line finally connected. Before Jayden could even say anything, Silvia said in an anxious voice, Jayden, where did you go? Why aren’t you answering my call?”

“I’m busy!” Jayden merely spat out these words and fell silent.

Jayden’s attitude towards her was so cold! Silvia couldn’t bring herself to say any caring words to him. “I.”

“Sir… Stanley’s voice suddenly came from the other side of the phone. However, in the next second, it was silent again. Silvia pricked up her ears and tried to listen to their conversation. However, she could not hear anything at all. Instead, Jayden’s voice spoke again, “If there’s nothing else, I’ll have to hang up now. Make sure you rest well.”

“Did something happen?” Silvia wanted to ask him, but before she could say anything, Jayden had already hung up the phone and all she could hear was the busy tone coming through the phone.

Silvia wanted call him to ask about it, but she was afraid that she would bother him. After thinking for a while, she sent him a Whatsapp message: “Young Master Kyle, did something happen? Do you need my help?

When Silvia’s message came in, Jayden was still in a meeting, trying to come out with a countermeasure to cope with an emergency that came up that day. He was tied up at that moment but when he saw these two short lines, his

heart warmed up in an instant.

How could this silly girl, who didn’t even know anything, be of any help?

She couldn’t help him with anything, but her concern for him was enough to keep him going.

He raised the corner of his mouth and replied, “Yes!”

Soon, Silvia replied, “What can I do for you?

“Go home and warm the bed for me!” Jayden quickly typed a short message with his slender fingers. As soon as he tapped on the ‘send” button, someone barged into the conference room and said, “Sir, the matter got exposed to the public

A big brawl had taken place in a Phantasy Nightclub that Jayden owned and the number of casualties was at 13 people. If this incident was exposed to the public, Jayden would definitely suffer enormous losses, and that was why he had called for a meeting.

Although the incident was being exposed to the public now, no one was panicking. All of them had gone through countless vicissitudes under their boss’ lead. Therefore, such a small incident could not scare them at all.

Someone immediately thought of a solution and said, “Sir, I’ll go to the Network Supervision Department and ask the team to remove all the posts that are relevant to this incident. We must not let this incident continue to affect us.”

However, someone rebuked, “I don’t think we should do that. We would never be able to remove everything that has gotten on the Internet. Also, if we were to do that, the public and the media might use the opportunity to kick up a fuss about it and things might end up worse than now.”

Everyone who was present at the meeting expressed their opinions. In the end, Jayden made a decision and said, “Hand in all the evidence that we have at hand and cooperate with the police in the investigation.”

After hearing Jayden’s words, someone immediately understood what he meant. “Sir, do you mean that we should make amends for what we have done? You can rest assured, we will make the public stand on our side and we will eventually become the biggest beneficiary of this incident.”

Jayden nodded. No matter how serious the situation was, his interests could not be violated.

Silvia’s uneasy heart was finally at ease when she saw Jayden’s flirtatious message. If he still had the mood to speak in such a manner, it probably meant that he was alright.

“Silvia… are you done calling him?” Mrs. Turner knocked on Silvia’s door. “The stew is getting cold. If you don’t eat it now, it won’t taste as nice anymore.” Silvia opened the door and came out of the room. “Okay Mom, I’ll go finish

them up now.”

Seeing that her daughter’s mood had gotten better, Mrs. Turner added, “Silvia, when are you bringing Jayden home to introduce him to me?”

Silvia almost choked on the stew when she heard what her mother said. “Mom, it’s not the right timing yet. When the timing is right, I will bring him over to see you.”

Mrs. Turner knew what Silvia was worried about. Although she really wanted to meet her son-in-law and get to know him, she should take Silvia’s feelings into account. Hence, Mrs. Turner said. “It’s okay, I can wait.”

I’m sorry, Mom!” Silvia felt that she was an unfilial daughter. Her mother only had one child and now that she was already married, she still could not bring her husband home to meet her mother. Although her mother did not mention it, Silvia knew that her mother was worried about her.

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