My Husband Warm the Bed- 1137

“Silvia, I’m not saying that you shouldn’t fall for him. I’m just telling you that if you like him, you should cherish him. You should cherish every single day that you get to spend with him, or you would regret it in the future. Once you lose something, you may never get it back again” Audrey broke into a wry smile and continued, “Think about it! I’ll get going now.”

“Audrey..” Silvia stopped her in her tracks. “What about you? Have you thought about it? The person you want to cherish…”

“The person I want to cherish? A tinge of sadness flashed across Audrey’s eyes. She smiled and said, “There are too many men I wanted to cherish, but unfortunately, they did not cherish me.”

Silvia did not like how Audrey was talking about herself, so she said, “Can’t you

talk to me properly? Others might not understand you, but I think I am closer to

you.” Audrey smiled indifferently and said, “Every word said is true. For me, as long as he is a rich man, I would want to cherish him, and that includes your Young Master Kyle. I want to cherish him too, but he just wouldn’t give me this opportunity

The more Audrey showed that she didn’t care about her feelings, the more Silvia felt sorry for her. “Audrey, I know that you are not that kind of person. Why do you have to torture yourself like this? You should know better than me that if that person doesn’t care about you, no matter how you torture yourself, he just won’t see it.

“Miss Turner, are you trying to give me a lecture now? If that’s really what you’re doing now, then I can only tell you that you are still too young. I’ve dated more men than you have ever seen for your whole life, alright? Just make sure that you watch your Young Master Kyle carefully. He’s the richest man in Madison City and I’m not the only woman who is interested in him. Be careful, and don’t let any women hook up with him. Audrey laughed and continued, “If that day really comes, I will definitely sit back and watch your drama unfold, munching on some popcorn

“He wouldn’t dare to do that! If he dares to sleep with another woman, I will definitely castrate him!” Silvia knew that there must be someone who was hidden deep down in Audrey’s heart. Since Audrey did not want to talk about it, Silvia thought that she should not probe into it anymore.

Everyone in this world had a past. Some memories were beautiful, and some were nasty. However, no matter what, it was still an indispensable part of their life.

“Since you don’t want him to sleep with another woman, then cherish him and don’t give anyone a chance to do that,” said Audrey

Silvia was flabbergasted.

“Just think about what I’ve just said Audrey patted on Silvia’s shoulder.

“Director Turner, I really have to get going now. I don’t want to lose my bonus by

being late.” After that, Audrey walked towards the Public Relations Department with her heels clacking against the floor.

In Audrey’s opinion, nothing was more reliable than money. Men could always dump her, but money would stay by her side no matter what. Money was also the only thing that could satisfy all her needs.

Looking at Audrey’s slender figure, Silvia sighed. She had met a lot of women, but Audrey was one of the most unique and charming ones.

If it was not for Audrey always appearing to be money-minded, Silvia was sure

there would be a lot of people who would be fond of Audrey.

Silvia could tell that Audrey was someone who had gone through a lot in life. Audrey must have had a man who she cared about very much.

Audrey never wanted to talk about her past, but she decided to reveal some parts of it while trying to edify Silvia.

So, Silvia knew that Audrey had also regarded her as her true friend.

As for herself and Jayden, they were already husband and wife, and they had already done everything that a married couple would do.

Therefore, rather than thinking about how long their journey together would be, it would be better for her to spend every single day to the fullest and cherish the people around her. Even if they were to go separate ways in the future, there would not be any regrets.

After figuring it all out, Silvia’s mood got better. She immediately felt like even the sky looked brighter, her employees were more amicable and even her day felt smoother!

Silvia came to the conclusion that a person’s mentality is the most important factor to live a happy life. If you were to start your day in a good mood, your entire day will only be filled with positivity!

Two weeks passed by in a flash.

After a period of hard work, Silvia was starting to adapt to her job and Wateria Corporation was also moving towards a better direction… Everything was progressing smoothly.

Jayden had reassured her that Wayne was a trustworthy person, therefore after the company had gotten back on track, Silvia then gave Wayne the full authority to take care of the company’s affairs.

After finishing her work, Silvia would then turn her focus to her studies. At this time, her studies were her priority and Wateria Corporation was only secondary

Silvia did not have to go to work the next day nor did she have any classes as it was the weekend. It was a rare opportunity for her to take a break from her hectic schedule. So, Reagan called her on the phone and suggested that they could have some fun after work. Silvia immediately agreed.

Later that evening, Reagan and Lemur were at the entrance of Wateria Corporation, waiting for Silvia and Audrey to get off work.

Seeing that only Silvia had showed up, Reagan was a little disappointed. “Boss,

where is Audrey?”

Silvia gave Reagan a hard slap on the shoulder and said, “Audrey, Audrey, Audrey. All you think about is her, huh?”

“I know right!” Lemur sald, “Boss, it must be tiring for you to take care of both

your work and your studies at the same time. But don’t worry, we’ll go have

some fun together so that you can release all your stress.” Reagan did not dare to complain and immediately cooperated with Lemur,

“Yes, Boss. We’ll keep you company tonight.”

Silvia put one arm around Reagan’s shoulders and hooked her other arm around Lemur’s arm. She smiled and said, “No one knows me better than you two. I was just thinking of asking you guys out and you called me at the same moment!”

Reagan said, “Boss, we’ll be happy only if you’re happy. It’s our main responsibility to make you happy.”

Audrey drove the car over to the entrance and honked twice. “Hey, why are you guys still standing there? Are we still going?”

Silvia and the other two got into the car and answered simultaneously, “Of course we are!”

Audrey, who was driving the car, would take a glance at Silvia, who was sitting in the front passenger seat, from time to time. “Director Turner, Young Master Kyle would skin us alive.. If he found out about us bringing you out for drinks?”

Silvia said, “Why would he do that?”

Audrey and the other two replied simultaneously, “Why wouldn’t he?” Silvia smiled complacently and said, “I told him that I’ll be staying with my mom tonight, so I asked him not to come over to pick me up and he agreed. If he didn’t pick me up, he wouldn’t know that I went drinking. So, why would he skin you guys alive?”

Reagan shook his head and sighed, “Is this still the Boss who we have known for more than ten years?”

Lemur also shook his head and sighed. “She is not the Boss whom we used to know anymore. She had fallen in love with someone in the past too, but at that time, she still held to her principles dearly. She would always stand firmly on the things she believed in. If she wanted to go for a drink, no one could ever stop her.

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