My Husband Warm the Bed- 1134

Jayden really wanted to tell Silvia all these things, but he could not. In Silvia’s view, Jayden and herself were not equaled in their relationship.

Therefore, if Silvia was to know about all the things that he had done for her behind her back, it would definitely intensify the Inferiority she felt in the relationship

“I discovered a talented employee. He gave me a lot of good suggestions, but I don’t know whether I should trust him.” Silvia looked at Jayden and said, “It’s not that I want to have any doubts in anyone, but… once bitten twice shy! I’m just afraid that I would end up trusting the wrong person, and Wateria Corporation would be taken away from me again. If that really happened, I think I will never ever going to get it back again. If the company collapsed in my hands, I would be too ashamed to meet my father in heaven when I die.

“I see. What kind of person is he?” Wayne was someone whom Jayden had planted by Silvia’s side. He knew much more about Wayne than she did, and Wayne was someone she could absolutely trust. However, Jayden just could not tell her about that.

Silvia said, “You’ve seen him actually. It’s the man who I met up with at the café a few days ago. His name is Wayne Zachary and he has been working in Wateria Corporation for a few years now. He was an ordinary employee but someone recommended him to me, and that’s how I found out about him.”

Jayden comforted her and said, “Don’t think too much about it. Just leave this matter to me, I’ll help you look into his background and see if he’s trustworthy.”

Silvia smiled and said, “Thank you Young Master Kyle, I knew that you would help me! If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t know what to do most of the time.”

Jayden said, “I’m your man. If I don’t help you, who would? You don’t have to be

so courteous.

Silvia said sweetly, “No matter who it is, I should thank those who had helped me. This is just a basic courtesy.”

Jayden did not say anything else. As long as she was happy, she could do

whatever she wanted.

After they arrived home, Silvia hurriedly turned on her laptop and started working. In order to bring Wateria Corporation back on its track, she was doing the best she could. However, the outcome was not what she had expected.

Silvia was so engrossed with her work that she could not even hear Jayden who was calling her repeatedly, which made Jayden somewhat unhappy. If he had known that she would be like this, he would not have returned the company to her. If she had nothing to do all day long, then her attention would only be on him.

The more he thought about it, the more annoyed he was. Hence, he snatched the laptop in her hand away from her and said, “You should stop working for today. Go take a bath now and go to bed earlier.”

I still don’t quite understand some parts of this contract. If I don’t read it and understand it properly, how am I going to discuss it during the meeting tomorrow? Silvia wanted to grab the laptop, but Jayden did not give it back to her

Silvia started to feel a little anxious and said, “Can you not mess around now? This is not a joke or something. This is my job and there are a few hundreds of people who are depending on me.

For Wateria Corporation’s sake, Silvia was giving her all. She wanted to accomplish great achievements after taking over the company and she wanted the others to see that she would not disappoint her father. She also wanted to prove to her father that she was an outstanding person.

Seeing that she was being so serious, Jayden decided to help her. “Which part do you not understand?”

Although he might not understand too, it would still be better than having her trying to figure it all out by herself. Silvia pointed to one of the terms of the contract and said, “This one. I don’t quite understand what it’s saying.”

When it comes to work, Jayden would never mess around. When Silvia asked

him, he would explain it to her seriously. Looking at the solemn look on

Jayden’s face, Silvia felt as if she had never really known him. In life, he was often a shameless person, and he really liked to get down to doing those dirty things with her.

He had made love to her almost everywhere in his villa. However, when was dealing with work, he would always be so serious and everything that he said made a lot of sense too.

Silvia listened to him seriously and gave him a thumbs-up to compliment him. “Young Master Kyle, to be honest, I’m quite curious about you sometimes. You are just a rich kid who does nothing all day, how can you analyze things so clearly and logically? To some extent, I even feel that you’re more capable than

Wayne is.”

“Well, I might not have done much, but I’ve probably seen it or heard about it more than most people.” Jayden stroked her head and continued, “Do you have any more questions? If not, then you should go take a bath and get a good rest now. It’s going to be a busy day for you tomorrow.”

I don’t have any more questions for now. I have classes tomorrow, and I have to go over to the company after that. Yeah, it’s going to be quite a busy day for me. Okay, I’m going to take a bath now and go to bed early. Otherwise, I won’t be able to wake up early” After the matter was resolved, Silvia put her laptop away, got up, and went into the bathroom, leaving Jayden all by himself Jayden, on the other hand, was gnashing his teeth, feeling extremely annoyed.

It did not feel good at all that Silvia had ignored him over and over again. However, he could not bear to pester her anymore. Silvia had not slept well for the past few days, so he had to let her rest up or else such an hectic schedule is going to take a toll on her body sooner or later.

Just as Silvia had stepped into the bathroom, Jayden took out his mobile phone and sent a text message. “She has a good impression of you. You should continue the hard work and gain her full trust as soon as possible.”

As long as Wayne could gain Silvia’s trust, Silvia would be at ease to let him manage the company for her and only then would she have the time to accompany her husband.

Wayne replied promptly, “Sir, I will continue to work hard and I will never let you

and Miss Turner down.”

There were not many who knew that Silvia and Jayden were a married couple. On top of that, because Jayden and Silvia had not announced their relationship to the public, everyone would still address Silvia as Miss Turner.

Looking at this salutation, Jayden furrowed his brows. Jayden never liked to have unnecessary conversations with his subordinates, but he still replied, “She is my wife.” I

Usually, their Boss would never say anything else after he had made his orders. Therefore, after replying the initial message, Wayne threw his mobile phone aside and lay down on the sofa, thinking about what to do next. He had to be careful so that Silvia would not find anything suspicious about him.

Just as he was thinking about this matter, his mobile phone rang again. It was a text message. He picked up the phone and saw that it was his Boss.

On the screen, there were only three words, but it was enough to make Wayne

shudder. It seemed like his Boss was not very dissatisfied with the way he

addressing Silvia. Therefore, Wayne immediately replied, “Sir, from now on I will pay attention to what I say in front of Mrs. Kyle at all times.”

After sending the message, Wayne immediately edited Jayden’s name in his contacts. He used to save his number as Mc Kyle, but now he had changed it to ‘Call His Wife Mrs. Kyle” B

So that whenever he saw the name, he would not make the same mistake again

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