My Husband Warm the Bed- 1135

Silvia came out of the bathroom after her shower and saw that Jayden was still there. She immediately looked at him vigilantly and asked, “Jayden, why are you still in my room?”

“What do you think? Why am I still in your room?” When she needed his help. she would behave coquettishly in front of him. The way she called him Young Master Kyle was just so pleasant to the ears. However, now that she was done using him, she immediately turned her back on him and spoke to him in such a hostile manner. Jayden thought that this woman just wanted to get punished!

“Why would know.? Can you go back to your room now? I’m going to bed soon.” As she had expected, this man really had inexhaustible energy. It seemed like he would not be able to fall asleep if he did not do something with her at night

He had nothing to do all day so he had nowhere to expend his energy. On the other hand, Silvia was busy for the whole day. She was so tired that she did not have any more energy left to do anything else with him.

“You don’t know?” Jayden asked with a smile. Looking at the naughty look on his face, Silvia was irritated. However, she felt that he was also somewhat attractive at the same time.

D*mn it! How could she think that this man was attractive? He was clearly an annoying devil.

Silvia knew that she would always be the one who would suffer if she was to play hardball with him. So, she immediately deployed a gentle approach. “My most beloved and handsome Young Master Kyle, I’m really tired recently. really don’t have the energy for anything else. Can you please be a little more considerate of me?’

Jayden knew what she was trying to do, so he immediately got up and walked towards her. As he had expected, she was so scared that she kept retreating, “Young Master Kyle, I’m really tired. Please let me go this time!”

With a cold face, Jayden slowly forced her to the corner of the room and pressed her against the wall. “Silly woman, what do you think I am?”

A beast!

Jayden, the beast!

What else could she take him for?

That was what she thought about him, but she did not dare to say it out loud. Therefore, she could only tell him a little white lie, “You are the kindest person in this world. I believe that you will be considerate of me, right?”

“Hmph… Don’t think that I don’t know what you’re thinking” Jayden lowered his head and breathed a warm breath into her ear. “Silvia, if I didn’t do anything to you, would you be disappointed?”

“Why would I be disappointed?’ Silvia widened her eyes in surprise. “Jayden, why are you looking at me like this? Do you think that I’m that kind of person?

Well, Silvia could not make up any more excuses. When he got close to her, she

was really hoping that he would actually do something to her.

After living with Jayden for quite some time, Silvia had unconsciously become as shameless as him, thinking about all those things all the time.

Just as Silvia was full of expectations, Jayden let go of her. “Since you don’t want me to do anything to you, then you should go to sleep. I won’t bother you anymore.”

And he left!

He left, just like that!

He left, without a trace!

Looking at the door which was tightly shut, Silvia really wanted to scream her lungs out. How could he do this to her? He was leading her on and now that he had successfully aroused her, he left.

“What a bstard! Fcking b*stard! I’ll remember what you did to me today, I will

definitely get back at you one day. Silvia lay down on the bed and cursed at


Because of the fatigue, Silvia ended up falling asleep while cursing at Jayden,

However, she was not sleeping soundly.

In her dreams, Norman was pointing a gun at her and he was speaking to her in an eerie tone. “Silvia, I haven’t seen you in a while. Could you still recognize me?”

Her greatest enemy was just right in front of her, and he was even pointing a gun at her. Silvia had nowhere to hide at all, so she was so terrified that her body was stiff all over. “Norman Turner, aren’t you in jail now? Why are you here?”

Norman sneered and said, “Do you think that they can lock me up? Do you think that Wateria Corporation is yours now? Silvia, you’ve grown up, but your 1Q hasn’t improved at all.”

Norman’s words surprised Silvia. “What do you mean?

Silvia, do you think that the people in Madison City dare to do anything to me? Do you know who took away Wateria Corporation? Hahaha… I guess that you don’t know a thing at all!” Norman burst out laughing. However, as he was laughing hysterically, he was slowly turning into Jayden’s appearance,

Jay. Jayden? How could it be you? Silvia was not willing to believe it, but the person who was pointing a gun at her now was indeed Jayden.

He had the same facial features, the same clothes, and the same smile. It was

definitely him. She definitely had not mistaken someone else for him.

“Yes, it’s me! It’s me! You’ve never expected that I would be the mastermind behind all of these, have you?” Jayden was also laughing, and his laugh was extremely terrifying. He was no longer the man who Silvia was familiar with

The Jayden who she was familiar with was cold, sharp- tongued, and sometimes a little overbearing. However, she had never been so terrifying. At this moment, he looked exactly like a demon that had broken out from hell.

“No, no, no. it’s not you. How could it be you? You will never do that. This isn’t real, all of these must be just a hallucination.” Silvia shook her head and retreated, trying to get herself out of this nightmare.

Jayden was the person who had saved her when she was at her most helpless state. How could he be the mastermind behind all of it?

No way, no way… It must not be him, it must not be him. This was her dream, it

was just a dream, it was all fake!

“It was me who did it!” As his voice sounded, a gunshot was released. The bullet pierced through her body and fresh blood squirted onto her face.

“No… Silvia woke up from her nightmare with her body covered in cold sweat.

This dream was too terrifying. She dreamed that Wateria Corporation was being taken away from her again, and the person who did it was… Jayden.

“Silvia, what’s wrong? Before she could completely calm down, Jayden’s voice

suddenly sounded in her ears.

Silvia opened her eyes and saw Jayden’s face in front of her eyes. She was so scared that she rushed backward and accidentally hit her head against the wall.

“Who are you? What do you want?”

At that moment, she could not even bother about the pain in her head as she tried to get away from him as far as she could. She was like a porcupine flashing its spines, refusing to let anyone get close to her.

“Who do you think I am?” Without her sleeping in his arms, Jayden couldn’t fall asleep at all. Therefore, he sneaked into her room again. However, he did not expect that before he could even get onto her bed, he could see Silvia waking up from a nightmare.

“Who the hill are you? Don’t come over here! Don’t come near me!” Silvia shrilled. She grabbed the pillow on the bed and threw it at Jayden who was approaching her

“I’m your man!” Jayden caught the pillow and got onto the bed. Then, he lay

beside her and held her in his arms. “Silvia, you just had a nightmare. It’s just a dream. Wake up. I’m here with you. I won’t let anyone hurt you.” A dream? Was that just a dream?” Why did the dream seem so surreal? It felt

so real that she did not dare to accept what had just happened.

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