My Husband Warm the Bed- 1133

“My silly child, as long as you’re happy, I’ll be happy.” Mrs. Turner picked up some salad and put them on Silvia’s plate as she continued, “Your father and I always wanted you to be happy for all your life, Silvia. Promise me you’ll treat yourself right”

“Mom, I will. I won’t let you worry, and I’ll make sure Daddy rests in peace in heaven. Nowadays, Silvia had been putting a lot of effort into managing Wateria Corporation and also in her studies. She was working so hard to enrich herself and boost her qualifications in order to make her way to the upper rungs of society. When she finally got there, no matter would be by her side, she would be confident in herself and no longer have to worry that she would not be good enough for him.

Mrs. Turner said, “Okay, hurry up and eat. You shouldn’t go home too late.”

Silvia said, “Mom, why are you not asking me to stay for the night? I want to stay here and accompany you.”

Although she said that she wanted to stay with her mother, Silvia’s mind was completely occupied by what Jayden had said to her a while ago. He wanted her to warm the bed for him. Silvia was willing to do this for him, but he was not at home anyway. So what was the use of warming up the bed for him then?

Mrs. Turner said, “Ask you to stay for the night? Well, I can do that, but I’m afraid that your mind will probably wander somewhere else.”

Silvia said, “Mom.”

Mrs. Turner said, “Alright, hurry up and eat. Don’t deny it!”

Silvia indeed could not deny it. Mrs. Turner was her mother after all. She knew what her daughter was thinking.


Right after the two had finished dinner, Jayden called Silvia on the phone again.

Silvia answered, “Young Master Kyle, what’s the matter?”

Jayden said, “I want to see you at the entrance of the residential area in five


“Who is he to order me around like this?” Silvia was displeased. However, she still picked up her bag and ran towards the door as she shouted, “Mom, I’m going off now. I’ll come over tomorrow.”

When Mrs. Turner ran to the door. Silvia had already gotten into the elevator. Mrs. Turner could only mutter, “Slow down, Silvia Be careful, don’t fall down.’

Silvia ran to the entrance of the condominium as fast as she could, but she was still late for nearly two minutes. However, Jayden was not there yet.

“Huh, this bästard!” Silvia was so angry that she sneered. So this man was just messing around with her. When she was about to take out her mobile phone to call him and curse at him, she saw Jayden driving his luxury car towards her. Then, with a sudden brake, the car stopped right in front of her.

He wound down the car window and said, “Get in the car!”

Looking at his arrogant look, Silvia was infuriated. She refused to cooperate with him, “No.”

“No?” Jayden unfastened his seat belt, opened the door, and got out of the car. He took two steps forward and stood before Silvia. He grabbed her by the waist and carried her into his arms. And in the next second, he stuffed her into the passenger seat and fastened the seat belt for her.

Silvia wanted to unfasten her seat belt. “I mean it when I said I don’t want to get in your car. I also mean it when I said I’m not going back home with you. I said that I want to stay with my mother. Are you deaf or something?”

Jayden grabbed her hand which was trying to unfasten the seat belt and placed his left hand on her head. As he pinned her against the car seat, he lowered his head and kissed her aggressively,

“Mm.” Silvia widened her eyes and glared at him.

Jayden was pressing her against the passenger seat with half of his body still outside of the car as he kissed her overbearingly. The entrance of the condominium was a public area with people passing by. What if those people saw them? What would they think?!

Silvia once again tried to push him away, but she couldn’t. This man didn’t care about anyone’s opinion at all. It was only when Silvia was lightheaded from the overbearing kiss that he had let go of her

Jayden, you… Silvia was about to fling her fist at him, but Jayden grabbed onto her hand in time. Then, he lifted her chin and pressed his thumb on her red lips as he whispered to her flirtatiously, “Whatever you say is not what you really feel! Why can’t you just admit that you like it when I do this to you?”

Now that Jayden had seen through her. Silvia wished that she could just dig a hole and hide in it. She raised her hand and punched him. What nonsense are you saying? I never said I like it! I’m warning you, you’d better stop this nonsense, or I will beat you up

“So you said that you don’t want to go home with me? And you want to stay with your mother? Then why did you come out so quickly right after receiving my call?” Jayden looked at her and waited for her answer. Seeing that Silvia wanted to avoid his question, Jayden turned her face towards him and said, “Answer me, Silvia!”

“If I don’t come out on time, you’d probably skin me alive.” She definitely could not tell him that she did it out of instinct. She did not even know why she ran out so quickly

“I won’t skin you. I’ll only kiss you until you give in.” Jayden lowered his head again and kissed her overbearingly. It was so overbearing that it felt like he was going to suck her soul away.

Just Silvia felt that her soul was about to leave her body, Jayden finally let go of her and pinched her red lips. “Silvia, I want you to remember this feeling. If you dare to disobey me again in the future, you will be punished like this.”

Silvia touched her blushing face and thought to herself, “Come punish me like this every single day if you can then. I’m not scared of you.”

On the way back home, Jayden suddenly suggested, “Silvia, why don’t you ask your mother to move into the villa next to ours? Then, it will be more convenient for you to visit her in the future.

Jayden had put forward this suggestion mainly because he felt bad for his wife. He did not want her to tire herself out by traveling between two places every day. More importantly, if Silvia were to get into a fight with him, she would not be out of his reach.

Upon hearing his proposal, Silvia immediately kept her guard up. “Jayden, what are you plotting this time? I’m telling you, that’s my mother. If you dare to lay a finger on her, I’ll definitely kill you.”

Jayden was flabbergasted.

He really could never figure out what this silly woman was thinking. He was only making a suggestion, but she just wouldn’t fail to overthink.

Seeing Jayden’s displeased look. Silvia knew that she might really be

overthinking, so she explained, “Young Master Kyle, have you not heard that

home is where the heart is? Although our house is not as luxurious as your villa, it’s still something that my father had left for us. It’s our own house, and my mother is comfortable staying there.

Jayden didn’t know what to say.

He decided to ignore this foolish woman

Knowing that she had already made him angry, Silvia moved closer to him and tried to find a topic to talk about. “By the way, Young Master Kyle, there’s one thing that I wanted to ask you.”

Jayden was still silent.

He did not say anything, but Silvia knew that he was listening, so she continued. “Ever since I’ve taken over the company, I’ve found out that there were a lot of things that I don’t understand. I felt like I didn’t learn anything at all from school or from my father. I just realized that I’m actually a useless person”

Silvia deliberately spoke in a strangled voice. Sure enough, Jayden was affected by her emotions. He stretched out his right hand and held her hand to comfort her. “Don’t worry, just take it slowly. No one is born to know everything, but we can learn them step by step and gain experience through it. And when you finally have enough experience, you will realize that such matters are as simple as ABC.”

Now that her motive was achieved, Silvia smiled covertly, “That’s easy for you to say. All you do is fooling around and you never had to worry about money for your whole life. How would you know how difficult it was to manage a company?

Jayden was once again at a loss for words.

Could he tell her that if it wasn’t for him, she would never have gotten back Wateria Corporation? Could he tell her that if it wasn’t for him, Norman would not have been convicted for his crimes?

Could he tell her that he was actually the legendary Old Mr. Kyle that all those rumors were about? Or could he tell her that in fact, he had endless work to attend to every single day?

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