My Husband Warm the Bed- 1138

Reagan agreed with Lemur and said, “Ever since she got together with Young Master Kyle, she seemed to have changed into another person. She would not drink even a sip of alcohol just because Young Master Kyle doesn’t allow her to do so.”

Audrey said, “Well, Young Master Kyle is your Boss kryptonite. There somehow had to be someone in this world who could tame your fearless Boss, right? Otherwise, she would never get married!”

Silvia shouted, “Hey, have you guys forgotten that I’m still here? You guys are just gossiping about me right in my face huh? The three of you better be careful of what you’re saying. Also, what do you mean that he’s my kryptonite? I am his kryptonite, alright? Whenever he’s with me, he has to obey my orders!”

Silvia said so, but in fact, she did not dare to break any of Jayden’s rules!

If that bastard Jayden were to find out that she did not actually go back to her mother’s place, but instead went drinking, Silvia would probably be skinned alive.

Reagan and Lemur, being men, were obviously not as sensitive as Audrey was. They actually believed what Silvia had said. “Audrey, I think that we might be overthinking about it. Young Master Kyle had always been so considerate of our Boss and he would always let her do things according to her way. Young Master Kyle definitely would not go against her but as for our Boss, I’m not quite sure about her

“Huh.” Audrey was exasperated by the men’s foolishness. “You two better stop talking, or I’ll throw the two of you out of the car and you’ll have to get to the bar on your own.”

“Audrey, don’t be angry, please. I don’t know how other men would treat their girlfriends, but I know that as long as you agree to be my girlfriend, you can do whatever you want.” Reagan patted his chest and said, “Audrey, why don’t you try dating me?”

“I can do whatever I want as long as I agree to be your girlfriend?” Audrey asked with a smile. “You little brat, are you sure?”

Reagan immediately nodded his head and said, “Of course, I’m 100% sure

about it.”

Audrey asked, “If I want to sleep with another man, will you allow it then?”

Reagan’s happy face fell in an instant. “Audrey, of course not that. That’s Audrey laughed and said, “Kid, since you can’t accept it, then don’t boast like


that in front of me.”

Reagan asked, “Audrey, what’s your ideal type of man? What kind of man will make you want to live with him for the rest of your life?”

Audrey said, “Hmm, there are too many of such men. As long as he’s rich, 1 would want to be with him for the rest of my life. However, the men that I liked somehow didn’t like me and vice versa.

Reagan was devastated. He said, “Boss, can’t you see that I need your help here? Can you not ignore our feelings after getting into a new relationship? Don’t ever forget that Lemur and I are your good brothers who will do anything for you. Now that I’m in trouble, shouldn’t you help me out a little?”

Silvia said, “How do you want me to help you? Do you want me to persuade Audrey to get together with you? Don’t forget that she’s my best friend now and she is more considerate of me than the two of you are.”

Reagan and Lemur put on a dejected face and said, “Boss, how could you be so cruel to us? How can you like her more because she’s your new friend?”

Silvia smiled and said, “I do like her more than the two of you. So what?”

Reagan and Lemur were exasperated, but they would never refute Silvia. As long as Silvia liked it, they would concede. It was good enough that their big Boss still had them in her mind!

Silvia said again, “Reagan, no offence, but since you’re single now, you should go out and get yourself a girlfriend. Don’t keep thinking about the woman that you will never get”

Reagan was Silvia’s close friend and she knew him quite well. He would always go after girls, but his interest would die down after just a few days.

Based on Reagan’s character, if he had not really fallen in love with Audrey, he would not have pestered her for such a long time. Silvia could tell that Reagan was serious about persuding Audrey, but there was still someone else in Audrey’s heart. Alas, Reagan was destined to fail. Silvia did not want him to get hurt, so she wanted him to get out of this as early as he could.

Lemur also said, “That’s right, Reagan. There is plenty of fish in the sea. Just get over it already. Also, you can just ask Boss to introduce a couple of beautiful girls to you, can’t you?”

“For Boss to introduce a girl to me? Reagan gave Silvia a blank look. “It has always been dates before mates for our boss. It has been like this and always will be like this. Lemur, just think about it carefully. How long has it been since we last came out to drink together? When Boss was single, how often did we come out for a drink?”

Lemur thought about it carefully and said, “I think it has been almost two months now. The last time that we went out was the time when our Boss got drunk and Young Master Kyle came over to bring her home. Ever since that time, we never got a chance to gather together anymore.

When Silvia thought about the time when she got drunk, she felt aggrieved and even a little terrified.

That time, Jayden, that bastard, had thrown her into the swimming pool and she almost drowned because she did not know how to swim. If it weren’t for her own luck, she might have already died.

On top of that, that bastard even made her write some repentance letter. In short, Jayden had really tortured her severe that time.

It had been nearly two months since the incident, but Silvia still shuddered in grievance thinking about it.

While they were still talking and joking around, they had arrived at their destination. When Blotie, the lady boss of Starie Blotie, saw them, she quickly came up to them and greeted them with enthusiasm, “Congratulations, Silvia!”

“What for?” Did Blotie know about her relationship with Jayden? But how did she find out? It must be Reagan, this blabbermouth, who told her. Silvia immediately punched Reagan with her fist and said, “B*stard, you just

can’t keep anything a secret huh? You are even worse than a woman.”

Reagan felt wronged and asked, “Boss, what did I do wrong?”

“What do you think?” Silvia glared at him again and turned her head to look at Blotie. Blotie, don’t listen to his nonsense. There’s no such thing at all.”

Blotie was confused. “Huh, are you saying that the news on TV is not true?

Upon hearing the word “news, Silvia suddenly realized that Blotie was actually congratulating her about Wateria Corporation and not about Jayden.

Alas, it was her fault. She met a man and accidentally made him her husband, That was it. It’s not like she had committed some crimes, so why was she being so nervous about it?

Silvia immediately came to her senses and said with a smile, “I’m just joking

with Reagan. Blotie, can you please get each of us a glass of Love You 3000?” Reagan said, “I just got dumped, I don’t want I Love You 3000. I only want a bottle of beer please.”

Everyone at the table spoke out simultaneously, “You did not even have a

girlfriend, how did you get dumped?”

Listening to their remarks, Reagan was even more dejected. The woman who he liked was sitting right next to him, but the distance between the two of them felt like it was as wide as the Milky Way. No matter how hard he tried, she would never be within his reach,

“Okay, I’ll go get them ready for you guys now.” Blotie was the one who attended to their orders, so their drinks were served rather quickly.

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